Descendants of Richard Sears

Fifth Generation


641. Thomas Sears Capt (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 30 Apr 1745 in . He died 26 Apr 1804 in South East, NY and was buried in Sears Burying Gd, Southeast, 299.

S.P. May p.178 Thomas Sears was a captain in the Revolutionary Army, and after the peace settled in South East, Putnam county, NY on land which he bought of the government, and on which his descendants still ilive.
He was a prominent church member and trustee during many years.

Thomas married Deborah Baldwin on 9 Sep 1767. Deborah was born 23 Nov 1749 in . She died 13 Sep 1828 in Southeast, NY and was buried in Sears Burying Gd, Southeast.

They had the following children:

+ 2010 M i Eli Sears
  2011 M ii Thomas Baldwin Sears was born 21 Feb 1773 in Southeast, Dutchess, NY. He died 1855 in Carmel, NY and was buried in , 767.
        Thomas married Sally Betsy Lewis, daughter of Ichabod Lewis Rev., on 2 Dec 1789. Sally was born about Sep 1778 in . She died 2 Oct 1858 and was buried in Sears Burying Gd, Southeast.
  2012 F iii Elizabeth Sears was born 3 Sep 1775 in Southeast, Dutchess, NY. She died 23 Sep 1790 and was buried in , 768.
+ 2013 M iv James Sears
+ 2014 M v Archibald Sears
  2015 F vi Sophia Sears was born 12 May 1784 in Southeast, Dutchess, NY. She died 12 Apr 1869.
        Sophia married Archibald Young on 28 Apr 1801. Archibald was born 1780 in .

S.P. May p.178 Arch. Young of Bath, LI and Benj. and Elkanah Young of Phelps,
NY are descendants
+ 2016 M vii Isaac Sears
  2017 F viii Deborah Sears was born 18 Oct 1789 in Southeast, NY.
        Deborah married (1) Craft on 25 Dec 1805. Craft was born 1785 in .
        Deborah also married (2) Ludington. Ludington was born 1785 in .
+ 2018 F ix Sally B Sears

643. James Sears (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 1747 in .

See also RIN 6046
S P May, p 178, thought that this James married Abigail Sherwood, dau of Jehiel
Sherwood and listed seven children of that marriage. There was confusion by
May - he confused THIS James with James [RIN 6027], son of his brother
Thomas, who married Mehitable "Mable" Sherwood - younger sister of Abigail.
Abigail Sherwood - the daughter of Jehiel Sherwood, was born 17 Feb 1777, and
married Nathaniel Hibbard. Ida Fitchard completed a DAR application with
Abigail's info and is a direct descendant of Abigail.

Diane Sears Brigode- email, 8 Jul 1996
James is also the ancestor of Vivian West Broberg and Richard E Sears and lived
in Lenox, MA was in Capt Oliver Beldings Co, Maj Caleb Hyde's Regt, 8 Jul to 26
Jul 1778, in Northern Dept. He removed to the "Lake Region" of Canada.
Diane's research indicates that this man is the father of the nine children
listed here. Many Quebec land petitions prove that James moved his family up
from Bennington, VT about 1786 - took land in Caldwell Manor, Quebec, at first,
petitioned for land in a couple of other townships, and finally was accepted as
an original grantee at Sutton.

Richard E Sears - My Sears line left the United Colonies during or after the
revolution and settled in what became the Eastern Townships of Quebec. A Royal
Letter patent for Aug 1802 listing 170 grantees of land in what became the town
of Sutton, Quebec included the following: Jerod Sears, James Sears, Simon
(Lyman) Sears, James Sears, Jr, Nathan Sears and Hezekiah Sears. A grantee
named Ephraim Hawley, Jr., was the husband of Thirza Sears, sister of James
Sears. These were children of James Sears and Elizabeth Olmstead. This family
connection has been emphasized and passed down in teh hawley fmaily and the
members of my family remaining in Sutton. The Hawleys and Sears were also
petitioners together with Levi Allen, Brother of Ethan Allen for Crown land in
Canada as early as 1786.

James married Elizabeth Olmstead, daughter of Nathan Olmstead and Millicent Goodrich. Elizabeth was born 26 Jul 1746 in Ridgefield, CT.

DSB- Had brothers Nathan, David and Hezekaih and sister Millicent.

James and Elizabeth had the following children:

+ 2019 F i Huldah Sears
  2020 M ii Nathan Sears was born 22 Aug 1768. He died 15 Nov 1838 in Shefford, Quebec, Canada.

DSB-I believe the Nathan Sears, whose birth is recorded in Alburgh Town
Records (but not born in Alburgh) is this Nathan. Wesleyan Meth. Church
records of Shefford, Quebec, contain a record of his death "On 15th day of Nov
1838 died Nathan Sears, farmer of the Twsp of Shefford in the Co. of Shefford
and Dist.of Montreal, being in the 70th year of his age__" He applied for land
in Quebec along with James and hezekiah, in Arlington, VT, in 1787. Nathan did
receive Caldwell Manor land and moved to Quebec about 1789. He applied for
Sutton land in 1795, was granted it-sold the last of Sutton land in 1806, and
mopved to Alburgh 1806 or earlier. Had children James and Eliza (prob many
more).Was enum in Alburgh census in 1810. Must have moved to Shefford bewteen
1810 and 1820.
        Nathan married Living
+ 2021 M iii Hezekiah Sears
+ 2022 F iv Thirza Sears
+ 2023 M v Lyman Sears
+ 2024 M vi James Jr Sears
+ 2025 M vii Jared Sears
+ 2026 F viii Elizabeth "Betsy" Sears
+ 2027 F ix Millicent Sears

645. Comfort Sears (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 Mar 1751 in Ridgefield, CT. He died 24 Dec 1827 in Ridgefield, CT and was buried in Milltown, gr-st, NY, 303.

S.P. May Confort Sears, like his father, was strict in the observance of the
Sabbath, and required the same of his children, though he never united with the
In February, 1793, his house took fire in the night, and was entirely destroy-
ed. He turned out with only his shirt on, and got out the things; first of all
a barrel of pork; in some way he injured his great toe, either by freezing or a
bruise, and it was the cause of his death many years after.
He built another house on the same site, which is now occupied by James O.Weed
his grandson,and a very good house it still is. It stands on Joe's Hill, now
called Federal Hill, Millplain, Fairfield co., CT.
Judge Joseph Crane, his wife's father, was descended from one of the first
settlers, and owned a large tract of land in South East, NY, and Joe's Hill was
named for him. The line now runs over the range of hills, and that in South
East is still called Joe's Hill, while that in Ridgefield is now called Federal
Eunice Crane was a sister of James Weed's wife Sarah, and of Darius Crane's,
(of Hillsdale, MI)grand-father. See ante, No 445.

Comfort married Eunice Crane on 18 Dec 1777. Eunice was born 20 Nov 1754 in . She died 23 Jan 1839 and was buried in Milltown Cem, Southeast, NY.

They had the following children:

+ 2028 F i Thirza Sears
+ 2029 F ii Esther Sears
+ 2030 F iii Desire Sears
+ 2031 F iv Eunice Sears
  2032 F v Camilla Sears was born 26 Apr 1786 in . She died 9 Jan 1815 and was buried in , 786.

S.P.May p.179 Had 2 chil.
        Camilla married Elijah Crosby, son of Enoch Crosby, on 4 Jul 1810. Elijah was born 1792 in .
+ 2033 M vi James Sears Dea.
+ 2034 F vii Atha Sears
+ 2035 M viii Joseph Crane Sears
+ 2036 M ix Lewis Sears Dea
+ 2037 F x Polly M Sears

646. George Sears (Seth , Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born 1735 in Newport, RI. He died 1801 in Newport, RI and was buried in gr-st, 304.

S.P. May p.181 George Sears lived in Newport, RI, and was one of the Committee
of COuncil on adoption of the Federal Constitution,appointed in 1784.
He died intestate, and letters of admn. were granted to his widow Abigail,
10 Dec 1801, but I find no record of distribution of his estate.
In the old burying-ground on Thames street in Newport are grave-stones with
these inscriptions, viz:
"George Seares, Esquire, (grandson of Thomas) born 1735, and died 1801, ae.66
years. Common Council, 1784.
"Abigail his wife, born 1737, died 1821, ae. 84 years."
"Ruth Sears, wife of Joseph Rogers, Esquire, and daughter of George Sears, born
1770, and died 1802, ae. 32 yrs."
These stones were erected at the same time as that to Thomas Sears, see ante
No. 3.
I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the dates given, and have adopted
them in foregoing records; but George Sears, not SEARES, was probably son of
Seth, certainly not of Thomas, as the epitaph asserts, for the very good reason
that there was no Thomas Sears at that time of adult age.
In the proper place, I give my reasons for including John T. Sears in this
family. The account of thius family in each generation is imperfect, and needs

George married Abigail Hall on 2 Jan 1765 in Newport, RI. Abigail was born 1737 in . She died 1821 and was buried in gr-st.

They had the following children:

+ 2038 M i George Sears
+ 2039 F ii Ruth Sears
  2040 F iii Sears was born 1772 in .

S.P. May p.180 She died at an advanced age in Newport, leaving a son George,
who lived in Providence, RI
        Sears married Living
  2041 F iv Sears was born 1774 in . was buried in , 795.

S.P. May p.181 She died at her bro's. house in Baltimore, MD, of confluent
small-pox, and was buried in his lot, cor. Fayette and Green streets, with a
marble gr-st.

647. Ann Sears (Seth , Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born 12 Jan 1749 in . She died 26 Aug 1813.

Ann married William Howland Capt on 22 Jan 1768. William was born 1745 in Newport, RI.

They had the following children:

  2042 F i Rebecca Howland was born 9 May 1770 in . She died 10 Sep 1854 in Newport, Died Unm., RI.
  2043 F ii Ann Howland was born 18 Feb 1772 in . She died 8 Sep 1858.
        Ann married James Taylor on 4 Jul 1799. James was born 1768 in Newport.
  2044 F iii Abiel Howland was born 1774 in . She died in Died Inf.
  2045 F iv Mary Howland was born 9 Oct 1775 in . She died 22 Jun 1852 in Newport, RI.
        Mary married Peregrine Howland on 9 Sep 1794. Peregrine was born 1771 in .
  2046 F v Elizabeth S Howland was born 30 Jul 1778 in . She died 30 Jul 1851 in Died Unm..
  2047 F vi Hannah Howland was born 13 Oct 1780 in . She died 14 Aug 1837 in Newport, RI.
  2048 M vii William Howland was born 3 May 1783 in . He died 26 Aug 1800 in Newport, Died Unm., RI.
  2049 M viii Isaac Howland was born 26 Jun 1789 in . He died in , KY.

648. John Sears Capt (John , Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born 4 Mar 1735/1736 in Lyme, CT. He died 28 Dec 1766 and was buried in , 305.

S.P. May p.182 Capt John Sears was received into the church in Lyme, Nov 1755,
and widow Judith Sears, Jul 1771.
He was a large land-owner, as appears by records of Old Lyme.

John married Judith Peck, daughter of Jasper Peck and Sarah Clark, on 24 Jan 1760 in Lyme, By Rev Johnson, CT, 1st Church. Judith was born 22 Jan 1740 in Lyme, CT.

They had the following children:

  2050 M i Richard Sears was born 28 Aug 1761 in Lyme, CT and was christened 4 Aug 1771. was buried in , 797.
+ 2051 M ii Jasper Peck Sears Col
  2052 F iii Betsy Sears was born 22 Nov 1765 in Lyme, CT and was christened 4 Aug 1771. was buried in , 799.
        Betsy married Elijah Ransom. Elijah was born 1761 in Montville, CT.

654. Sarah Smith (Anna Sears , Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born 1728 in .

Sarah married Napthali? Daggett Rev.. Napthali? was born 8 Sep 1727 in Attleboro, MA. He died 25 Nov 1780 in New Haven, CT.

S.P. May p.66 Yale, 1748; NJ Coll., 1774; scholar and divine; minister of
Smithtown, L.I., 18 Sep 1751 to Nov 1755; Prof Div Yale, 4 Mar 1756, till his
death; and acting Prest. 1766-77; D.D. from Yale and NJ. He fought in defense
of New Haven, was wounded and taken prisoner.
He m. 2d Martha Howell, and had 8 chiuldren, viz.: Martha, b. 1731; m. John
Adams of Plattsburgh, NY Hannah, b. 1732. Charity, b. 1737. Elisha, b. 1739;
accidentally shot while gunning, ae. 15. Sabrana, b. 1741; m. Jos. Bryant, who
was lost at sea. nancy, m. Abner Smith. Isaac, b. 1745; m. Maragret Field.
Phebe, b. 1746; m. Capt Nathaniel Platt, of Smithtown, he b. 1741; d. 1816
Plattsburgh, NY (which place was settled and named by him.

Napthali? and Sarah had the following children:

  2053 F i Mary Daggett was born 1752 in .
        Mary married Living
  2054 F ii Sarah Daggett was born 1754 in .
  2055 F iii Grace Daggett was born 1756 in .

S.P. May lived in New Haven
  2056 M iv Henry Daggett was born about 1758 in . He died 20 Jun 1843 in New Haven, Ae 85, CT.

S.P. May p.66 An officer in Revn, grad. Yale

655. Hannah Hinckley (Mary Snow , Hannah Sears , Silas , Richard ) was born 2 Nov 1727 in Truro, Barnstable co, MA. She died 1 Jul 1783 in Truro, Barnstable co, MA.

BIRTH-DEATH: Email from Carol Hall (; 1727-1821; email
dtd 2 Apr 1996; ;Except a l;ittle work in the Registries of Probate and Deeds
in Plymouth co, MA and Bristol co, RI, and less in Bristol co, MA, the chart is
based on information in the Boston Public and Genealogical Libraries, and also
on information generously supplied by the Hathaway Family Association." The
chart was prepared by Zilpah D Smith, Oct 1924 and was given to Carol by her
husband's aunt!

Hannah married Ebenezer Dyer on 27 Sep 1745 in Truro, Barnstable co, MA. Ebenezer was born 1 Jul 1725 in Truro, Barnstable co, MA. He died 27 Apr 1792 in Truro, Barnstable co, MA.

BIRTH: Email from Carol Hall (; 1727-1821; email dtd 2
Apr 1996; ;

Ebenezer and Hannah had the following children:

+ 2057 F i Elizabeth Dyer

656. Elizabeth Hinckley (Mary Snow , Hannah Sears , Silas , Richard ) was born 10 Jul 1734 in Truro. She died 16 Mar 1793 in Truro.

Elizabeth married Hicks Smalley on 29 Aug 1754. Hicks was born 11 Apr 1729 in Truro. He died 11 Dec 1805 in Truro.

They had the following children:

+ 2058 F i Isabel Smalley

657. Christian Hinckley (Mary Snow , Hannah Sears , Silas , Richard ) was born 11 Nov 1739 in Truro. She died 11 May 1816 in Truro.

Christian married Abraham Coan on 11 Oct 1759 in Truro. Abraham was born 1735 in Easthampton. He died 9 Jun 1794 in Truro.

They had the following children:

+ 2059 M i Samuel Coan

662. Hezekiah Gorham (Priscilla Sears , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 14 Sep 1732 in . He died 28 Jan 1806.

Hezekiah married Abigail Sturgiss. Abigail was born 1744 in .

They had the following children:

+ 2060 F i Abigail "Nabby" Gorham

663. Stephen Gorham (Priscilla Sears , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 29 Jul 1735 in . He died 28 Jan 1806.

Stephen married Sarah Freeman. Sarah was born 15 Oct 1737. She died 1820.

They had the following children:

  2061 M i Living
  2062 M ii Josiah Gorham was born 12 Jun 1760.
  2063 M iii Stephen Gorham was born 19 Jul 1762.
  2064 M iv Silas Gorham was born 19 Apr 1764. He died 22 Jul 1829.
  2065 M v Joseph Gorham was born 13 Feb 1766. He died 8 Jan 1810.
  2066 M vi David Gorham was born 17 Jun 1768.
  2067 vii Challis Gorham was born 23 Feb 1769.
  2068 F viii Joanne Gorham was born 6 Jun 1770.
  2069 F ix Priscilla Gorham was born 26 Jan 1773.
  2070 x Eli Gorham was born 10 May 1775.
  2071 M xi Barnabas Gorham was born 18 Sep 1777.
  2072 M xii Ednathan Gorham was born 10 Jun 1778. He died 11 Sep 1824.

Three wives:1 Jul 1802 Jane Anis
2 Aug 1807 Edna Farquilla
Eliza Wheller

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