Descendants of Richard Sears

Fourth Generation


103. Thomas Sears (Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 3 Mar 1702/1703 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 29 May 1785 and was buried in Yarmouth, 72.

S.P.May p.98 The will of Thomas Sears of Yarmouth, dated July 4, 1777, was
filed June 30, 1785, and names grand-children, Samuel and Allen Sears and Sarah Hatch. Eleazar Sears, Execr., who was living with his father, to have the estate after the death of wife Patience.

Thomas married Patience Nickerson, daughter of John Nickerson and Elizabeth Baker, on 26 Jul 1732 in Yarmouth, MA. Patience was born 1701 in . She died 22 Jan 1783.

They had the following children:

+ 634 M i Thomas Sears
+ 635 M ii Eleazar Sears Capt

104. James Sears (Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 30 Mar 1704 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 17 Mar 1791 in Ridgefield, CT and was buried in , 73.

S.P. May p.99 Oscar Weed, who lives in the old Sears homestead at Mill Plains, CT., has a deed dated July 10, 1739, from Robt. Hebard, Jr., and Ruth, his wife, of the town and county of Windham, CT, to James Sears, late of Yarmouth, county Barnstable, Province of Mass. bay, of a tract of land in Windham, near the Shautucket river, containing 52 acres, the consideration being L 275.
How long James Sears remained in Windham, if he lived there at all, is not
known, but he is supposed to have removed to Mill Plains, then a part of Ridgefield, about 1740-45, although his name does not appear in "listable estates" of Ridgefield for 1746.
James Sears was chosen pathmaster, Kent, CT (which is near by,) Apr. 7,1747, and in 1756, of the Old Gilead Church in Carmel.
He was one of the organizers of the Congregational Church in Ridgebury, (the norhtern society of Ridgefield) in 1769.
After the death of his wife, Desire, he lived with his son Comfort, and tradition tells of his orderly habits and rigid religious observances.
When he first settled in Ridgefield wild turkeys and other game abounded.
It is related that one Sabbath morning a flock of wild turkeys alighted in his cornfield. Taking his gun he started to shoot them, but remembering that it was the Lord's Day, he returned, remarking, "you did not get to me that time, Mr. Devil."

Esther A Savage-The CT Nutmegger, Dec 1992, p. 363
James SEARS (May p.64-65) ... Pelletreau (p.756) says the SEARS family came to Putnam co (Then Dutchess co, NY) in 1743. James SEARS lived on a farm adjacent to that of Eleazer HAMBLIN (No.135 RIN13969) in 1762, as shown by records of a survey of Lot 6 in that year. (Pelletreau, p.269).
Near by, in the town of Southeast, "The most numerous families in former
times were the CROSBYs"(Pelletreau, p.429), descended from three brothers who
came from Harwich, MA. David (No. 582 RIN3725) and Joshua SEARS (No.256
RIN4061?) came in 1749. Thomas SEARS (No.587 RIN3730) settled on a farm south
of Carmel in 1753.
These three were descended from the Rev Thomas CROSBY baptized ...
James SEARS, his brother-in-law, arrived to settle near the HAMBLINs in 1743.

James married Desire Tobey, daughter of Thomas III Tobey and Rebecca Knowles, on 28 May 1730 in Yarmouth, MA. Desire was born 1707 in . She died 28 Jul 1781.

They had the following children:

+ 636 M i David Sears
+ 637 F ii Sarah Sears
+ 638 F iii Thankful Sears
+ 639 M iv Seth Sears
+ 640 M v Knowles Sears Capt
+ 641 M vi Thomas Sears Capt
  642 F vii Desire Sears was born 1747 in . was buried in , 300.
        Desire married Living
+ 643 M viii James Sears
  644 F ix Rebecca Sears was born about 1750 in . She died 20 Mar 1842 in gr-st and was buried in , 302.
        Rebecca married Eli Crosby, son of David Crosby and Reliance Hopkins. Eli was born about 1745 in . He died 22 Nov 1827 and was buried in gr-st.

S.P. May p.99 gr-st in old Cem'y,onemile north of Milltown, NY. Served in 3d
NY Regt in Rev.
+ 645 M x Comfort Sears

107. Seth Sears (Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born 18 Mar 1699/1700 in Plymouth, MA. was buried in , 76.

S.P. May p.100 I have assumed that Seth Sears, son of Richard S., of Old Lyme,
CT, was the Seth who married Ann Jones, in Newport in 1733, as recorded in
register of Trinity Church there; and that they were the parents of George Sears
whose gravestone says he was born there in 1735, but this needs confirmation.
The lineage of aboe-named George Sears as given in "Sears Genealogy" is
erroneous. Lieut. Silas Sears of Yarmouth, had no son Thomas, as I have shown
in the proper place.
The name of Sears does not occur in Newport Probate Records till Dec. 10, 1801
when adm. was granted on the estate of George Sears; - there is no account of
distribution of his property, nor mention of his children, of whom there were
probably more than one.
The following names may belong to this family, viz:
Mary Sears m. Joseph Rider, Aug. 28, 1748. [Trin.Ch.Rec.]
Martha Sears m. Israel Chapman [VII Rec 12.2], Dec. 23, 1754.[Cong.Ch. Rec.]
Ann Sears b. Jan. 12,1749 d. Aug. 26, 1813 m. Jan. 22,1768 Capt. Wm. Howland

Seth married Ann Jones on 2 Dec 1733 in Newport, RI. Ann was born 6 Sep 169 in .

S.P. May p.99 (Perhaps dau. of Richard and Edith Higgins, of Newport, RI; and
widow of __ Jones)

Seth and Ann had the following children:

+ 646 M i George Sears
+ 647 F ii Ann Sears

110. John Sears Capt (Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born Nov 1707 in Plymouth, MA. He died in Lyme, CT and was buried in , 79.

S.P. May p.100 Capt. John Sears was a large land-owner. In 1737, Isaac
Watrous deeded to John Sears and wife Elizabeth a oiece of land, said Elizabeth
being his daughter.
In 1760, he bought of Dr. Mather, a tract of 500 acres in Lyme. Numerousother deeds are on record.
John Sears, mariner, sold Henry J. Corwin of Newport, RI, a certain lot which
was the estate of John Sears, Senior, and was given to his children in common
on condition that John Sears will obtain a good title, some of the heirs not
being of age. Mention is made of bro. Richard, and other bros. and sisters.
In the Col. Rec., we find the memorial of Joseph Wade of Lyme, showing that he
"borrowed of Capt. John Sears, late of Lyme, deceased, the sum of L 800, old
tenor, and to secure the payment, executed to said Sears an absolute deed of the
housein which said memorialist lives, with lot adjoining, deceased to reconvey
said house and lot on repayment. Deceased died before redemption."

John married Elizabeth Watrous, daughter of Isaac Watrous, on 13 Jun 1734 in Lyme, CT. Elizabeth was born 1713 in .

They had the following children:

+ 648 M i John Sears Capt
  649 M ii Richard Sears was born 30 Jul 1738 in Lyme, CT and was christened 6 Aug 1738. He died about 1776 in Horton, Kings Co., Nova Scotia and was buried in , 306.

S.P. May p.100 as appears by a deed of gift dated 26 Feb 1776, from his brother
Seth to Judith Sears.
  650 F iii Elizabeth Sears was born 9 Oct 1741 in Lyme, CT and was christened 11 Oct 1741. was buried in , 307.
  651 F iv Mary Sears was born 24 Aug 1744 in Lyme, CT and was christened 30 Sep 1744. was buried in , 308.
  652 M v Seth Sears was born 16 Oct 1748 in Lyme, CT and was christened 30 Oct 1748. was buried in , 309.

S.P. May p.100 was in HArtford, CT, 26 Feb 1776, at which date he deeded to
Judith Sears, certain land in Lyme, "except that which fell to me by my brother
Richard Sears, late of Horton, in Nova Scotia, lately deceased."
  653 M vi Cornelius Sears was born 11 Nov 1755 in Lyme, CT. was buried in , 310.

111. Anna Sears (Richard , Silas , Richard ) was born 1709 in Lyme, CT.

S P May, p 66, No 80, b., m., children

Anna married Richard Smith. Richard was born 1702 in Of Smithtown, L.I..

S.P. may p.66 of the "Bull Smiths"

Richard and Anna had the following children:

+ 654 F i Sarah Smith

113. Mary Snow (Hannah Sears , Silas , Richard ) was born 16 May 1696 in Harwich, Barnstable Count, MA. She died after 10 Nov 1739 in Truro, MA.

P.O. BOX 1251
(704) 859-6992

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BIRT PLAC Harwich, Barnstable County, MA

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Submitter: Harry C. Hadaway, Jr.
Submitter: 10 Timmins Road
Submitter: Bow, NH 03304
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Submitter: 26 NOV 1996

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BIRT PLAC Harwich, Barnstable County, MA

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Submitter: 10 Timmins Road
Submitter: Bow, NH 03304
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Submitter: James J. Kaufman
Submitter: 349 W. Main Street
Submitter: P.O. Box 254
Submitter: Fairchild, WI 54741-0254
Submitter: (715) 334-5202
Submitter: 07 AUG 1996

Mary married Sherbael Hinckley on 7 Oct 1718 in Harwich, Barnstable Count, MA. Sherbael was born 1 May 1690 in Harwich, Barnstable, Plymouth Colony. He died 2 Feb 1778.

P.O. BOX 1251
(704) 859-6992

Submitter: Harry C. Hadaway, Jr.
Submitter: 10 Timmins Road
Submitter: Bow, NH 03304
Submitter: 603-224-3159
Submitter: 26 NOV 1996

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MARR PLAC Harwich, Barnstable County, MA

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Sherbael and Mary had the following children:

+ 655 F i Hannah Hinckley
+ 656 F ii Elizabeth Hinckley
+ 657 F iii Christian Hinckley

117. Priscilla Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 1 Jul 1701 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA and was christened 2 May 1708 in Harwich, Barnstble, MA. She died 3 Apr 1760.

S P May, p 67, No 81, b., bap., m., Admitted 2d church Yarmouth 6 Aug 1727

Priscilla married Josiah Gorham, son of Joseph Gorham and Sarah Sturgis, on 15 Mar 1721/1722 in Yarmouth, MA. Josiah was born 7 Sep 1692 in . He died 2 Apr 1775.

SP May notes p.67

Josiah and Priscilla had the following children:

  658 M i Samuel Gorham was born 3 Jan 1722/1723 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 12 May 1789 in gr-st.
        Samuel married Abigail Hallet. Abigail was born 1726 in .
  659 M ii Isaac Gorham was born 28 Feb 1724/1725 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 30 Jul 1747.
        Isaac married Sarah Smith on 1745 in Barnstable, MA. Sarah was born 1724 in .
  660 M iii Joseph Gorham was born 30 May 1728 in .
  661 M iv Josiah Gorham was born 14 Apr 1730 in .
+ 662 M v Hezekiah Gorham
+ 663 M vi Stephen Gorham
  664 M vii David Gorham was born 3 May 1738 in .

118. Hannah Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 10 Dec 1703 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA and was christened 2 May 1708 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA.

S P May, p 67, No 82, b., bap., m.

Hannah married Peter Blacknur, son of Peter Blacknur and Elizabeth, on 3 Nov 1725 in Yarmouth. Peter was born 21 Mar 1702 in .

S.P. May notes p.67
Robert D Kelley shows name Blackmore

Peter and Hannah had the following children:

  665 M i Roland Blacknur was born 1726 in Greenwich, MA.
+ 666 M ii Peter Blacknur
+ 667 M iii Solomon Blacknur
+ 668 M iv Simeon Blacknur
  669 M v Stephen Blacknur was born 1735 in .
+ 670 M vi Barnabas Blacknur

119. Zachariah Lt. Sears Lieut. (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 22 Apr 1706 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He died 13 Jan 1796 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA and was buried in N. Dennis, 83.

S.P. May p.102 Zachariah Sears, and wife Mehitable, were adm. to 2d Ch., Yar., Aug. 5, 1750. He may have bought land there.
He was a Lieut. in the Militia, and active in town and church affirs; was
Constable, 1755; and Surveyor of Highways, 1765.
Rev. E.H. Sears says he removed to Windham, Ct, but I find nothing to confirm the statement, and his descendants are quite sure he never lived there. He died and was buried in N. Dennis, MA.
In 1778, he writes from Yarmouth, to his son Roland, at Ashfield, intimating that he was an old man; that his wife was living; that he had sons Zachariah and Roland, and several daughters; that his son, Zachariah, was a sea-faring man, and on a voyage to the West Indies with Capt. Tailor of hianus;" addressed, "Mr. Roland Sears living at Ashfield, Yrs. to the Lord."
Gen. C.W. Sears of Univ., Miss., and Solo. F. Sears of Ann Arbor, MI, have old family letters and papers from 1770.
He made his will Oct. 26, 1786, and mentions his wife, (but does not give her name), and children, Peter, Roland, Joseph, Bethia Howes, Mehitable Sears, and Hannah Crowell; gave the homestead to son Joseph. Peter and Joseph, Exrs.
Oct. 3, 1755, Lt. Zachary Sears on com. "to see Mr. Dennis."
Oct 16, 1760, Mr. Zachary Sears to procure wood for Mr. Dennis.
Aug. 24, 1761, allotted pew next to men's alley for L 170.
Feb. 9, 1763, "Mr. Zachary Sears paid L 170 for his pue."

DVR, p. 123 CONFLICT: d. June 13 1796

Zachariah married Mehitable Crowell, daughter of John Crowell and Kezia Eldredge, on 31 Mar 1738 in Yarmouth, MA. Mehitable was born 14 Aug 1721 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. She died 8 Feb 1760 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA and was buried in gr-st.

S.P. May p.101 adm. 2d Ch., 5 Aug 1750

Werden b., d. places

Zachariah and Mehitable had the following children:

  671 M i Peter Sears Capt was born 29 Jul 1743 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 22 Jul 1802.

S.P. May p.101, No 311, Will dated 4 Apr 1802. Having no children of their own, they adopted Peter Sears, son of Roland S., of Ashfield, who was Exr and heir to each "Thankful, wife to Peter Sears was dismissed from Ch., Dennis, to church Ashfield, 16 Dec 179_"(between 1795 and 1799). Capt Peter Sears lived in East Yarmouth, now Dennis, and after he retired from the sea, kept store there, dealing in rum, salt, sulphur, molasses, tea, sugar, etc., "and a little more rum." He also manufactured salt. 20 Mar 1794, he was on com. to repair the meeting-house, and to provide Mr. Stone's wood and hay. He appears to have removed to Ashfield, MA, and probably lived with his adopted son Peter until his death.

DVR, p. 123 b.
        Peter married Thankful Howes, daughter of Thomas Howes and Mercy Hedge, on 12 Jan 1769 in Yarmouth. Thankful was born 1 Nov 1743 in .

S.P. May p.101 made her will in 1810.
+ 672 M ii Rowland Sears
  673 M iii Zachariah Sears was born 13 Feb 1746/1747 in . He died 7 Apr 1747.

SP May No 313

DVR, p 123, b., d.
+ 674 F iv Bethia Sears
  675 F v Mehitable Sears was born 2 Sep 1750 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. She died 19 May 1798 in Dennis, Barnstable co, MA and was buried in W Brewster, Barnstable co, MA.

DEATH: Letter from John Sears, Dennis, MA to Peter Sears, Ashfield?; 1798;
Letter dtd 21 May 1798; ; photocopy in poss of Ray Sears; Univ of Mich Ann
Arbor, Sears Papers

SP May No 315

DVR, p. 123, b.
        Mehitable married John Sears Capt, son of Elisha Sears and Sarah Vincent, on 14 Dec 1780 in Yarmouth. John was born 30 May 1743 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He died 24 Aug 1812 in E Dennis, Barnstable, MA and was buried in W Brewster, Barnstable, MA.

SPM p.152(No 229) adm. Ch., Den., 21 Jun 1801
BURIED: Ancient Sears Burial Ground - No 43
In memory of
who departed this life
Aug 24 1812
in the 68th year
of his age
Friends and Physicians cannot save
The mortal body from the grave
Nor can he grave conjure it here
When Christ commands it to appear.

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 210 There were men employed in fishing on the two necks surrounding Sesuit Creek. Among them were ... John Sears (1743-1812)

DVR p 5; p 203 John Sears [m. Oct 7th 1800]* and his wife Kezia [Sears]* A record of their children Hitty * added later

DVR p 66 John Sears and Kezia Sears both of Dennis their intention of Mariage Enter'd Sept 20:1800 and publish the 21.
  676 M vi Zachariah Sears Capt was born 8 Jul 1752 in Yarmouth, MA and was christened 9 Aug 1752 in 2d Ch. He died 1781.

S.P. May p.102, No 316, d.s.p. Boston, 13 Sep 1783, ae.30. His brother Peter adm. upon his estate; moiety to widow Sally, and moiety to father. Under date of 17 Apr 177_, his wife wrote that he had been captured on a transport, and taken into New Providence, and expresses great anxiety for him, etc. He was styled Capt.

He was brought in first cartel from RI, 18 Jan 1777, for exchange. Signed by
John Ayres, Providence. Mass Arch, IX,69.

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 230, Zachariah Sears(1752-1781) was commissioned master of the brig True American in 1779 and of the brig Resolution in 1780. His career was colorful. He was captured by the British at one point and held at Newport until a prisoner exchange was arranged.

DVR, p. 123, b.
        Zachariah married Sally Freeman on 19 Aug 1779 in Boston, Pub.. Sally was born 1758 in .
+ 677 F vii Hannah Sears
+ 678 M viii Joseph Sears Lieut

120. Joseph Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 27 Mar 1708 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 6 Aug 1779 and was buried in Ancient Cemetery, W Brewster, MA, 84.

S.P. May p.103 Joseph Sears, styled in records, 3rd and junr., lived in that
part of Harwich now West Brewster, though all but his first child are recorded
in Yarmouth.
He was admitted to 2d Ch., E. Yar., June 29, 1742.
His will, dated July 12, 1776, and proved Sep. 9, 1779, mentions children of
dau. Ruth Wing; and son Stephen, Exr.
Inventory L 5,364 14 6. Dower was set off to Bashua Sears, widow, Sep. 28,1779


Joseph married (1) Ruth Sears, daughter of Samuel Sears and Ruth Merrick, on 21 May 1733 in Harwich, MA. Ruth was born 4 Jul 1715 in . She died 27 Mar 1761 and was buried in Ancient Sears Cemetery, W Brewster, MA.

S.P. May p.103, No 103, b., bap., m., adm. 2d Ch., 3 Aug 1735

Joseph and Ruth had the following children:

  679 M i Isaac Sears was born 28 Oct 1734 in Harwich. He died 24 Mar 1759 and was buried in gr-st, 319.
+ 680 M ii Stephen Sears
  681 M iii Larned Sears was born 22 Oct 1738 in . He died before 11 Oct 1760 and was buried in gr-st, 321.
+ 682 F iv Ruth Sears
  683 M v Joseph Sears was born 25 May 1746 in Yarmouth. was buried in , 323.

S.P. May p.103 not mentioned in father's will, 1776.

Joseph also married (2) Thankful Snow on 28 Oct 1761 in Harwich, MA. Thankful was born 1740 in .

Joseph also married (3) Bashua (Nickerson) (Chase) Smalley on 4 Dec 1766 in Harwich, MA. Bashua was born 1745 in .

S.P. May p.103 1st husband was a Nickerson, and her 2d, Gowel Chase)

121. Stephen Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 22 Jul 1710 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. He died 1736 and was buried in , 85.

Madeline Dodd - Died 1736 ae 26


Stephen married Abigail Burgess, daughter of Samuel Burgess and Elizabeth Hopkins, on Apr 1733 in Yarmouth. Abigail was born 1716 in .

and the HUDSON RIVER VALLEY, Vol II;1640-1913; Lewis Historical Publishing Co,
1913; pp 507-510; Brewster, NY Public Library; She was admitted to the church
in E Yarmouth, 8 Aug 1736.

Stephen and Abigail had the following children:

+ 684 F i Sarah Sears

122. Roland Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 17 May 1711 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 12 Mar 1784 in Greenwich, MA and was buried in , 86.

S.P. May p.104 "Roland Sears of Upton & Mary Freeman of Rochester," was pub.
Rochester, Mass., Nov. 11, 1738, to Mary Freeman, and soon after removed to
Hardwick, Mass., where he purchased land on Moose brook, near Barre, in 1742.
He was a "bloomer," or iron forger, and his forge was probably on the site of
the one long-called "Taylor's Mills."
He was chosen Selectman, 1767-71, after which he removed to Greenwich, Mass.
In Hist. Hardwick, he is confused with his grand-son Roland Sears, No. 831.
His wife was dismissed from Ch. Hardwick to Ch. Greenwich, Sep. 13, 1779.
In 1776,he was rated on 1 poll, 9s 7d.
His residence was on north side of Old County road from Furnace Village to

Roland married Mary Freeman, daughter of John Freeman and Mercy Watson, on 11 Nov 1738 in Rochester, Pub., MA. Mary was born 13 Oct 1719 in Harwich. She died 22 Apr 1784 in Greenwich, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 685 M i Freeman Sears
+ 686 M ii Barnabas Sears Lt Col
+ 687 F iii Thankful Sears
+ 688 M iv Elisha Sears Sergt
+ 689 F v Mercy Sears
  690 F vi Hannah Sears was born 20 Feb 1754 in Hardwick, MA. She died 8 Jan 1756 and was buried in , 330.
  691 F vii Mary Sears was christened 4 Jun 1758 in Hardwick, MA. She died 11 Apr 1770 and was buried in , 331.

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