Leonard SEARS

Father: Nathaniel SEARS
Mother: Lydia ELLIS

Family 1:
  1. Hester SEARS
  2. Raymond SEARS

                    _Nathaniel SEARS _
 _Nathaniel SEARS _|
|                  |_Thankful WALKER _
|--Leonard SEARS 
|                   __________________
|_Lydia ELLIS _____|



!BIRTH-FATHER: Samuel Pearce May, THE DESCENDANTS OF RICHARD SARES(SEARS) OF YARMOUTH,MASS; 1638-1888; Albany, Joel Munsell's Sons, 1890; p 404; NEHGS Library, Boston, MA; !BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Jeannette Sears Wood, E Dennis, MA, to Ray Sears Duncan, OK; 1783-present; Letter dtd 5 Dec 1992; ; family group sheets; CONFLICT: Jeannette has a record showing BIRTH 18 Mar. BURIED: Red Top cemetery

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Leonard SEARS

Father: Oliver Leonard SEARS
Mother: Frances FIELD

Family 1: Eliza CARPENTER
  1. Helen Jane SEARS

                         _Leonard SEARS ____
 _Oliver Leonard SEARS _|
|                       |_Remember LEONARD _
|--Leonard SEARS 
|                        ___________________
|_Frances FIELD ________|


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Leonard SEARS

Father: Zebedee SEARS
Mother: Mary LEONARD

Family 1: Remember LEONARD
  1. Oliver Leonard SEARS
  2. Daniel SEARS
  3. Zebedee SEARS
  4. Mary SEARS
Family 2: Abiah L (Leonard) SIMMONS

                  _David SEARS __
 _Zebedee SEARS _|
|                |_Phebe BRYANT _
|--Leonard SEARS 
|                 _______________
|_Mary LEONARD __|


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Leonard SEARS (Hon)

Father: Silas SEARS
Mother: Elizabeth WEST

Family 1: Delia S FOOTE
  1. Caroline L SEARS
  2. Charles West SEARS
  3. Stillman Foote SEARS
  4. Mary Rust SEARS
  5. Joseph Leonard SEARS
  6. Millard Filmore SEARS
  7. Delia Louise SEARS

                   _Nathaniel SEARS ___
 _Silas SEARS ____|
|                 |_Elizabeth WINSLOW _
|--Leonard SEARS 
|                  ____________________
|_Elizabeth WEST _|



!S.P. May p.352 Leonard Sears removed to western Iowa, 1 May 1854, arriving Council Bluffs, 10 Jun, and engaged in hotel-keeping; kept the "Pacific House" till 1856, when he removed to a farm in Onawa, Monoma county. He built the first dwelling-house having a floor, and board roof, rung the first dinner bell, was the first county judge, justice, and coroner, built the first barn, and started the first public school in the county. During his life he took a deep interest in public business, and every enterprise that promised to result in general good, found in him a warm advocate and liberal supporter.

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Leonard Brownell SEARS

Father: Alden Jr SEARS
Mother: Thankful PITTS

Family 1: Maria Hannah BURGHARDT
  1. Horace B SEARS
  2. Irving Coe SEARS
  3. Maria Louise SEARS
  4. Addie Cynthia SEARS

                   _Alden SEARS __
 _Alden Jr SEARS _|
|                 |_Phebe WALKER _
|--Leonard Brownell SEARS 
|                  _______________
|_Thankful PITTS _|



!S.P. May p.322 Leonard removed to Belvidere, IL and settled on a farm.

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Leonard C SEARS

Father: Stillman Foote SEARS
Mother: Maggie A SEARLE

                         _Leonard SEARS _
 _Stillman Foote SEARS _|
|                       |_Delia S FOOTE _
|--Leonard C SEARS 
|                        ________________
|_Maggie A SEARLE ______|


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Leonard William SEARS

Father: Prince SEARS
Mother: Rebecca FULLER

Family 1: Roxana SANGER
  1. Paul SEARS
  2. William SEARS
  3. Rollin SEARS
  4. Madison E SEARS

                   _Nathaniel SEARS ___
 _Prince SEARS ___|
|                 |_Elizabeth WINSLOW _
|--Leonard William SEARS 
|                  ____________________
|_Rebecca FULLER _|



!S.P. May hand notes added children ii - iv

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Leonidas Hamlin SEARS

Father: Asahel Parker SEARS
Mother: Eleanor HALL

                        _Edward SEARS _
 _Asahel Parker SEARS _|
|                      |_Jemima ROOT __
|--Leonidas Hamlin SEARS 
|                       _______________
|_Eleanor HALL ________|


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Leonora C SEARS

Father: Elijah Bailey SEARS
Mother: Katy E

                        _Reuben SEARS _
 _Elijah Bailey SEARS _|
|                      |_Nancy SEARS __
|--Leonora C SEARS 
|                       _______________
|_Katy E ______________|


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Leslie Ray SEARS

Father: Elkanah Howes SEARS
Mother: Lelia Tabitha ELDREDGE

Family 1: Harriet Ruth THURSTON
  1. Leslie Ray Jr SEARS
Family 2: Marie Foster SMALLEY
  1. Marie Sabra SEARS

                           _William SEARS ___
 _Elkanah Howes SEARS ____|
|                         |_Ruth BERRY ______
|--Leslie Ray SEARS 
|                          _James ELDRIDGE __
|_Lelia Tabitha ELDREDGE _|
                          |_Esther PHILLIPS _



!Leslie Ray Sears, 61, stricken with a heart attack Tuesday evening, died at Cape Cod Hospital a few hours later. He was attending a chess club meeting when stricken. The Dennis Fire Department rescue ambulance took him to the hospital where he suffered another attack. Mr Sears, son of the late Elkanah H and Lelia T (Eldridge) Sears was a civil engineer, retiring two years ago to his Main street home in East Dennis with his wife Harriet (Thurston) Sears, after serving 20 years with the Metropolitan District Commission of Massachusetts. Prior to this position, he worked several years for the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. He was a graduate of MIT, and a member of the Massachusetts Engineers Association, the Audubon Society and the Masonic Lodge in Needham. Survivors include his widow; a daughter, Mrs Allen E Martin of Rockland; a son, Lieutenant Leslie Ray Sears Jr of Nuernberg, Germany; three grandsons, Leslie Ray 3d, Stephen Smalley Martin and Richard Frederick Martin; a brother Louis E Sears of Melrose and E Dennis; a sister, Mrs Harvey E Dorr of OR; cousins Miss Ruth B Sears and Edmund H Sears of E Dennis and Lois F Harding.

Funeral services will be held at the Wesleyan Methodist Church, E Dennis, Sat, Mar 27, 1954 at 1:30 PM, relatives and friends invited.

Will - I, Leslie R Sears, in the county of Barnstable, and State of Massachusetts, being of sound mind and memory, do make and declare this my last will and testament in the manner following. First, I give, will and devise all of my property, both real and personal to my beloved wife Harriet T Sears. Second, I do nominate and appoint Harriet T Sears. my wife, to be executrix of this my last will and testament; and I do direct that my said executrix shall not be obliged to give security as such. In witness whereof I have herewith set my hand this 3rd day of November 1952.

signed Leslie R Sears

The above instrument was signed by said Leslie R Sears in our presence and we therefore, at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other sign our names thereto as witnesses. Frank C Ryder-Yarmouthport, MA Beverly M Crowell-Hyannis, MA Marica Kelley-Yarmouthport, MA

1 Apr 1954 A true photostatic copy of instrument purporting to be the will of Leslie R Sears, late of Dennis, on file in Barnstable County Probate Court but not yet allowed by the court. Attest:Alfred C Knight, Register.

Honorable Discharge from the United States Army

To All Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that Leslie R Sears #398632, Corporal, Co G, 22nd Engineers, att. Demob Group #1, the United States Army, as a testimonial of honest and faithful service, is hereby honorably discharged from the military service of the UNited States by reason of Demobilization per circular 75, War Department dated 15 Nov 1918. Said Leslie R Sears was born in Dennis, in the State of Massachusetts. When enlisted he was 25 years of age and by occupation a civil engineer. He had blue eyes, dk brown hair, ruddy complexion,a nd was 5 feet 8 1/2 inches in height. Given under my hand at Camp Devens, Mass this 17th Day of Jul, one thousand nine hundred and ninteen. H.S Cushing, Major, CAC, USA

Enlistment Record. Leslie R Sears, Corporal, inducted 7 Jul 1918, at Boston, MA serving in first period of enlistment at date of discharge. NCO Corporal, 29 May 1919. Marksmanship - Not classified Horsemanship - Not mounted Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions - AEF 22 Aug 1918 to 9 Jul 1919 Wounds received in service - none Physical condition when discharged - good Typhoid prophylaxis completed - 13 Aug 1918 Single Character - Excellent Entitled to travel pay to Boston, MA No absences under G.O. 31 W.D. 1912 and G.O. 45 W.D. 1914. F.W.Hollaway, Capt, Inf, USA,Commanding Det Paid in full - $116.92, 17 Jul 1919, Camp Devens, MASS Gravestone- CPL Co G, 22d Engineers, WWI

From Ralph Dudley Kelley's[13593] diary provided by grandson R. Dudley Kelley-(Our grandfathers worked together) Mon Apr 19-1954 - A pleasant day - temperature 60 deg. Leslie Sears died suddenly- Mar 23. He was employed in the parks division of the Metropolitan District Commission for 20 years prior to his retirement 2 years ago when he and his wife moved to the old homestead in East Dennis. We worked together on many engineering projects and I shall miss his contact when on the cape.

Mom says grandpa was a very quiet man. Once when she rode down to the Cape with him from Boston for a weekend (before she and Dad were married) he only said a few words during the whole trip. They rented an apartment after they lost the family house in _________. He would have been a member of the Masonic Lodge there.

She also told me Grandpa was very interested in softball and that so was Harriet. That may be how they met? From the Campus Echo Vol 1, No 3, E Greenwich, RI Jun 1911 where he attended prep school: "On May 5, The LaSalle Academy team defeated the Academy team on the home field. Sears pitched a splendid game for the Academy, striking out 16 men and allowing only 4 hits, but poor support lost the game."

"On May 10, the Academy team defeated the Business Men's team, in a ten inning battle, by a score of 9-7. Sears pitched fine ball and had his opponents under control throughout the game. Heavy hitting was the feature of the contest."

"In a well played game at East Greenwich yesterday, the Academy defeated Rogers High of Newport by the score of 8 to 6. Lyon and Sears for East Greenwich and Martin and Wilks for Newport did good work at the bat."

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