Descendants of Richard Sears

Fifth Generation


719. Bethia Sears (Josiah , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 15 Jul 1750 in Eastham. was buried in , 354.

Bethia married Theophilus Baker on 26 Dec 1776 in , By Rev Bascom. Theophilus was born 1746 in .

They had the following children:

  2282 F i Sally Baker was christened 19 Apr 1778 in E Yarmouth.
  2283 M ii Abner Baker was christened 5 Apr 1779 in .
  2284 M iii Josiah Baker was christened 28 May 1780 in .

720. David Sears (Josiah , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 14 Apr 1753 in Eastham. was buried in , 355.

S.P. May p.191 David Sears of Eastham was in Capt. Sol. Higgins' Co. from
13 Jul to 31 Dec 1775, and enlisted as of Boston, 16 Aug 1777, for 3 years
service in Col Jackson's Regt. He perhaps removed to Ashford, CT, where a
David Sears was living in 1840, then aged 87, in receipt of a pension for
Revolutionary service.

David married Martha Cole on 30 Jan 1777 in Eastham, MA. Martha was born 1756 in .

They had the following children:

  2285 M i David Sears was born 25 Dec 1777 in Eastham, MA. was buried in , 889.

722. Josiah Sears (Josiah , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born before 1772 in East. was buried in , 357.

BIRTH: Journal of Samuel P May; 1880-1913; Handwritten notes in May's personal copy of his book, Descendants of Richard Sares (Sears);p 274; copy in poss of Ray Sears, Duncan, OK. A minor in 1772; was the first to settle in Barrington, N.S. also resided in Eastport.
!BIOGRAPHY: Courtesy of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, T B Smith
Collection of Queens County Families, Sears Family (MG 1, Vol 853), #S7, dtd 8 Jun 1989; 1767-1789; ; Public Archives of Nova Scotia;
Perkins, May 25, 1778: Proves to be ye Blonde, Capt. Milligan. His Officers
come on shore and desire me to go on board, and send off their boat with me. I find the Captain at Mr. Harrington's. We go to the wreck, and then come on
shore. The Captain and some of the Officers come to my house. We walk thro
the town, and have a great deal of conversation about the Privateers, etc. He seems rather displeased that I did not secreet the Arms, etc., but I believe I convinced him that it was not in my power, Going off in ye evening, he took Josiah Sears, and John Dolliver, into the boat, and carried
them on board the Blonde. Perkins, May 26, 1778: I go on board the Blonde to breakfast. Do my endeavours to get Mr Sears and John Doliver released. Sears was allowed to come on shore. Doliver is to go on the cruise, and then to be released. I return to the Point...
F. Sears, Josiah
M. Knowles, Azubah, a descendant of Rev John Knowles of the Old Colony
W. Crowell, Anna, of Chatham.
2W. Adams, Phoebe, sister of Wm Adams, Senr.
Sears, Martha, m Reuben d Zenos Nickerson, Shag Harbour.
Sears, Jerusha, b 1798, m John Stoddart, Shag Hr.
Sears, John Sargent, m Mercy d Nathaniel Knowles 2nd.
Sears, Mary m Barss, Canso.
Sears, Phebe m Langton, Argyle
Sears, Hulda, b 1807 m Richardson Nickerson, Yarm.
Sears, Azuba, b 1791, m Daniel Neil McCommiskey.
Sears, Elizabeth, b 1809, m Elnathan s Hezekiah Smith Cape Is.
Sears, Josiah, b 1812, m Lorena d Isaiah Nickerson.
Perkins, July 22, 1781: Josiah Sears arrives from Barrington.
Perkins, Sept 30, 1782: (For full acct of Shaving Mill action witn Privateers, see "Shaving Mill, New" or "Ephraim Dean, Jr")... and left the Shaving Mill, with Allen, Dogget & Ephraim Dean, junr., in her. The enemy fired upon them, & wounded Ephraim Dean (Jr) thro the body. He was left at Josiah Sears House, at Barrington. Dogget & Allin were carried to Caperesue, and there landed...
Crowell's Hist Barrington, page 553: Josiah Sears was an early arrival from
Cape Cod through not a grantee. He was a brother of Mrs Theodore Harding gr,
and married (a) Anna Crowell of Chatham and (b) Phebe, sister of Wm Adams, Sr.
He lived for a while on Sherose Id where he owned the Lincoln Lot; but sold it and moved up to Shag Harbour about 1792. Mr Sears was the ostensible informer against absconding grantees whose titles were forfeited in 1784. In the Third Division Josiah Sears Sr drew lot 89, laid off to Prince Freeman, near Brass Hill.
[Note from Lois Yorke, Manuscripts Division- " 'Perkins' indicates that the
source of Smith's information is Simeon Perkins, an early and important Queens County diarist. His daily journals have been published: The Diary of Simeon Perkins, ed. H A Innis, D C Harvey and C B Fergusson (Toronto: Champlain Society, 1948-58, 5 vols). 'Long' refers to Robert James Long, a Queens County historian, his Annals of Liverpool and Queens County 1760-1867 (West Medford, MA, 1926) was privately circulated in an unpublished format."]

Josiah married Anna Crowell on 6 Apr 1797. Anna was born 1776 in Chatham.

They had the following children:

+ 2286 M i Phineas Sears

723. Zebedee Sears (David , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 16 Jun 1734 in Middleboro, MA. He died 30 Jan 1775 and was buried in , 358.

S.P. May p.191 Zebedee Sears was a private at Oneida Station, NY, 22 Sep 1758,
and in 1775, was in Capt Sam'l Curtis' Co. in Col. Eben Leonard's Regt.; he
enlisted in train 11 Jun 1775, was in 4th Regt., and had wagws allowed him
L48 13 7, though not mustered.
One Zebedee Sears from York, enlisted 10 Jun 1775, in Capt Saml. Laighton's Co
Col. James Scammon's Regt., and deserted 1 July.
!MD 19, p.47 Middleborough VR

Zebedee married Mary Leonard, daughter of Elkanah Leonard and Elizabeth, on 4 Mar 1756 in Middleboro, By P. Oliver Jp, MA. Mary was born 1737 in . She died 5 Dec 1771.

They had the following children:

  2287 M i Daniel Sears was born 22 May 1756 in Middleboro. was buried in , 890.
+ 2288 F ii Phebe Sears
+ 2289 M iii Earl Sears
  2290 M iv Elkanah Sears was born 10 Apr 1764 in Middleboro. He died 18 Mar 1838 and was buried in , 893.

S.P. May p.191 Elkanah marched to Newport, RI, in Capt Abram Washburn's
10 Mar 1781, 40 miles travel; lived in S. Bridgewater, MA, and was called Capt
!MD 24, p.38 Middleborough VR
+ 2291 M v Leonard Sears

724. Huldah Sears (David , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 10 Aug 1737 in Middleboro, MA. was buried in , 359.

S.P. May hand note p.108 Am Anc x.30 says Jonah Washburn m Phebe Sears, dau of
Lt David Sears

Huldah married Jonah Washburn Lt, son of James Jr Washburn and Elizabeth Leonard, on 7 Jul 1756 in Middleboro. Jonah was born 1733 in .

MD 24, p.57 Middleborough VR
!JAM They moved from Middleborough to Randolph, VT in 1787. Lt Washburn was Lt
of 1st Co, 4th Regt of the Mass Militia prior to the Revolutionary War. He was
later promoted to Captain.

Jonah and Huldah had the following children:

+ 2292 M i Abner Washburn Sgt
+ 2293 M ii Jonah M Washburn
+ 2294 M iii Josiah Washburn
+ 2295 M iv Azel Washburn Rev.
+ 2296 F v Huldah Washburn
+ 2297 F vi Lucy Washburn
  2298 F vii Elizabeth Washburn was born 1772 in Middleborough.
  2299 M viii Daniel Washburn was born 1776 in Middleborough.

JAM He was a founder of the Univ of VT

725. Abner Sears (David , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 19 Feb 1738/1739 in Middleboro, MA. was buried in , 360.

Abner married Lydia Perkins, daughter of Sol. Perkins and Lydia Sprague, on 15 Jul 1764 in Bridgewater, MA. Lydia was born 1743 in .

They had the following children:

  2300 F i Kezia Sears was born 16 Apr 1763 in Middleboro. was buried in , 895.
  2301 M ii Willard Sears was born 30 Mar 1765 in Middleboro. was buried in , 896.
  2302 F iii Lydia Sears was born 31 Aug 1766 in . was buried in , 897.
  2303 M iv Howes Sears was born 26 Mar 1771 in Middleboro. was buried in , 898.
  2304 M v Abner Sears was born 12 Oct 1781 in Middleboro, MA. was buried in , 899.

734. Peter Sears Capt (Jonathan , Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 29 Nov 1753 in Halifax, MA. He died 1820 and was buried in , 369.

S.P. May p.192 Peter Sears settled on the John Bryant place, north of Hoop-pole

Hill, Cedar Swamp, Scituate, MA.
He marched on LExington alarm, in Capt Galen Clapp's Co., and was credited
with 24 miles travel, and 5 days' service, and expense, 9s 1d. He enlisted at
Halifax, 20 Dec 1775, in Capt Nath'l Winslow's Co., in Col John Thomas Regt.,
and on 1 Mar 1779, was com. 2d Lieut. in Capt Noah Nichols' company of
artificers, attached to artillery in the field and later, captain.
In Gen. Reg. ix, 134, it is erroneously stated that he was 'son of Col Sears
of Chatham, killed at Culloden,' a mythical personage, and in fact Capt Peter
Sears was not born until 7 years after the battle.

Peter married Susanna Coleman on 1777. Susanna was born about 1751 in Scituate. She died 1824.

They had the following children:

+ 2305 M i Peter Sears
  2306 F ii Sarah Sears was born 1784 in Scituate. was buried in , 901.
        Sarah married Elijah Damon on 1811. Elijah was born 1786 in .
  2307 F iii Mary Sears was born 1786 in Scituate. was buried in , 902.
        Mary married Living
  2308 F iv Lucy Sears was born 1788 in Scituate. was buried in , 903.
        Lucy married Abiel Farrar on 5 Dec 1813. Abiel was born 1788 in .
  2309 F v Dolly Sears was born 1790 in Scituate. was buried in , 904.
        Dolly married (1) Living
        Dolly also married (2) Lot Litchfield. Lot was born 10 Jun 1781 in . He died in D.S.P..

757. Jennee "Jane" Paddock (Ichabod Paddock , Zachariah Paddock , Deborah Sears , Richard ) was born 30 Aug 1717 in . She died 18 Apr 1795 in Plympton, MA.

Jennee married Gideon Esq Bradford, son of Samuel Bradford and Sarah Gray, on 8 Oct 1741 in Plymouth, MA. Gideon was born 27 Oct 1718 in Plympton, MA. He died 18 Oct 1793 in Plympton, MA.

Janice G Brockman notes Gov Bradford Genealogy - Res Northern part of PLympton
near the Old Furnace. In 1761 removed to the south part and purchased about
200 acres. Became sole owner of Old Forge on Winnetuxet River. Conducted forge
until they ceased making iron in 1774. He then removed to Charlotte Furnace in
south part of Carver. Held offices of J.P., selectman, assessor, and
moderator of town meetings in Plympton. Died about 8:30 in themorning.
Interred after afternoon meeting Sunday. jane died on Saturday.

Gideon and Jennee had the following children:

  2310 M i Levi Bradford was born 16 Feb 1742/1743 in .
  2311 M ii Joseph Bradford was born 19 Oct 1745 in .
  2312 F iii Sarah Bradford was born 19 May 1748 in .
  2313 M iv Samuel Bradford was born 20 Jun 1750 in .
+ 2314 M v Gideon Jr Bradford
  2315 M vi Calvin Bradford was born 25 Jul 1754 in .
  2316 F vii Jennie Bradford was born 12 Mar 1756 in .

758. Joanna Paddock (Ichabod Paddock , Zachariah Paddock , Deborah Sears , Richard ) was born 1719 in .

Gov Bradford's Genealogy

Joanna married Franklin (George) Waterman. Franklin was born 1681 in .

Gov Bradford's Genealogy Joanna was 2d wife (Hannah W Eddy was 1st wife)

Franklin and Joanna had the following children:

+ 2317 M i Thomas Waterman

759. Thomas Paddock (Ichabod Paddock , Zachariah Paddock , Deborah Sears , Richard ) was born 1721 in .

Thomas married Hannah Thomas.

They had the following children:

+ 2318 F i Sally Paddock

760. Patience Paddock (Ichabod Paddock , Zachariah Paddock , Deborah Sears , Richard ) was born 2 Nov 1727 in Middleborough, MA. She died 10 Dec 1772 in Plympton, MA.

Patience married John Perkins on 23 Oct 1745.

They had the following children:

+ 2319 M i John Perkins

763. Edward Howes (Elizabeth Paddock , Zachariah Paddock , Deborah Sears , Richard ) was born 23 Oct 1717 in .

married Marcy Vincent 17 Oct 1738.

James Nohl Churchyard
1783 Hawaii Circle
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-2015
(If no longer there, try Fallbrook, CA 92028)
714 540-5022
This GEDCOM file contains basic vital statistics info

Edward married Marcy Vincent.

They had the following children:

+ 2320 M i Edward Howes

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