Descendants of Richard Sears

Seventh Generation


3908. George Briggs (Sarah Sears , Richard , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 24 Sep 1807 in Portsmouth, NH.

S.P. may p.163 George was a shipmaster during many years, and later Pres. Dry
Dock Co., South st., NY

George married (1) Elsie Schuyler Crane, daughter of Benjamin Crane, on 18 Nov 1835 in NY. Elsie was born 14 Aug 1811 in NY. She died 26 Dec 1851 in NY.

They had the following children:

  6690 M i Gilman Prichard Briggs was born 13 Dec 1837 in . He died 18 Feb 1872 in Albany.
        Gilman married Charlotte Botsford on 25 Feb 1867 in Canandaigua, NY. Charlotte was born 1846 in .
  6691 M ii Benjamin Crane Briggs was born 30 Sep 1842 in .

S.P. may p.163 He is employed in his father's office
        Benjamin married Caroline Hains on 1 Oct 1874 in NY. Caroline was born 1853 in . She died 11 Aug 1885 in Hoboken, NJ.
  6692 M iii George Isaac Briggs was born 16 May 1845 in . He died Oct 1857.
  6693 M iv Augustus Crane Briggs was born 28 Jan 1847 in .

S.P. may p.163 Is in a bank in Albuquerque
        Augustus married Mary Phelan on 27 Nov 1883 in Albuquerque, NM. Mary was born 1862 in .
  6694 F v Elsie Schuyler Briggs was born 16 Dec 1851 in . She died 18 Feb 1871.

George also married (2) Julia Elizabeth Brewster, daughter of Noah Brewster and Elizabeth Root, on 10 Oct 1854 in Bristol, CT. Julia was born 29 Mar 1828 in Bristol, CT.

They had the following children:

  6695 F vi Julia Isabella Briggs was born 12 Dec 1856 in .
  6696 F vii Mary Briggs was born 6 Nov 1858 in .
  6697 F viii Sarah Briggs was born 7 Feb 1864 in .
        Sarah married Edward W Kemble on 27 May 1885.

S.P. May p164 Artist
  6698 M ix George Briggs was born 25 Oct 1866 in .

3911. Charles William Scudder (Fear Sears , Richard , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 4 Jan 1820 in <, By Rev Raymond>.

Charles married Alicia H Blatchford, daughter of Henry Blatchford Rev. and Mary Ann Coit, on 16 Aug 1841.

They had the following children:

  6699 M i Frank H Scudder was born 30 Mar 1842.
        Frank married Sarah Trufant on 11 Jun 1867.
  6700 M ii Henry Blatchford Scudder was born 18 Jun 1844 in .
        Henry married Julia R Perry on 21 Apr 1866. Julia was born 1845 in Andover.

S.P. may p.165 Lives Longwood, MA
  6701 M iii Winthrop Saltenstall Scudder was born 24 Jul 1847.

S.P. May p.165 With Houghton, Miffl;in & Co, Book Publishers, Boston
  6702 F iv Mary Windeal Scudder was born 27 May 1851. She died 14 Sep 1853.
  6703 F v Bessie Marshall Scudder was born 1 Oct 1853.

3913. Anna Powell Mason Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 16 Mar 1813 in <, MA>. She died 29 Nov 1895.

SP May No 1489, p 260, Anna Powell Grant, b. 1813, m. Boston, Jan 17,1833, Wm Amory; children [1]William ... [2]Harriet ... [3]Ellen ... [4]Charles Walter ... [5]Francis Inman

BIRTH-MIDDLE NAME-MARRIAGE-DEATH: GENSERV FLEN6BA RIN 18822, Joseph T Fleming,, 10 Nov 97, PO Box 53354, Atlanta,GA 30355, 404/872-1783 - CONFLICT he shows her name as Anna Powell Mason Sears

Anna married William Amory, son of Thomas Coffin Amory and Hannah Rowe Linzee, on 17 Jan 1833 in Boston, MA. William was born 15 Jun 1804 in Boston, MA. He died 8 Dec 1888 in Boston, MA.


William and Anna had the following children:

+ 6704 M i William Jr Amory
+ 6705 F ii Harriet Sears Amory
+ 6706 F iii Ellen Sears Amory
+ 6707 M iv Charles Walter Amory
+ 6708 M v Francis Inman Amory

3914. Harriet E Dickason Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1814 in <, MA>.

Harriet married Living

They had the following children:

  6709 M i Living
        Living married Living
  6710 F ii Living
        Living married Living
  6711 F iii Living
        Living married Living

3916. Ellen Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1819 in <, MA>. was buried in , 1492.

Ellen married Paul Daniel Gonsalve Grand D'Hauteville on 22 Aug 1837 in Canton De Vaud, Switzerland. Paul was born 1815 in . He died about 1890.

They had the following children:

  6712 M i Frederic Sears Grand D'Hauteville was born 27 Sep 1838 in .
        Frederic married (1) Living
        Frederic also married (2) Living

3917. David Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1822 in <, MA>. He died 14 Mar 1874 and was buried in , 1493.

David married Emily Esther Hoyt, daughter of Gould Hoyt, on 29 May 1849 in New York city, NY. Emily died 27 Mar 1888 in , NY.

They had the following children:

  6713 F i Emily Esther Sears was born 1850 in . was buried in , 2772.
  6714 M ii David Sears was born 1852 in . was buried in , 2773.

S.P. May p.405 grad. Har., 1874; Resides in Boston, and at Brigadier's
Island, near Bangor, ME
  6715 F iii Miriam Mason Sears was born 2 Nov 1857 in . was buried in , 2774.
+ 6716 M iv Henry Francis Sears Dr

3918. Frederic Richard Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born Apr 1824 in , MA. He died 27 Jun 1907 in Boston, MA and was buried in , 1494.

SPM p.406 Resides in Boston and Nahant, MA

1900 Census Vol 71,1314,6,44 - 51 Beacon St., Boston, Suffolk, MA

BIRTH: John W Sears Archive; 1824-1996; ; ; ;

Mayflower Index: No. 29,949 Frederick R; spouse Marian Shaw; father David

Frederic married (1) Marian Shaw, daughter of Robert G Shaw and Elizabeth Willard Parkman. Marian was born 21 Dec 1828 in <, MA>. She died 9 Mar 1855.

Sister of famous Civil War Leader

Frederic and Marian had the following children:

+ 6717 F i Marian Shaw Sears
+ 6718 M ii Frederic Richard Jr Sears

Frederic also married (2) Albertina Homer Shelton, daughter of Philo Strong Shelton and Georgianna Albertina Homer. Albertina was born Mar 1834 in , MA.

MIddle name by DAB

Frederic and Albertina had the following children:

  6719 F iii Albertina S Sears was born 1859 in <, MA>. was buried in , 2778.
        Albertina married Alfred Stackpole Dabney on 3 Feb 1881. Alfred was born 1856 in <, 2778>.

S.P. May p.406 grad. Har. Coll. 1871
+ 6720 M iv Richard Dudley Sears
+ 6721 M v Philip Shelton Sears
+ 6722 M vi Herbert Mason Sears

3920. Grace Winthrop Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1828 in <, MA>. was buried in , 1496.

Index to Marriages and Deaths in the New York Herald 1835-1855; compiled by
James P Maher; Gen Pub Co, 1987, Baltimore; BNS News Service in CT State
Library, p.241

Grace married William Cabel Jr Rives on 15 May 1849 in Boston, MA. William was born 1824 in . He died Apr 1889 in Washington, DC.

They had the following children:

  6723 M i William Cabel MD Rives Dr was born 1850 in .
  6724 F ii Alice Rives was born 1852 in . She died 29 Mar 1887 in Denver, CO.
  6725 M iii Arthur Landon Rives was born 1854 in .

3921. Knyvet Winthrop Sears (David , David , Daniel , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1832 in <, MA>. was buried in , 1497.

S.P. May p.261 name changed by act of Mass Leg. 24 Mar 1849, to Knyvet
Winthrop p.406 Resides in Boston and Nahant, MA

Mayflower Index: No. 29,976 Knyvet W; spouse Mary C Peabody; father David

Knyvet married Mary C Peabody, daughter of George Peabody, on 10 Jun 1858. Mary was born Jul 1836 in , MA.

1900 Census Vol 41,762,15,61 Groton, Middlesex, MA

Knyvet and Mary had the following children:

  6726 F i Mary Peabody Sears was born 29 Mar 1859 in . was buried in , 2782.
        Mary married Francis Shaw, son of Gardiner H Shaw and Cora Lyman, on 19 Apr 1883. Francis was born 27 Nov 1854 in <, 2782>.
  6727 F ii Clara Endicott Sears was born 16 Dec 1863 in Boston, MA. She died 1960 and was buried in , 2783.

Mass A Biblio of Its History, #2762 "The Great Pow Wow, the Story of the
Nashaway Valley in King Philip's War" Boston: Houghton-Mifflin, 1934 Pp x,288.

JWS A marvelous woman, she wrote history books and lived in Harvard, MA and
founded the Shaker Fruitlands Museum. She was a 4-foot, 11-inch dynamo. Her
father was named after the mythical Knyvet family which H.G. Somersby confused the Sears with in his research. David Sears [5768] retained Somersby, the leading genealogist of Great Britain in the 1830s and turned the information over to Rev Edmund H Sears[7108] who did the original genealogy based on the errors.
Somersby's own copy of the Sears genealogy in the British Museum has a note on the front page "not to be shown to the public" and there is a letter from Sir Bernard Burke expressing his concern and deciding he would not circulate the book. Fifty years later my folks commissioned Dr Samuel May to update the
genealogy, and he discovered these mistakes - and made a lot of his own."(
e.g. He shows Clara's middle name as Payson.)

BIRTH-BIOGRAPHY: W J Burke and Will D Howe, Editors, American Authors and
Books; 1640-1940; New York, Gramercy Publishing Co, 1943; pp 674-675; Book in
Duncan Public Library, Duncan, OK; Author-Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands (1915);
The Bell-Ringer (1918); The Romance of Fidler's Green (1922); Days of Delusion (1924); Whispering Pines (1930); The Great Powwow (1934); WInd from the Hills, and Other Poems (1936); etc. Compiler- Glenaings from Old Shaker Journals (1916). See Who's Who in America, v. 21, 1940-41

BIRTH-PARENTS: Who's Who in America; 1946-47; Chicago, 1946; p 2103; sent by
Peter Kingman; author; ed pvt sch. Bought and restored the old house at
Fruitlands (Harvard) MA, where Bronson Alcott and a group of English mystics
started a "New Eden" in 1843; also moved the oldest house built by the Shakers, from the now abandoned Harvard Shaker Village to Fruitlands Hill, both houses open to the public in the summer time; moved to Prospect Hill, at Harvard, MA, and remodeled the oldest dist sch house in the town, making it into an American Indian Museum, 1929, incorporated, 1931, with Fruitlands and Shaker Museum, as Fruitlands and the Wayside Museums, open to the public in the summer; in 1940 erected a picture gallery devoted to work of old time iterant portrait painters, 1820-55, on the Museum's grounds. ..

Home 132 Beacon St, Boston, MA; and the Pergolas, Harvard, MA

Biography and Genealogy Master Index, 2d ed, Gale Research, ISBN 0-8103-1094-5, p140; Sears, Clara Endicott, 1863-1960 ChPo S3, AmAu&B, BiCAW, NatCAB 47, WhNAA

Mayflower Index: No. 29,907 Clara E; father Knyvet W

3925. Zoath Ryder (Rebecca Nickerson , Rebecca Atkins , Sarah Sears , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 26 Jul 1802 in Chatham, MA. He died before 30 Oct 1837 in Chatham, MA.

Zoath married Desire Hunt, daughter of Lemuel Hunt and Susan, on 7 Feb 1824 in Chatham, MA. Desire was born 24 Jun 1800 in Chatham, MA. She died 23 Mar 1973 in Chatham, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 6728 M i Zoath Ryder
  6729 F ii Hannah Ryder was born 13 Apr 1828 in Chatham, MA.
  6730 F iii Clarinda Ryder was born 19 Aug 1830 in Chatham, MA.

3927. Levi Atwood (Solomon Atwood , Sears Atwood , Deborah Sears , Daniel , Paul , Richard ) was born 20 Nov 1815.

S.P. May Levi is Town Clerk of Chatham; and editor of the "Chatham Monitor."

Levi married Phebe N Harding on 31 Dec 1840.

They had the following children:

  6731 F i Living
  6732 M ii Living
  6733 M iii Living
  6734 F iv Living
  6735 M v Living

3928. Grafton Sears (Edward , Edward Jr , Silas , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 9 Feb 1805 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA. He died 22 Aug 1871 and was buried in Baptist Church Cemetery, W Harwich, MA.

SPM, No 1498
DVR p.272 SP May showed b. Dennis
DVR p 234 Died Feby 1863 Lost Sea [crossed out]
Died Aug 22d 1871 [written in]
wife and children
NF, Part 4, pp81-82; d. of kidney disease; "Grafton and Sarah were members of the Baptist Church at West Harwich, although they resided in the Searsville section of So. Dennis. It was reported on 9 Feb 1853, by the committee of the Baptist Church, 'that they had seen Brother Grafton Sears before Charles Saunders, face to face, and that Charles stated that he had seen him drink and in state of intoxication and they believed the statement to be true.'(4) It seems that this was Grafton's problem in life, as his mother-in-law, Mehitable Nickerson's will, dated 1857, stipulated that the residue of her estate be invested 'in some safe and profitable manner and the income thereof from year to year ... in case Sarah should at any time need assistance... also the executor is to sell the real estate any time it is necessary for the comfortable support of Sarah.'"(5)
(1)Dennis Births & Deaths 1700's to Date, p. 88, 143
(2)Dennis Deaths 1862-1942, pp.1, 12,68, 74
(3)Dennis Marriages 1810-1847, p.37(int), p.93(m.)
(4)West Harwich Baptist Church Records
(5)Barnstable Probate #3710
(6)Dennis Births & Deaths 1700's to Date, p.190 ...
(7)NFA #419

Grafton married Sarah (or Susan) Nickerson, daughter of Daniel Nickerson, on 24 Feb 1825 in Dennis, Pub., MA. Sarah was born 25 Jan 1804 in Dennis, Barnstable co, MA. She died 1 Sep 1863 in Dennis, MA and was buried in Baptist Church Cemetery, W Harwich, MA.

Nickerson Family, part 4, p. 81, d. of colera infantum, age 61y 11m 22d. She was buried with her husband although there are no gravestones for them.

DVR, p 234, Sarah [Nickerson b. in Harwich]* Died Sept 1 1863

Grafton and Sarah had the following children:

+ 6736 M i Grafton Jr Sears Capt
+ 6737 M ii Daniel Nickerson Sears
+ 6738 M iii Sidney Aldrich "Gitna" Sears
+ 6739 M iv Edward 3d Sears
  6740 M v Nehemiah B Sears was born 26 Feb 1836 in Dennis, MA. He died 24 May 1856.

SPM No 2788, d. unm., "drowned"
NFA, p 82
DVR, p 234, b., d. Drowned May 24 1856
  6741 F vi Sarah A Sears was born 14 Mar 1840 in Dennis, MA. She died 10 Feb 1909 in Brooklyn, NY and was buried in Swan Lake Cemetery, Dennisport, MA.

SPM No 2789
NFA, p 82, b.,m., d. bur.
DVR, p 234, b.
        Sarah married Cyrus W Allen on 10 Dec 1857. Cyrus was born 1836 in Harwich, MA.
+ 6742 M vii Obed Crowell Sears

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