Descendants of Richard Sears

Seventh Generation


3468. Nathan Sears (Edmund Jr , Edmund , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 30 Aug 1821 in E Dennis, MA. He died 11 Jun 1904.

SPM p.391(No 1324) Nathan Sears is a prominent and wealthy citizen of E Dennis; a grocer and farmer.

DVR p 219 b., d.
!S.P. May handnotes Nathan Sears was born in the old family homestead, still
standing, which was built by his grandfather in the last century, and which is now the home of Henry H Sears, the great-grandson of the builder. The common school and the old Academy at East Dennis furnished the means for his education until he was fourteen years of age when he went to sea as cook. He served in various capacities in coasting and foreign voyages until 1852, when he retired.
The same year he went into the fishing and mercantile business as one of the
firm Kelly, Sears & Co., until 1875, when he assumed the care of his farm.
Mr Sears resides in his beautiful house, erected in 1848, in East Dennis,
within a stone's cast of the house in which he, as well as his father, was born.
He has found his time fully occupied with his varied business interests and
has therefore avoided the busy arena of politics. A republican in his
convictions, he has filled no other offices than such comparitively
unimportant ones as pertain to his immediate locality.
He renders material aid to the Wesleyan Methodist Church, and is open-handed in all public enterprises. In the evening of an industrious and varied life, he enjoys a competency amid the scenes of his childhood, and the confidence of all who know him.

HBarnst Co. p.575

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 478, Nathan Sears (1821-1904) became his (Stillman Kelley) partner in 1852, when they owned and operated a large fleet of fishing vessels operating from the dock which stretched out into the bay from the east side of Sesuet Harbor. In 1875 their business was purchased by Nathan's son, Henry Howes Sears(1845-1930) and his partner Paul F Sears who was the son of Capt Dean Sears.

Nathan married (1) Sarah Clark Howes, daughter of Isaiah Howes and Thankful Sears, on 4 Jul 1844 in E Dennis, MA. Sarah was born 20 Feb 1823 in E Dennis, MA. She died 5 Nov 1883 in N Cambridge, MA.

Hist Barnst co p.575 d. date
DVR p 321 CONFLICT: d. Nov 4th 1883

Nathan and Sarah had the following children:

+ 6240 M i Henry Howes Sears
  6241 F ii Mary Sears was born 17 Apr 1848 in E Dennis, MA. She died 9 Jun 1850.

SPM No 2617
DVR p 321
  6242 F iii Myra Howes Sears was born 26 Feb 1851 in E Dennis, MA. She died 1939 in CO.

Hist of Barnst co p.575 says she m. Dr R.F. Graham, resides Greely, CO
DVR p 321 b., d. Died Colorado 1939?
        Myra married George Nelson Spear on 19 Sep 1872 in E Dennis, MA. George was born 25 Feb 1849 in E Dennis, MA. He died 23 Feb 1885 in Greely, CO.
+ 6243 F iv Chloe Crowell Sears
+ 6244 M v Nathan Crowell Sears
  6245 M vi Seth Sears was born 7 Feb 1859 in E Dennis, MA. He died 16 May 1859.

SPM No 2621
DVR p 321, b., d.
  6246 M vii Seth Sears was born 19 Aug 1860 in E Dennis, MA. He died 16 Aug 1957 in Brewster, MA.

SPM No 2622

HBC p.575 teacher in Charlestown, MA

Yarmouth Register, Deaths 16 Aug 1957, In Hyannis, Seth Sears of Brewster, in his 97th year. Interment Brewster.

Yarmouth Register, 30 Jul 1932, p 1, Old Home Week, Seth Sears, a native of East Dennis, related an interesting account of the famous rescue of the crew of the English sailing ship Verbina at mid-ocean, November 24, 1860, by the late Captain Seth Crowell, Jr, of East Dennis, master of the sailing vessel Robin Hood.
        Seth married Living
  6247 F viii Sadie Maud Sears was born 21 Jan 1869 in E Dennis, MA. She died 30 Jun 1869.

SPM No 2623
DVR p 321 listed as Sarah A

Nathan also married (2) Julia Long, daughter of Jeremiah Long and Jerusha Sears, on 24 Sep 1885 in Boston, MA. Julia was born 1864 in .

3470. Seth Sears (Edmund Jr , Edmund , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 Sep 1829 in E Dennis, MA. He died 12 Jul 1857 in Roxbury, MA.

SPM No 1326
DVR p 219, b., d.; p 368, children, d.

Seth married Thankful Homer, daughter of Stephen Homer and Mary B, on 9 Feb 1853. Thankful was born 27 Jun 1830 in Dennis, MA. She died 21 Jun 1905 in Newtonville, MA.

SPM hand notes show death date
DVR, p 368, d. 1905

Seth and Thankful had the following children:

+ 6248 F i Hannah Crowell Sears

3476. Silas Howes (Lydia Sears , Edmund , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 26 Dec 1825 in .

Silas married Priscilla Lord.

They had the following children:

  6249 M i Albion R Howes was born 10 Feb 1855.
  6250 M ii William G Howes was born 3 Jun 1857.
        William married Living
  6251 M iii Charles Wesley Howes was born 23 Jun 1860.
        Charles married Living
  6252 M iv Edmund Sears Howes was born 8 Feb 1862.
  6253 M v Silas Lincoln Howes was born 12 Sep 1865.
  6254 M vi Benjamin Perkins Howes was born 21 Mar 1867.

3480. Joseph Howes (Lydia Sears , Edmund , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 3 Apr 1833 in . He died 15 Apr 1878 in Dennis.

Joseph married Abby Sears Hedge, daughter of John Hedge and Abigail "Nabby" Sears, on 1 May 1855. Abby was born 23 Jan 1836 in Dennis, Barnstable, MA.

DVR p 228, b.

Joseph and Abby had the following children:

  6255 M i Nathan Anderson Howes was born 26 Apr 1857 in .
        Nathan married Living
  6256 M ii John Silas Howes was born 19 Mar 1859 in . He died 18 Feb 1868.
  6257 F iii Lydia Abby Howes was born 23 Sep 1861 in .
        Lydia married George Emmons Hall on 26 Dec 1887.
  6258 F iv Lizzie Lowe Howes was born 9 Feb 1865 in .
        Lizzie married John L Hillman Rev. on 27 Aug 1889.
  6259 F v Lucy Josephine Howes was born 2 Sep 1872 in .
  6260 F vi Hitty Hedge Howes was born 2 Nov 1874 in .

Also spelled Hettie

3481. Benjamin Perkins Howes (Lydia Sears , Edmund , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 16 Oct 1835 in .

HBS copy of may's work notes "killed by Chinese pirates on ship 'Libra' in
China seas."

Benjamin married Lucy J Lord on 10 Jun 1860.

They had the following children:

  6261 F i Living
        Living married Charles Wesley Howes, son of Silas Howes and Priscilla Lord. Charles was born 23 Jun 1860.

3483. Joshua 2d Sears Capt (Ezra , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 10 Jun 1817 in E Dennis, MA. He died 22 Mar 1885.

SPM(No 1328) hand note shows death date. p.391 Capt Sears followed the sea from the age of 10 to 50 years, commencing as cook in a fisherman; he commanded several ships sailing out of Boston, in the India and China trade, and to most all the ports east of Cape of Good Hope, and west of Cape Horn.
Resided in E Dennis, MA

S.P. May handnotes Capt Joshua Sears at ten years of age chose the profession in which in after life he so greatly excelled. He was mate at the age of twenty-three, and at thirty, in 1847, was in command of the 'Burmah,' his first ship. His ambition was to command the best ships, and his scrupulous neatness on board, and conscientious preservation of any property entrusted to his care, enabled him to choose his vessels. He was engaged entirely in foreign voyages, visiting the East Indies nineteen times, and often touching at China and the Sandwich Islands.
His experience of forty years on the sea was more extensive and responsible
in its nature than most of his contemporaries. His many long voyages had
dangers, but his careful command insured crew, ship and cargo against accident and loss. He was married 11 Jun 1840, to Minerva, dau of Wm & Sally (Small) Handren, of Harwich. She accompanied the captain on four long voyages, the last being in the 'Wild Hunter,' and around the world. He left the sea during the war of the rebellion, retiring to his pleasant home in East Dennis, where he died 22 Mar 1885.
He was much beloved by the entire community for his genial, uniformly kind
and upright character and by the ship owners and the commercial world for his
fine, just and reliable dealings. His record is one of honor, of honest labor and well done duties. He was not only a model as a seaman, and officer, but in preserving old friendships and in making others happy by kind and generous deeds.

Shipmasters of Cape Cod, by H.C. Kittredge, c1935: "Half a dozen Cape men and boys were on board the Eben Preble when Capt James B Crocker took her out to China in 1837. Joseph Crocker was first mate; John C Howes and Joshua Sears of Dennis and East Dennis repsectively were able seaman; Allen Howes was an oridnary seaman. p.202 The Hong Kong Dailey Press, 26 Nov 1859, gave account of a gala ball, Capt Joshua Sears was in port with the Wild Hunter, a clipper built by Shiverick shipyard in 1854-55. The voyage lasted three years and a half. "The Wild Hunter in every port was a show, so complete in every respect was she kept- her decks always bright, her paintwork and rigging in immaculate condition. Even a capstan bar could only be laid on deck pointing fore and aft."

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 360-61, 382 Captain Joshua Sears (1817-1885) was also frequently in California in the Orissa and later in the Wild Hunter. (photo)
..(He) took his wife and daughter with him ...So fond was the gruff and exacting captain of his little daughter "Lulu," that he allowed her to take her pony along with her and exercise him on the decks.

DVR p 368, d.

Joshua married Minerva Handren on 11 Jun 1840 in Harwich, MA. Minerva was born 29 Jan 1819 in Attleboro, MA. She died 22 Dec 1904.

May showed d. 1905

DVR p 368 d.

Joshua and Minerva had the following children:

+ 6262 F i Louize Maria "Lulu" Sears

3486. David Seabury Sears (Ezra , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 16 Jan 1823 in E Dennis, MA. He died 13 Dec 1882 in E Dennis, MA and was buried in Quivet Neck Cemetery, E Dennis, MA.

SPM p.392(No 1331) Was a seaman

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 361, The list of Dennis captains who flew around the tip of South America in the finest sailing ships ever seen in he world's history to carry men and supplies to the west is seemingly endless. With the first wave of vessels went ... David Seabury Sears (1823-1882) of East Dennis.
p 366,381 (photo w/wife and ship Revenue) Although never a record setter, the ship revenue was consistently a good carrier...for many of her years under ownership in East Dennis she was in charge of Capt David Seabury Sears.

Virginia Viliesis's notes-Served on several ships as master including the Shiverick built clippers "Revenue" and "Hippogriffe." After retirement from the sea was a cranberry grower and painter. Lived in house now 4 Pleasant St, E Dennis, built in 1819 by Moody Sears.

David married Harriet Allen Mathews on 15 Oct 1846. Harriet was born 14 Dec 1828 in S Yarmouth, MA. She died 6 Jun 1889 in E Dennis, MA and was buried in Quivet Neck Cemetery, E Dennis, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 6263 M i Ezra Freeman Sears
+ 6264 M ii David Warren Sears
  6265 M iii Seleck Matthews Sears was born 18 Oct 1856 in Dennis, MA. He died 22 Aug 1877.

SPM No 2628
!Virginia Viliesis-advised spelling is Seleck not Selek
  6266 M iv Edward Bouchier Sears was born 18 Aug 1868 in E Dennis, MA. He died 24 Sep 1869 in E Dennis, MA.

SPM No 2629

3488. Heman G Sears (Ezra , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 1 Sep 1829 in E Dennis, MA. He died 10 Jan 1878 and was buried in , 1333.

S.P. May p.392 Was a blacksmith

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 368, By this time the gang of workers employed at the {Shiverick} shipyard numbered twenty-one men, not counting those who worked with the blacksmith, Heman G Sears...

p 576 , photo

Cape Cod Library of Hist Gen - p 171 mentions Shiverick shipyard and Heman's blacksmith's shop

Heman married Hannah Howes on 23 Dec 1856 in E Dennis, MA. Hannah was born 1835 in Dennis, MA.

They had the following children:

  6267 M i Sears was born 28 Apr 1872 in . He died 29 Apr 1872.

SPM No 2630
DVR p 420, b., d.

3490. Olive Clark Howes (Sally Sears , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 26 Dec 1817 in . She died 30 Apr 1891.

Olive married Elisha Crowell on 3 Mar 1836. Elisha was born 3 Sep 1813. He died 2 Mar 1854.

They had the following children:

  6268 M i Calvin S Crowell was born 3 Jan 1838.
  6269 F ii Olive A Crowell was born 31 Mar 1842.
  6270 M iii Elisha F Crowell was born 22 Jan 1849. He died 2 Mar 1854.
  6271 M iv Crowell was born 28 Feb 1851. He died 21 Mar 1851.
  6272 F v Ella F Crowell was born 22 Jan 1855.
  6273 M vi Elisha F Crowell was born 25 Sep 1857.

3491. Abby Howes (Sally Sears , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 17 Nov 1819 in . She died 5 Jan 1844.

Abby married Calvin Howes on 17 Dec 1839.

They had the following children:

  6274 M i Calvin C Howes was born Jan 1840.

S.P. May hand note p.147 Res. Birney, MT

3493. Joel Howes (Sally Sears , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 Oct 1823 in . He died 20 Nov 1847.

Joel married Isabel Hall on 7 Jan 1847. Isabel was born 1826 in .

They had the following children:

  6275 M i Howes was born 1847 in . He died 8 Mar 1848 in Died Inf..

3495. Zoheth Howes (Sally Sears , Joshua , Edmund , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 10 Dec 1827 in . He died 6 Oct 1856.

Zoheth married (1) Joan H Crocker on Jan 1851. Joan died 26 Feb 1852.

They had the following children:

  6276 F i Joan Hall Crocker Howes was born 21 Dec 1851.
        Joan married William Crowell Howes, son of Thomas Prince Howes Capt and Deborah Bassett, on 20 Jul 1876. William was born 25 Jan 1852 in .

LLH- see Howes genealogy #626

Zoheth also married (2) Living

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