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A number of limited-edition books are available from Leslie Ray Sears, III.
These books represent years of research by the author.

Sears Genealogical Catalogue - Ray's Notes

Notes for Generations 1-6

Name Index (INDEX ONLY) of the 26,000 grtx-grandchildren of Richard Sears of Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony circa 1639. This index will point you to a record at or or into one of the twelve volumes of details about each generation of Richard's descendants. These descendants have been a critical part of every element of the history of the United States and the world. (INDEX ONLY)
Sears Genealogical Catalogue 2nd Ed (2019)
Descendants of Richard Sears Through 6 Generations (paperback)

Descendants of Richard Sears of Yarmouth, Plymouth Colony, circa 1639, Generations 1-6 comprising over 5,000 of Richard's grandchildren.

Coming soon: Generation 7.

Other books by Leslie Ray Sears, III

let's go to listen
Let's Go To Listen
Cape Cod Ruminations

A series of ruminations about the author's experiences on Cape Cod as a summer kid and now family historian. This compilation seeks to encourage others to get involved in writing their recollections.

If you would like a preview (in full) of an earlier edition of the Catalogue, it has been digitized by the InternetArchive on behalf of Corporation of the Presiding Bishop, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Sears Genealogical Catalogue, 1st Ed (1992)

by Sears, L. Ray (Leslie Ray), 1952-; May, Samuel Pearce, b. 1828
This is the first edition, out-of-date, hosted on Internet Archive.

Pick up the second edition, with much more improved content!