Descendants of Richard Sears

Seventh Generation


3773. Lucy Ann Sears (Charles Esq , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 May 1823 in Yarmouth, MA. She died 15 May 1867 and was buried in Woodside Cem, Yarmouth, 1427.

Lucy married Winthrop Sears Capt, son of Winthrop Sears and Susannah Crowell Mrs, on 8 Jun 1847 in Yarmouth, MA. Winthrop was born 2 Jan 1818 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He died 7 Mar 1883 in Yarmouth, MA and was buried in Yarmouth, MA.

SPM p.413(No 1568) Capt Sears was an enterprising and capable shipmaster; commanded steamer "Saxon," of the Boston and Philadelphia line; was for several years a Director of the First National Bank of Yarmouth, and filled other important stations in private business enterprises.

John W Sears Archive: He was a Yarmouth Selectman, built the French
Second Empire House at #138 Old King's Highway, sold to C P Smith

BUR:Woodside Cemetery

Yarmouth Register, 10 Mar 1883, p 1, Capt Winthrop Sears -- departed this life at his home in Yarmouth Port, on Wednesday evening last. He was at the director's meeting at the Bank, on Monday forenoon, and about noon was taken with intense pain, and Dr Pulsifer, and later Dr Marstin of South Yarmouth, were summoned to his assistance. Temporary relief was gained, but the former trouble returned on Tuesday afternoon, and on Wednesday evening he passed quietly away. His disease was neuralgia of the heart, with nervous prostration.
Capt Sears was born in West Yarmouth, Jan 2, 1818, and at the age of 18 commenced following the sea. At 21 years of age he was master of the brig Robert Wall, a Philadelphia and Boston packet, and afterwards of the bark Tremont, the Ocean Pearl, and for several years of ship Conquest, in the foreign trade. After this he was in charge of the Benj. Franklin, the pioneer boat of Boston and Philadelphia steamship line, the Wm. Penn, of the same line, and the Concordia and St Louis, of the Boston, New Orleans and Liverpool line. During the war he was in command of a transport in the United States service. His last service at sea, was as commander of steamer Saxon, of the Boston and Philadelphia line.
Capt Sears retired from the sea about ten years ago, and also from active business pursuits. He was, however, intimately identified with the affairs of this community, and such was the reliance placed in his judgement and integrity, that his services were often sought in the public transactions and enterprise of the day. He was elected one of the board of Selectmen, Assessors and Overseers of the Poor for several successive terms, retiring in January of his own accord, and had his life been spared he would have again been called to the same position. He was a Director of the First National Bank, a Trustee of the Woodside Cemetery Association, and connected with other local organizations. Affable in his manners, correct and just in his business relations, he enjoyed a wide popularity among his associates, who will greatly miss him in the various relations of life.
Capt Sears was three times married, and leaves a widow and four children to lament the great loss which they, as well as the public, have sustained by this afflictive event.

Winthrop and Lucy had the following children:

  6537 F i Mary Elizabeth Sears was born 31 Mar 1848 in Yarmouth, MA. was buried in , 2863.
        Mary married David D Kelly on 2 Nov 1869. David was born 1844 in .
+ 6538 M ii Ebenezer Sears
  6539 F iii Alice Winthrop Sears was born 22 Nov 1851 in Yarmouth, MA. She died 26 Apr 1875 and was buried in Woodside Cem, Yarmouth, 2865.
  6540 M iv Winthrop Sears was born 28 Jan 1857 in Yarmouth, MA. was buried in , 2866.

3777. Mary Sears (Charles Esq , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 21 Jul 1832 in Yarmouth, MA. was buried in , 1431.

Mary married Orel Towle on 6 Jul 1853 in Yarmouth. Orel was born 1 Mar 1812 in Exeter, ME.

S.P. May p.245 A fur dealer in Boston; lives in Somerville, MA

Orel and Mary had the following children:

  6541 F i Minnie Towle was born 31 Mar 1855 in .
  6542 F ii Harvey Parker Towle was born 15 Mar 1867 in .

S.P. May p.245 student Har. Coll., 1886
  6543 F iii Elizabeth Sears Towle was born 21 Sep 1869 in .
  6544 M iv Orel Towle was born 1 Jul 1873 in .

3779. Joshua Montgomery "Montgomery" Sears (Joshua Montgomery , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 25 Dec 1854 in Yarmouth, MA.

SPM p.401(No 1433) Joshua Sears graduated Yale Coll., 1877, and resides in Boston, of which city he is the largest taxpayer.

1900 Census Vol 90,1676,14,24 Southboro, Worcester, MA

The Yarmouth Register, Sat, 4 Oct 1873, Yarmouthport & Yarmouth - Mr J Montgomery Sears, son of the late Joshua Sears of this town, has joined the Freshman class at Yale College.

Joshua married Sarah Carlisle Choate, daughter of Charles Francis Choate, on 18 Sep 1877 in Cambridge, MA. Sarah was born May 1860 in , MA. She died 1935.

BIRTH: Census records Sarah C

Biography and Genealogy Master Index, 2d ed, Gale Research, ISBN 0-8103-1094-5,
p141; WhAm 1, WomWWA 14 also Sarah C InWom - b. 1858

Joshua and Sarah had the following children:

  6545 M i Joshua Montgomery Sears was born Dec 1879 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 2724.

Info from Chuck ( shows poss his wife's portrait at see 10473.jpg
  6546 F ii Helen Sears was born Jun 1889 in , MA.

3783. Ruth Barker Sears (Willard , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 2 Dec 1831 in New Bedford, MA. She died 11 Jun 1882 and was buried in , 1437.

S.P. May p.247 Died suddenly at Newport, RI

Mayflower Index: No. 30,020 and 21; spouse John Simpkins; father Willard and mother is also MD

Ruth married John Jr Simpkins. John was born 1827 in . He died 11 Jun 1882 in Newport, RI.

S.P. May p.247 a wealthy stockbroker of NY, died suddenly

John and Ruth had the following children:

  6547 M i Willard Sears Simpkins was born 1865 in . He died 9 Oct 1886 in Central Park, NY.

S.P. may p.247 was thrown from his horse and killed, student at Columbia
  6548 M ii John Simpkins was born 1867 in . He died 1897/1898.
  6549 F iii Ruth Simpkins was born 1869 in .
        Ruth married Living
  6550 F iv Mabel Simpkins was born 1871 in .
        Mabel married Living

3785. Elizabeth Willard Sears (Willard , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 7 Jan 1835 in New Bedford. was buried in , 1439.

Mayflower Index: No 29,938 Elizabeth W; spouse Charles W Seabury; mother MD

Elizabeth married Charles W Seabury, son of Franklin P Seabury and Edith Howland, on 1853. Charles was born 25 Apr 1831 in Tiverton, RI. He died 11 Aug 1901 in Boston, MA.

S.P. May handnotes

Charles and Elizabeth had the following children:

  6551 M i Frank Seabury was born 1854 in .

S.P. May handnotes firm of Frank Seabury & Bro, Stock Brokers, Boston
  6552 M ii William H Seabury was born 1856 in .
+ 6553 M iii Gorham J Seabury
  6554 F iv Elizabeth Seabury was born 1861 in .

3786. Willard Thomas Sears (Willard , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 5 Nov 1837 in New Bedford, MA. He died 21 May 1920 and was buried in , 1440.

S.P. May p.402 Willard Sears is an architect in Boston, MA

John W Sears Archive: designed the New Old South Church and Fenway Court (Mrs Gardner's Palace and Museum, Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index, 2d ed, Gale Research, ISBN 0-8103-1094-5, p141; WhAm1

Mayflower Index: No. 30,045; Willard T; spouse May A Motte; both parents MD 30,040 and 9,852

Willard married Marian Motte, daughter of Mellish Irving Motte and Marianne, on 1 Jan 1862. Marian was born 25 Aug 1841 in . She died 18 Oct 1930.

John W Sears Archive: d. date

Willard and Marian had the following children:

  6555 F i Ruth Lindsay Sears was born 12 Oct 1862 in . She died 19 May 1950 and was buried in , 2725.

John W Sears Archive: d. date, middle name
        Ruth married Edward Read on 8 Jan 1889 in Boston, MA. Edward was born 1858 in Cambridge, MA.
  6556 F ii Mabel A Sears was born 23 Nov 1868 in . was buried in , 2726.

Mayflower Index: No. 29,981 Mabel A; spouse Nevett S Bartow; father Willard T
        Mabel married Living
  6557 F iii Edith Howland Sears was born 20 Feb 1873 in . was buried in , 2726.
  6558 F iv Miriam Van Egmond Sears was born 1 Jul 1874 in . was buried in , 2726.

3787. George Myrick (Lucy Sears , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born about 1835 in . He died 26 Dec 1877.

S.P. May p.157 George was on staff of Gen Foster during the Rebellion, and
later of firm Hitchcock, Myrick & Co., wholesale grocers in Boston

George married Carrie Whitney on 1866.

They had the following children:

  6559 F i Whitney Myrick was born about 1871. She died 1 Dec 1882.

3799. Alexander Pomroy Sears (Thomas Warren , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 12 Feb 1836 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 1441.

S.P. May p.402 Alexander Sears in company with his brother Cyrus, succeeded
their uncle Joshua in the wholesale grocery business at the old store on Long
Wharf, Boston, under firm name of Sears & Co.

1910 Census Vol 55,1017,2,26 #8 Charles St, Brookline, Norfolk, MA

Alexander married Elizabeth Prescott Jones on 20 Oct 1868. Elizabeth was born May 1841 in , MA.

They had the following children:

  6560 F i Ellen Warland Sears was born 24 Apr 1870 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 2727.
  6561 F ii Margaret Alger Sears was born 18 Apr 1874 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 2728.
  6562 M iii Thomas Warren Sears was born 15 Dec 1880 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 2729.

Harvard Univ directory 1910 [c1899-1903 A.B. L. Arch.] 2 Charles St, Brookline

3800. Olivia Richardson Sears (Thomas Warren , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 21 Jul 1838 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 1442.

Olivia married Preston Carpenter Firth West on 25 Oct 1866 in Boston, MA. Preston was born 1834 in .

They had the following children:

  6563 F i Elise Alger West was born 22 Jul 1867 in Boston, MA.
  6564 M ii Montgomery Sears West was born 14 May 1869 in Boston, MA.

3801. Cyrus Alger Sears Lieut (Thomas Warren , Ebenezer , Willard , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 20 Jun 1841 in Boston, MA. He died 4 Aug 1886 in Southampton, Long Island, NY and was buried in , 1443.

S.P. May p.402 Cyrus Sears was for some time in the wholesale grocery business
in Boston, with his brother, under firm name of Sears & Co., but removed to New
York City and engaged in the real estate business.
He served from 26 Sep 1862 to 7 Jul 1863 as 2d Lieutenant 45th Regiment, Mass
Volunteer Infantry, with much credit, the officers and soldiers associated with
him, becoming much attached to him.
He died of apoplexy at his summer residence in Southampton, L.I.

Cyrus married Lizzie Jean Nelson on 1 Feb 1870. Lizzie was born 1849 in .

They had the following children:

  6565 F i Aline Sears was born 9 Aug 1875 in New York city, NY. was buried in , 2730.

3817. Ruth H Crowell (Charlotte Clark , Mary Paddock , Mary Sears , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 28 Jan 1806 in . She died 31 Oct 1851 and was buried in S Yarmouth, gr-st.

Ruth married Barnabas Sears, son of Barnabas Sears and Hannah Crocker, on 26 Nov 1840 in Yarmouth. Barnabas was born 14 Sep 1818 in S Yarmouth, MA. He was buried in , 3257.

S.P. May p.544 Barnabas is a dealer in lumber and hardware, Middleboro, MA.
Summer residence, old Crowell homestead, S Yarmouth
!S.P. May handnotes Unlike most lads of the Cape, Barnabas Sears turned his
mind to mechanics instead of the sea. After such educational advantages as his own village afforded, he went to Nantucket at the age of seventeen as an
apprentice to the carpenters trade, and then for a short time he attended an
evening school. At the age of twenty-one he returned to S Yarmouth, but
was induced to spend the subsequent season on the island before he made a
permanent residence in his native place. With his brother, John K., he engaged in the building and planing-mill business. In the fall of 1873, he with his older brother as JK & B Sears, established a lumber yard at Middleboro, where Barnabas removed, remaining there till 1887 when he returned, leaving the business with his youngest son, Henry W Sears, who continues it. Mr Sears has persistently declined office, preferring the social relations of life to the strife of party. He is a Republican politically, with a strong tendancy to promote the cause of temperance, whenever an opportunity is presented. He has been earnest and forward in that cause, as well as in every other good work.
He is a member of the MIddleboro Cong. Church, but earnestly supports the
religious societies of his village. In 1849 he erected his present fine
residence, where he is passing the twilight of his well spent days in the quiet enjoyment of the association of brothers and sisters, and in the full
confidence of the entire community.

Cape Cod Library of Hist Gen - p 676 - Old Quaker Village - Barnabas, jr and John K were carpenters and builders, and at one time they had a steam sawmill back of their house near the woods, called "Pawkunnawkut mill." [other sons] Stephen was for many years a teacher, and served the town as selectman and as school committee. David, "Uncle David" as most of us called him, was one of the most genial souls among us and needs no words of introduction to those for whom these pages are written.

Barnabas and Ruth had the following children:

  6566 M i Henry Sears was born 24 Jun 1842 in . He died 8 Feb 1843 and was buried in , 4070.
  6567 M ii John Sears was born 29 May 1845 in Yarmouth. He died 12 Sep 1845 and was buried in , 4071.
  6568 M iii John K Sears was born 16 Sep 1846 in Yarmouth. He died 29 Jul 1847 and was buried in , 4072.
  6569 M iv Simeon Crowell Sears was born 16 Oct 1847 in Yarmouth. He died 29 Mar 1864 and was buried in , 4073.

S.P. May p.544 Simeon died of injuries, having fallen from aloft, off Cape Horn
Mar 17, while on passage from Rio Janiero to San Francisco in ship "Fleetwing"

3818. Isaiah Howes Capt (Isaiah Howes , Mary Howes , Priscilla "Junior" Sears , John , Paul , Richard ) was born 10 Jul 1788 in .

S.P. May p.159 He died from the effects of a fall from a wagon at Worcester.

Isaiah married Nancy Sears, daughter of Willard Sears and Hannah Sears, on 9 Feb 1812. Nancy was born 20 Mar 1788 in Harwich, MA and was christened 24 Oct 1796. She died 11 Jun 1852 in Grantville Sta, MA.

S.P. May p.159 She was killed by the cars at Grantville Station, MA ae 64.

Isaiah and Nancy had the following children:

  6570 M i Clinton Howes is printed as #3589.
  6571 F ii Arlette Howes is printed as #3590.
  6572 F iii Arlette Howes is printed as #3591.
  6573 M iv Willard Sears Howes is printed as #3592.
+ 6574 F v Lorenza Howes is printed as #3593.
  6575 M vi George W Howes is printed as #3594.
+ 6576 F vii Martha Custis Howes is printed as #3595.
+ 6577 F viii Mary Burr Howes is printed as #3596.
  6578 F ix Arlette Howes is printed as #3597.

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