Descendants of Richard Sears

Sixth Generation


1168. Edward Sears (Alden , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 25 Apr 1778 in Dighton, MA. He died 10 Jun 1831 in Cincinnati, OH and was buried in , 416.

Edward married Jemima Root on 19 Mar 1806 in , CT. Jemima was born 17 Oct 1778 in , CT. She died 30 Aug 1876.

They had the following children:

+ 2748 M i Hiram Sears
+ 2749 M ii Philo Sears
+ 2750 M iii Ira S Sears
+ 2751 M iv Asahel Parker Sears Rev.
  2752 F v Julia Ann Sears was born 29 Dec 1819 in Cincinatti, OH. was buried in , 957.

S.P. may p.199 was m. twice, and lives in Walla, Wash'n Ter.; has a dau., Mrs.
M. hayden, living in Eola, OR.
+ 2753 M vi Arthur Elliot Sears Rev.
  2754 M vii Anson Sears was born 18 Jan 1826 in Cincinatti, OH. He died in Died Young and was buried in , 959.

1169. Eleanor Sears (Alden , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1781 in . She died 1866 and was buried in , 417.

Mayflower Index: No. 29,933 Eleanor; spouse Richmond Simmons; father Alden

Eleanor married Richmond Simmons on 1790. Richmond was born 1777 in Dighton, MA.

They had the following children:

  2755 F i Maria Simmons was born Oct 1802 in . She died 4 Oct 1874.
  2756 M ii Sardis Simmons was born 22 Jul 1804 in . He died 13 Mar 1879.
  2757 M iii Richmond Simmons was born 11 Jun 1806 in . He died 11 Feb 1862.
  2758 M iv Elnathan W Simmons was born 2 Jun 1811 in .

S.P. May p.120 Elnathan is a physician in Canandaigua, NY
  2759 F v Eleanor Simmons was born Jun 1812 in . She died Jul 1812.
  2760 M vi George W Simmons was born 27 Feb 1813 in . He died 1877.
  2761 F vii Abigail Simmons was born 4 Feb 1815 in .
        Abigail married Richmond Simmons. Richmond was born 1811 in Victor, NY.

S.P. May married cousin Abigail
  2762 M viii Aroc L Simmons was born 8 Feb 1816 in . He died 31 May 1857.
  2763 F ix Mary J Simmons was born 16 Feb 1818 in .

1170. John Sears (Alden , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 Jun 1783 in Dighton, MA. He died in Bristol, Ontario Co, NY and was buried in , 418.

S.P. May p.200 John Sears was a farmer, and lived on the old homestead in
Bristol, Ontario co, NY

John married (1) Betsy Low. Betsy was born 1787 in . She died 26 Nov 1815.

They had the following children:

  2764 M i John Adams Sears was born 9 Jan 1809 in Bristol, Ontario, NY. He died 13 Mar 1813 and was buried in , 960.
  2765 M ii Rasselas L Sears was born 25 May 1811 in Bristol, Ontario, NY. He died 11 May 1844 in Lima, D.S.P., IN and was buried in , 961.

S.P. May p.200 grad. Union Coll., 1838; Andover Theo. Sem., 1841; soon after
marriage became pastor of Presb. Church in Lima. His memory is still cherished
there with devoted affection; in all respects, socially, intellectually and
religiously he was a superior man. His widow m. 2d, Rev. O.P. hoyt of Kalamazoo
MI, 24 Dec 1855, and has since lived in taunton.

Hand note: Rev Rasselas L Sears, became hopefully pious at the age of 17, at
whiuch time, he solemnly consecrated himself to the work of the Gospel ministry,
if God should spare his life. After encountering various pecuniary embarassments
in obtaining an education, in the autumn of 1838, he was graduated at Union
College with high honors. During his college course, he was maintained a
consistent Christian character. Though ardent in pursuit of knowledge, he
neglected not the cultivation? of his heart. Upon leaving college he engaged in
teaching at Utica, NY, where he soon secured the warm attachment of his pupils,
and numerous friends, with whom he became acquainted. After pursuing with great
industry and success, the prescribed course in the Theo'l Institution at Andover
he was licensed to preach the Gospel, and soon after came to Michigan, where he
engaged for a year as principal of the Marshall Academy. While there he
received a pressing invitation from the churches at Lima and Greenfield, IN, to
become their pastor, and acting upon the advice of his friends, he consented to
accept the charge. His labors were highly acceptable, and abundantly blessed.
Eminently qualified as he was in mind and heart for this work, the recollection
of his many virtues will live long in the hearts of his people.
By a naturally feeble constitution, and deeply devoted to his studies, the
seeds of an insidious and fatal disease had taken deep root before he was aware
of its approach. But so ardently desirous was he to lead sinners to the Cross,
and to build up the walls of Zion, that he yielded with the greatest reluctance
to the entreaties of his friends to suspend his labors in the ministrry. Though
the spiritual wants of this new country, his love for his people, the
recollection of the years spent in preparation for the ministry, and his tender
affection for his beloved companion, all contributed to render life dear to him,
yet his wish to be restored to health, if such was the will of God, seemed to
arise mainly from his desires to preach the Gospel. But when he became fully
aware that his work on earth was done, he desired to be absent from the body,
that he might be present with the Lord. Though for him to live was Christ, yet
to die was evidently gain. At times, in the early part of his sickness, more
particularly, he complained of a want of faith, but usually, all was bright and
cloudless, and often times he was favored with enrapturing views of the Savior.
While conversing with a brother in the ministry a few days before his death,
he pleasantly remarked, "How blessed it is that God takes his own way in remov-
ing the timbers, one after another, that sustain the frail tabernacle?" When he
became anxious that his last hour was come, like the great apostle, when about
to leave forever his beloved church of Ephesus, he sent for the Elders of the
Church and in a most solemn and affecting manner exhorted them to discharge
their duties and weigh well their responsibilities. He told them of his love
for them, and the church, in which they were placed, and expressed his
satisfaction that he had remained to die with them, instead of returning to the
East. His reason continued to the last. He quietly faded away, like a summer
cloud, and fell asleep in Jesus, without a struggle or groan. As a man, he was
a gentleman, a Christian gentleman, and a thorough scholar. As a Christian he
was a humble and eminently devoted servant of the Cross, and an able and faith-
ful minister of the Gospel. The day following his death, which was the Sabbath,
attended by his brethren in the ministry, slowly and sadly, his smitten flock
bore the remains of this beloved pastor to the grave. Boston Recorder 13 Jun
+ 2766 M iii John Sears

John also married (2) Jane (Pendry) Hancock Mrs. Jane was born 1786 in . She died 26 Dec 1829.

They had the following children:

+ 2767 M iv Edward H Sears
  2768 M v Ezekial J Sears was born 14 Mar 1882 in Bristol, Ontario, NY. He died 22 Nov 1844 in Died Unm. and was buried in , 964.
+ 2769 M vi Dewitt Clinton Sears
+ 2770 F vii Lizzie J Sears
  2771 F viii Phebe Sears was born 30 Nov 1829 in Bristol, Ontario, NY. She died 20 Mar 1836 and was buried in , 967.

John also married (3) Rhoda Blount. Rhoda was born 22 Oct 1790 in .

1171. Paul Sears (Nathan , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 11 Nov 1765 in Rochester, MA. He died 21 May 1846 in Woodstock, VT.

SPM p.201(No 419) Paul Sears was a blacksmith by trade. Soon after his marriage he removed to Woodstock, VT,locating first in the south part of town, but moved presently to the neighborhood of "the Flats," and set up a blacksmith shop at the foot of the hill where the brook crosses the road, on land purchased of Jesse Williams; he removed to Montpelier in 1800, returning in 1812-13, and remained on his farm till 1827, (1831) when he sold out and removed to Stow, VT, and died there at the house of his son Harper D Sears.

Mayflower Index: No 30,000 Paul; spouse Hannah Delano; father Nathan

Paul married Hannah Delano, daughter of Jabez Delano, on 11 Feb 1790 in , By Rev Jon.Moore. Hannah died 4 Jul 184 in Morristown, VT.

They had the following children:

  2772 M i Eleazar Sears was born 1790. He died in Ae. 6 Mos..

SPM No 968
  2773 F ii Betsy Sears was born 1792 in . She died in Montpelier, VT.

SPM No 969, d. young
+ 2774 F iii Susan Sears
+ 2775 M iv Harper D Sears
  2776 M v Joseph S Sears was born 2 Nov 1795 in Woodstock, VT. He died 29 Apr 1855 in Morristown, VT and was buried in , 972.

S.P. May p.201 had 4 children
        Joseph married Lurendo Joy. Lurendo was born 1799 in Cornish, NH.
  2777 F vi Sarah Sears was born 7 Jan 1799 in Woodstock, VT. She died Jun 1876 in Cedar Rapids, IA and was buried in , 973.
        Sarah married Nathaniel Seabury on Feb 1822. Nathaniel was born 1795 in Stowe, VT.
+ 2778 F vii Rebecca Sears
  2779 F viii Azubah Sears was born 23 Aug 1803 in Montpelier, VT. She died Aug 1869 in Died Unm. and was buried in , 975.
  2780 F ix Cynthia Sears was born 28 Mar 1805 in Montpelier, VT. was buried in , 976.

S.P. May p.201 Cynthia lives in Woodstock, unm.
  2781 M x Stephen D Sears was born 22 Jan 1807 in Montpelier, VT. He died 5 May 1838 in Bridgewater, Died Unm., VT and was buried in , 977.

S.P. may p.201 much regretted, he was a doctor, and studied medicine with Dr.
Burnell of Woodstock.
+ 2782 M xi Nathan Sears

1172. Betty Sears (Nathan , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 21 Aug 1768 in Rochester, MA. She died 1851 in Woodstock, VT and was buried in , 420.

Betty married Thomas Barrows on 20 Aug 1797. Thomas was born 19 Jun 1768 in .

S.P. May p.121 He absconded, was supposed to have been murdered, but turned up
in New Orleans, married to another woman.

Thomas and Betty had the following children:

  2783 F i Jane Barrows was born 9 Aug 1798 in . She died 29 May 1824.
  2784 M ii Thomas Barrows was born 21 Dec 1799 in . He died in Died Inf.

1175. Rebecca Sears (Nathan , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 20 Sep 1782 in Rochester, MA. She died 24 Mar 1819 and was buried in , 423.

Rebecca married Presbury Clark. Presbury was born 1778 in .

They had the following children:

  2785 M i Leonard Clark was born 1804 in .
  2786 M ii Nathan Clark was born 1806 in .
  2787 F iii Susan Clark was born 1808 in .
  2788 M iv Dorcas Clark was born 1810 in .
  2789 F v Rebecca Clark was born 1812 in .
  2790 M vi Presbury Clark was born 1814 in .
  2791 M vii Rufus Clark was born 1816 in .
  2792 M viii Warren Clark was born 1818 in . He died 24 Mar 1819.

S.P. May Rufus and Warren were twins died same day as mother

1176. Nathan Sears (Nathan , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 27 Sep 1785 in Rochester, MA. He died in Fairhaven, MA and was buried in , 424.

Nathan married Hannah Parker on 7 Apr 1819 in Rochester, MA. Hannah was born 1798 in .

They had the following children:

  2793 F i Thankful Sears was born 12 Jun 1820 in Rochester, MA.

S.P. May Had 10 children
  2794 F ii Rebecca Sears was born 2 Feb 1822 in Rochester, MA.

S.P. May p.202 Died leaving a child who lives in New Bedford
  2795 F iii Zalmanna Sears was born 14 Jan 1823 in Rochester, MA. She died in D.S.P. At Sea.
  2796 M iv Benjamin M Sears was born 15 Jan 1825 in Rochester, MA.

S.P. May p.202 D.s.p.; the will of Benj. M. Sears of N Bridgewater, dated 2 Oct
1848, was allowed 1 May 1849, wife Jane, Execx.
+ 2797 M v Nathan Sears
  2798 M vi John P Sears was born 5 Dec 1831 in Rochester, MA.

S.P. may p.202 John lived in Fairhaven, and had 4 children. He was in Co. A,
18th Mass Vols., 7 Aug to 24 Dec 1862, and was discharged for disability.

1177. Sukey Sears (Nathan , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1787 in Rochester, MA.

Sukey married Presbury Clark on 2 Jul 1820 in Rochester, By Rev Cobb. Presbury was born 1778 in .

They had the following children:

  2799 F i Eleanor Clark was born 1821 in .
  2800 F ii Eunice Clark was born 1823 in .
  2801 F iii Elvira Clark was born 1825 in .
  2802 F iv Susan Clark was born 1827 in .
  2803 F v Lunas Clark was born 1829 in .

1178. Lot Sears (David , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 2 Jul 1767 in Rochester, MA and was christened 6 Sep 1772. He died Feb 1848 in New York city, NY and was buried in , 426.

S.P. May p.204 Lot SEars served in Capt Stephen Churchill's Co., in Col. Theo.
Cotton's Regt., at Newport, RI, 9-31 Mar 1781, and was allowed for 60 miles'
travel, etc.
He removed to Newark, Wayne co., NY

Lot married Lurany Butler, daughter of Cornelius Butler and Jane Coffin, on 2 Oct 1798. Lurany was born 1776 in .

History of Martha's Vineyard, Banks Vol III, p.53 spelled Lurana

Lot and Lurany had the following children:

+ 2804 F i Alice Sears
+ 2805 M ii Henry Sears
  2806 M iii Emanuel Sears was born 27 Nov 1802 in Newark, NY. He died 16 Sep 1803 and was buried in , 987.
+ 2807 M iv James Coffin Sears
+ 2808 F v Phebe Ann Sears
+ 2809 M vi Hiram Sears
+ 2810 F vii Rebecca Sears
  2811 F viii Achsah Sears was born 3 Oct 1811 in Newark, NY. She died 1869 in D.S.P. and was buried in , 992.
        Achsah married Reuben Griffin. Reuben was born 1807 in Newark, NY.
  2812 F ix Adelaide Sears was born 1813 in . She died in D. Infancy and was buried in , 993.
  2813 F x Lucy L Sears was born 18 Aug. She died 23 Aug 1879 in Marbletown, D.S.P., NY and was buried in , 994.
        Lucy married Living

1179. Prince Sears (David , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 Oct 1768 in Rochester, MA and was christened 6 Sep 1772. He died 25 Oct 1798 in Taunton, MA and was buried in , 427.

S.P. May p.205 Prince Sears removed to Taunton in 1793-4.

Prince married Sallie Tucker on 20 Apr 1793 in Taunton, MA. Sallie was born about 1775 in . She died 26 Apr 1833 in Raynham, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 2814 F i Sarah Sears
+ 2815 M ii Jonathan Prince Sears

1182. Achsah Sears (David , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 9 Apr 1776 in Rochester, MA and was christened 19 May 1776. She died 15 Feb 1815 and was buried in , 430.

S.P. May p.122 She died after a long illness,of consumption. She was a woman
of superior mind and judgement, and one of faith and prayer, and each of her
children were strong Christian characters.

Achsah married Daniel Belden Stow on 23 Oct 1796. Daniel was born 10 Aug 1771 in Claverack On Hud, NY. He died 20 Mar 1859.

S.P. May p.122 He was one of the rare ones on earth, a grand and noble
Christian gentleman, by porfessiona lawyer.

Daniel and Achsah had the following children:

+ 2816 M i William Sears Stow
+ 2817 M ii Dennis Stow
  2818 M iii Jonathan Stow was born 25 Oct 1802 in . He died 18 Sep 1860.
  2819 M iv Frederick Stow was born 14 Sep 1805 in . He died 18 Oct 1805.
+ 2820 M v Daniel Belden Stow
+ 2821 F vi Jane Matilda Stow
  2822 F vii Julia Ann Stow was born 19 Nov 1813 in . She died 28 Sep 1814.

1186. Azubah Sears (Richard , Judah , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 14 Jul 1775 in Wareham, MA. was buried in , 432a.

Azubah married John Murdock on 20 Apr 1797. John was born 1771 in Carver, MA.

They had the following children:

  2823 M i Philip Murdock was born 1798 in Carver, MA.
  2824 M ii Bartlett Murdock was born 1799 in Carver, MA.
  2825 F iii Chloe Murdock was born 1804 in Carver, MA.
        Chloe married Blaney Phillips. Blaney was born 1800 in .
  2826 F iv Sally Murdock was born 1802 in .
  2827 F v Azubah Sears Murdock was born 1804 in Carver, MA.
  2828 F vi Deborah Murdock was born 1806 in .

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