Edmund Hamilton SEARS

Father: Edmund Hamilton SEARS
Mother: Ellen BACON

Family 1: Helen Clark SWAZEY

                          _Joseph SEARS _
 _Edmund Hamilton SEARS _|
|                        |_Lucy SMITH ___
|--Edmund Hamilton SEARS 
|                         _______________
|_Ellen BACON ___________|



!S.P. May p.369 grad Yale, 1874; lives in Weston. Handnotes show grad Harvard vice Yale !Harvard Univ directory [C 1870-4 A.B.; A.M. Washington, MO 1897 Ed.] !Burke's Genealogy - Instructor in Latin and Greek, Univ. of Calif, 1875-83, Principal of large private school (Mary Institute)in St Louis, under the charter of Wash. Univ., 1891-1925, author of several books, including the Political History of XIX Century. Harvard, A.B. 1874. Wash. Univ of St Louis, MO Litt.D. Residences: Algonquin Club, Boston and Californian Club, Los Angeles. Author's Club, London, England !LS writes that he was her grandfather's brother and a series of essays, reminiscences of thos days, appeared in the New Yorker, became the basis for a Broadway play, "Junior Miss," later adapted into a motion picture.

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Edmund Hamilton SEARS (Rev.)

Father: Joseph SEARS
Mother: Lucy SMITH

Family 1: Ellen BACON
  1. Katharine "Katy" SEARS
  2. Francis Bacon SEARS
  3. Edmund Hamilton SEARS
  4. Horace Scudder SEARS

                 _Joshua SEARS ____
 _Joseph SEARS _|
|               |_Sarah BLACKMORE _
|--Edmund Hamilton SEARS 
|                __________________
|_Lucy SMITH ___|



!BIRTH-FATHER-SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Pearce May, THE DESCENDANTS OF RICHARD SARES(SEARS) OF YARMOUTH,MASS; 1638-1888; Albany, Joel Munsell's Sons, 1890; pp 369-370; NEHGS Library, Boston, MA. Rev Edmund H Sears was graduated at Union Coll. in 1834, and at Cambridge Theo. School in 1837; began to preach as a missionary at Toledo, OH, remaining nearly a year, - was ordained Pastor of 1st Church(Unitarian), Wayland, MA, 1839, installed as colleague of Dr Field, Pastor of the Unit. Church at Weston, MA, in May 1865, and succeeded him as Pastor in Nov 1869. He visited Europe in 1873, and was severely injured by the fall of a tree in his orchard in 1874. He was a man of singularly modest and retiring nature. His health had long been feeble, and he shrunk from personal display of any sort. But as a writer, as a preacher, and as a man, he has left a memory which will be long and lovingly cherished by all who knew him. A saintlier soul has rarely been enshrined in mortal frame. But for his early impaired health and enfeebled voice, he would have been deemed eloquent in utterance, no less than in style, for his delivery had every attractive and impressive quality, within the limited spaces in which he alone dared to seek a hearing. Those that knew him felt that his place was with the beloved apostle, in closest union and sympathy with his Divine Master. There was a sweet serenity of spirit in his whole demeanor,speech and character, which made him in every relation of life unspeakably dear. Simple, modest, unassuming, even diffident, he was the last person to make of set purpose any manifestation of piety; but a beauty of holiness so pure and radiant as his could not be kept under cover. All who came within its sphere felt profoundly the sanctity, purity and loveliness of its character. His style was the transcript of his thought and feeling. There was a view of high poetic inspiration, not only in those lyrics which are finding their place in the worship of Christian sanctuaries wherever the English tongue is spoken, but almost equally in his prose, which is never other- wise than rhythmical, glowing and fervent. Amongst other works of his were: lyrics to the Christmas song "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear","Regeneration,""Athanasia,""The Fourth Gospel the Heart of Christ,""Sermons and Songs of the Christian Life,""Christian Lyrics etc, and he edited, with Rev R Ellis, "The Monthly Religious Magazine." In 1857 he published an historical romance entitled "Pictures of the Olden Time," in connection with which he edited the "Sears Genealogy," from papers furnished him by Hon David Sears [5768] of Boston, but which have since been found to contain much erroneous inforamtion based upon legends incapable of proof. See ante, "English Ancestry."

!Sears In Memorium - 1898 Memorial of Little Katy ; At Sturgis Library, Barnstable, MA

!BIRTH-BIOGRAPHY: W J Burke and Will D Howe, Editors, American Authors and Books; 1640-1940; New York, Gramercy Publishing Co, 1943; pp 674-675; Book in Duncan Public Library, Duncan, OK; Unitarian clergyman, hymn writer. His nest known hymns are "Calm on the listening ear of night," and "It came upon a midnight clear."

!BIOGRAPHY:THE GOSPEL IN HYMNS; 1870; ; p 517; from Phebe Ann Glaze, N Hollywood, CA; Rev Edmund Hamilton Sears (1810-1876) American Unitarian. SEARS was a humble clergyman who lives only in two Christmas hymns. Born in the Massachusetts Berkshires, educated at Union College and the Harvard Divinity School (1837), he spent most of his life as pastor at Wayland, MA. In addition to his preaching he did editorial work for twelve years on the Monthly Religious Magazine and wrote several volumes on religious subjects. His first hymn, written while a divinity student, was "Calm on the listening ear of night" - still frequently used. His second is found in all of our hymnals. "It came upon a midnight clear" [1846]. No Christmas is perfect without the singing of this hymn. It is one of the finest ever written, not only because of its melodious rendering of the Biblical story of angels and shepherds (stanza 1) but because it is one of the first to emphasize the social significance of the angel's message (st 2-5). In stanza 2 unrolls the never-ending procession of Christmas days. The remembered angels and their song are reminders that the world was not intended to be weary, its plains need not be sad and lonely, nor its sounds a Babel instead of a symphony. These angels are the very hope of man springing eternally in the human breast. Stanza 3 hints at the actuality rather than the ideal: the devastations, the slaughter, the hatreds, the vengeance, the struggle for power, the savage greed of men have drowned out the celestial music for two milleniums. As the poet was writing these lines his fellow citizens were killing Mexicans in order that they might enslave more Negroes, and the Civil War was looming over the horizon. Stanza 4 becomes more personal. It urges all who find the burden of life too heavy-victims of poverty, disease, social injustice-to listen awhile to the angelic reminder that Good Will is heaven's law of life and can yet heal all their wounds. Stanza 5 relieves the picture of human wrongs by reminding us that the song is still valid. Eternal in the human heart springs the hope, the passioante faith, that what men so desperately have longed for - that "Age of Gold"- will surely come to pass. "Saints, apostles, prophets, martyrs" are all answering, "Yes!" It came upon the midnight clear, Tha glorious song of old, From angels bending near the earth To touch their harps of gold: Peace on the earth, goodwill to men, From heav'n's all gracious King! The world in solemn stillness lay To hear the angels sing.

Still through the cloven skies they come, With peaceful wings unfurled; And still their heav'nly music floats O'er all the weary world Above its sad and lowly plains They bend on hov'ring wing; And ever o'er its Babel sounds The blessed angels sing.

Yet with the woes of sin and strife The world has suffered long; Beneath the angel-strain have rolled Two thousand years of wrong; And man, at war with man, hears not The love-song which they bring: O hush the noise, ye men of strife, And hear the angels sing!

Fo lo! the days are hastening on, By prophet-bards foretold, When, with the ever-circling years, Comes round the age of gold; When peace shall over all the earth Its ancient splendours fling, And te whole world send back the song Which now the angels sing.

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Edmund Hamilton 2nd SEARS

Father: Francis Bacon SEARS
Mother: Mary Elizabeth SPARHAWK

                            _Edmund Hamilton SEARS _
 _Francis Bacon SEARS _____|
|                          |_Ellen BACON ___________
|--Edmund Hamilton 2nd SEARS 
|                           ________________________
|_Mary Elizabeth SPARHAWK _|



!Burke's - m. twice, current representative !Harvard Univ directory 1910 [C 1895-9 A.B. Merc] 248 Summer St, Boston, MA !BIRTH-DEATH-MARRIAGE-CHILDREN-BIOGRAPHY: Letter from Leila Sears, N Pomfret, VT, to Ray Sears in Duncan, OK; 1878-1946; Letter dtd 1 Feb 1994; ;copy in poss of Ray Sears. Leila writes "Harvard University AB 1899. Junior Varsity Football, 2 yr Varsity Baseball. Although father had a 'tin ear,' describing all music as 'an expensive form of noise,' EHS 2nd was very musical, overcoming ill-fitted piano hands learned to play very well. Each of his wives played reasonably well on the violin, and both his sons played well on the piano, especially John. Business career began in shoe manufacture at Brockton, MA, later moved into textiles. For many years he was a Director of Wellington Sears / West Point Mfg/ later West Point Pepperell (made MARTEX products) of which Horace SCudder Sears (#4234) had been a founding officer. EHS 2nd, meanwhile, in partnership with a Mr Willett, established the American Felt & Belting Co of Boston. Among other products, they furnished felt for Mason & Hamler pianos which entailed furnishing the long hinge for the pianos. The same hinge coincidentally was found useful on the hood of the Packard Motor Cars, then in full glory. The AF & B Co flourished until a major litigation exploded; Willett vs Herrick wound up as the second longest in verbiage and recorded pages of all the annals of Massachusetts courts. Basically it related to a sell-out, sub rosa, of controlling stock in Daniel Green Shoe Co (bedslippers) still being produced elsewhere. Decided in their favor in lower court, the case reversed in Mass Supreme Court. It seems that Mr Willett was in on the plot. !BIOGRAPHY:Letter from Leila Sears, N Pomfret, VT, to Ray Sears in Duncan, OK; ; Letter dtd 22 Dec 1993; ;copy in poss of Ray Sears. My father died in '46 but for 13 yrs before that he was Pres. of the Framingham Union Hospital and longer than that, a Director of Framingham National Bank, and active in Rotary, a year or so President of that. Mr Callahan, who ran the Framingham News in those days was his good friend. One day when I tried to place an official notice re: Forthcoming Reg of Voters Days, the front desk questioned whether it should be paid adv which it wasn't usually. mr C. called me into his office, rose to greet me as I entered, took both my hands in his and told me how much my father had meant to him. How they had lunched together once a week for years, and how he missed him. years


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Edmund Howes SEARS

Father: Urbane SEARS
Mother: Tryphosa LEMOIN

                    _Alvan SEARS __
 _Urbane SEARS ____|
|                  |_Bethia HOWES _
|--Edmund Howes SEARS 
|                   _______________
|_Tryphosa LEMOIN _|



!BIRTH-DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: Samuel Pearce May, THE DESCENDANTS OF RICHARD SARES(SEARS) OF YARMOUTH,MASS; 1638-1888; Albany, Joel Munsell's Sons, 1890; p 480; NEHGS Library, Boston, MA; Enlisted Aug 14, 1862, in Co. H, 37th Reg. Mass. Vol Inf and died when accidentally shot by a comrade while on picket duty.

!BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Joan K Lince, NYC, NY; 1789-1991; Letter dtd 13 Jun 1993; ; copy in poss of Ray Sears. Births, Marriages, and Deaths in the Town of hawley, town records, filmed by LDS

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Edmund Lucas SEARS

Father: Edmund SEARS
Mother: Rebecca LUCAS

Family 1: Lucetta Jane THOMAS
  1. Rebecca Winslow SEARS
  2. Benjamin Lewis SEARS
  3. Eugene E SEARS

                  _Willard SEARS _
 _Edmund SEARS __|
|                |_Sarah ROBBINS _
|--Edmund Lucas SEARS 
|                 ________________
|_Rebecca LUCAS _|



!S.P. May Edmund was a carpenter (guess that Rebecca Lucas was his mother)

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Edmund Winslow SEARS (Rev.)

Father: Franklin SEARS
Mother: Elizabeth SHADDERS

Family 1: Sophronia Reed BRUSH
  1. Robert Henry SEARS
  2. Martha Emily SEARS
  3. Amelia E SEARS
  4. Frances SEARS
  5. Estella K SEARS
  6. William Brush SEARS
  7. Mary E SEARS
  8. Hattie Belle SEARS
  9. Flora Burchard SEARS

                       _Elisha SEARS _
 _Franklin SEARS _____|
|                     |_Hannah SEARS _
|--Edmund Winslow SEARS 
|                      _______________
|_Elizabeth SHADDERS _|



!S.P. May p.453 Edmund Sears was a shoemaker by trade; he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1840, and was licensed to preach in 1857, traveled 3 years under presiding elder, and was ordained by Bishop James in 1866. Has been superintendant of Sunday School 36 years; since 1840 a teetotaler; was appointed Postmaster 1865; resides Moscow, NY.

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Father: Peter SEARS

Family 1: Charles MOURER
  1. Eunice M MOURER
  2. Millie Rose MOURER

                      _Peter SEARS _
 _Peter SEARS _______|
|                    |_Lucy FULLER _
|--Edna A SEARS 
|                     ______________


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Edna Josephine SEARS

Father: Asa SEARS
Mother: Catherine "Katie" GORICH

Family 1: Herman Killian GAUL
  1. Elmer H GAUL
  2. Kenneth K GAUL
  3. Margaret E GAUL

                             _Lot SEARS _______
 _Asa SEARS ________________|
|                           |_Jemima MARCHANT _
|--Edna Josephine SEARS 
|                            __________________
|_Catherine "Katie" GORICH _|



!ESL 1900 census shows Edna born 1899 which conflicts with father's death date

of 1892? !Mrs Gaul says she was 7 when her father died. She speaks a lot and very highly of her mother, who as a young widow was faced with the task of raising seven children. She remembers that after her father died they had to sell a cow to get the money to bury him. Later they took a load of good soil to the grave, since the soil in the Settler's Cemetery wa very poor and they wer unable to plant flowers. She also says that her mother was born on Chambers Creek which was at one time Indian Land. Later the family moved to a farm near Hillhurst and her mother went to school in Spanaway. Mrs Gaul remembers that her mother used to speak a lot of "Muck Creek". She spoke very good English where grandmother spoke only Indian and German. Catherine sold eggs and butter for grocery money. She also raised hogs which were butchered and half was sold and the other half kept for the family. Catherine used to split her own rails for fencing and often go all day and pick wild berries for canning. Later the government oaid Mrs Sears $1200 for her property, but they were able to buy the house back for $150. They used the lumber later to build a small house on 7 acres in Lakeview, paying $700 for the property. It already had a barn, a well, a chicken house and a root cellar, and the family actually camped there, till the new house was finished. The house is still standing behind McChord Air Force Base. When they used to live there, they had to walk through Robert Pickney's farm to get to their place, but today there is a road leading to the house and even electricity. Mrs gaul remembers that they always had a well and it used to be one of her chores to draw up water and also going after their cows who used to roam on the prarie, which is now Ft Lewis. If they needed hay, they would hire a neighbor, Charles Lewis to haul for them for $2 and the hay was $5 a load. Three months out of the year the children went to Mint Ranch school, a one room schoolhouse. It got its name because the farmer, that donated the acre it was on had planned to use it for planting mint. They also used to pick hopps with the Bonney and Frost children on the Pimken Hopps farm. The girls always had two dresses, one for school and one for everyday. Mrs Gaul thinks her maternal grandmother was married before because Catherine had two half-brothers anmed WIll and Jim Bar.

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Edna Ona SEARS

Father: Spencer L SEARS
Mother: Carrie H COLEMAN

                     _John SEARS _
 _Spencer L SEARS __|
|                   |_Phebe COOK _
|--Edna Ona SEARS 
|                    _____________
|_Carrie H COLEMAN _|


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Father: Orange S SEARS
Mother: Elvira TANCREY

Family 1: Susanna E HOLDERNESS

                   _Zachariah SEARS __
 _Orange S SEARS _|
|                 |_Delight COOLIDGE _
|--Edson C SEARS 
|                  ___________________
|_Elvira TANCREY _|



!S.P. May p.435 Lives in Hartland, post-office Milford, MI

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