Descendants of Richard Sears

Fourth Generation


123. Barnabas Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 5 Apr 1714 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 1740/1741 and was buried in , 87.

S.P. May p.105 Barnabas Sears was a "bloomer," or iron forger, and probably an
associate in business with his bro. Roland.
He removed from Rochester to Hardwick before the birth of his dau. Mary in
1738, and his dau. Hannah was born there. From thence he removed to Brookfield,
where he purchased one-eighth part of certain iron-works, Jan,. 5, 1740, and
died soon, as his inventory was rendered Oct. 28, 1741, L 220.
His bro. Roland settled the estate, and appears to have adopted the dau. Mary
who was bap. Hard., Sep. 11, 1743, being styled in the record "nephew of Rolon
Sears." Stephen was brought up in Yarmouth, as also was probably his sister
Rev. E.H. Sears says there was an elder son "Barnabas, who was in the Rev'y
war, was wounded and died in consequence."
This is an error; he was a grand-son, No. 856, son of Stephen Sears.


Barnabas married Thankful Freeman, daughter of John Freeman and Mercy Watson, on 25 Sep 1732 in Rochester, By Rev T.Ruggles, MA. Thankful was born 6 Oct 1714 in Harwich, MA and was christened 10 Oct 1714.

They had the following children:

+ 692 M i Stephen Sears Captain
+ 693 F ii Hannah Sears
+ 694 F iii Mary Sears

125. Bethia Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 Mar 1718/1719 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. She died 10 Mar 1786.

S P May, p 67, No 89, b., m., children

Bethia married Thomas Howes, son of Prince Howes and Dorcas Joyce, on 15 Oct 1741 in Yarmouth, MA. Thomas was born 27 Jun 1706 in <, [133]>. He died 12 Mar 1771.

S.P. May notes p.67

Thomas and Bethia had the following children:

+ 695 M i Ebenezer Howes
+ 696 M ii Solomon Howes
+ 697 F iii Hannah Howes

126. Silas Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 11 Feb 1719/1720 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 29 Feb 1780 in Greenwich, MA and was buried in , 90.

S.P. May p.106 Rev. E.H. Sears says Silas Sears removed to Rochester, Mass., but his name is not found in town or church records there, (prob. means No. 501)
He was in Hardwick in 1765, and with his wife was admitted to church there,
May 6,1770; he died in the adjoining town of Greenwich in 1780; was in Capt.
Joseph Hooker's Co., Col. Ruggles Woodbury's Regt., Aug. 19 to Nov. 30, 1777,
175 miles travel, wages L 3 8 7; called "of Greenwich."
His will, dated Feb. 22, 1780, was filed june 6 following by wife Deborah,
Execx., and mentions children in above order, which is not, perhaps, that of
their births.
!MD 24, p.153 Harwich VR p.32 These are to Enter ye Intention of Marriage
bewteen Silas Sears Junr of Yarmouth & Deberough Buck of Harwich Februy 5th AD 1742

MD 25, p.64, Harwich VR p.34 Married by Revd Nathl Stone

BIRTH: Letter from Carol Aldrich, Tulsa, OK, to Ray Sears, Duncan, OK;
1675-1989; Letter dtd 18 May 1994; ; copy in poss of Ray Sears, Duncan, OK;
He had a total of 2 sons and 3 daughters. He died in Greenwich, MA 29 Feb

Silas married Deborah Buck, daughter of John Buck and Phebe Sears, on 9 Jun 1743 in Harwich, MA. Deborah was born 1716 in .

They had the following children:

+ 698 F i Phebe Sears
+ 699 M ii Richard Sears Sergt
+ 700 F iii Hannah Sears
  701 F iv Deborah Sears was born 1758 in .

SPM No 338
        Deborah married Living
+ 702 M v Barnabas Sears

127. Thankful Sears (Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 11 Apr 1723 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA.

S P May, p 68, No 91, b., m., children

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 210 Thankful Sears dau of Joseph Sears of Quivet Neck and Jasher Taylor removed to Frankin co about 1771.

Thankful married Jasher Taylor on 20 Sep 1744 in Yarmouth. Jasher was born 1703 in Yarmouth.

Could be Jacob

Jasher and Thankful had the following children:

+ 703 F i Hannah Taylor
  704 M ii Jasher Taylor was christened 17 May 1761 in .

128. Edward Sears Lieut. (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 23 Jun 1704 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 2 Mar 1777 and was buried in Halifax, 92.

S.P. May p.106 Edward Sears removed to Halifax, Mass., and in 1747 was chosen
to represent the Church in Council. On his gravestone he is styled Lieut.
!MD 27, p.30 Halifax Church Records p.27 July.19.1741.Baptized Desire Sears the
wife of Edward Sears, and Receiv'd them both to full Communion..
!MD 27, p.118 Church Records lists all children

Edward married Desire Holmes, daughter of John Jr Holmes and Joanna Adams. Desire was born about 1713 in Of Marshfield and was christened 19 Jul 1741 in Church of Halifa. She died 7 Jan 1775 and was buried in Halifax, gr-st.

They had the following children:

+ 705 M i Edward Sears
  706 F ii Sarah Sears was born 24 Mar 1735 in Halifax. She died 19 Oct 1825 and was buried in , 341.
        Sarah married (1) Sylvanus Bryant, son of Samuel Bryant Dea. and Tabitha Ford, on 17 Jan 1754 in Halifax, MA. Sylvanus was born 20 Mar 1729/1730 in . He died 3 Nov 1770 in Plympton, MA.
        Sarah also married (2) James Harlow Capt, son of James Harlow and Hannah Shaw. James was born 20 Apr 1730 in Plympton. He died 23 Sep 1802 in Plympton.

JAM He m. 1st Mercy Cushman, widower
+ 707 F iii Mercy Sears
+ 708 F iv Betsy Sears
+ 709 M v Josiah Sears
+ 710 F vi Desire Sears

129. Samuel Sears (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 6 Jul 1706 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 24 Oct 1764 and was buried in N Dennis, 93.

S.P. May p.107 Samuel Sears was admitted to 2d Ch., Yar., Mar. 31, 1745.
He made his will Sep. 1, 1764, and calls himself "first of Yar.;" mentions
wife Hannah, sons Nathaniel and Samuel, and dau. Hannah.
His son Nathaniel and Seth Tobey were Execrs. Inventory L 352 13 0.
Samuel Howes if Yar., in his will, dated 1722, names "Samuel Sears, son of
Josiah Sears," then living with him; and Nathaniel Howes of Yar., in his will, June 10, 1745, gave "to grand-son, Nathaniel Sears, a new Bible," and "to beloved dau., Hannah Sears, L 15, old. tenor."

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 199, Mr Nathan Stone's first funeral service was for Samuel Sears

Samuel married Hannah Howes, daughter of Nathaniel Howes and Esther Rider, on 13 Aug 1730 in Yarmouth. Hannah was born 1709 in .


Samuel and Hannah had the following children:

+ 711 M i Nathaniel Sears Capt
+ 712 F ii Hannah Sears
  713 M iii Samuel Sears was born 28 Apr 1738 in Yarmouth. He died after 1764 and was buried in , 348.

130. Josiah Sears (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 25 Aug 1708 in Yarmouth, MA. He died Jan 1772 in Eastham, MA and was buried in , 94.

S.P. May p.108 Josiah Sears was a cordwainer. His will, dated Jan. 2, 1772, names wife Mercy, and children Mercy Harding, Azubah Knowles, Bethia Sears, Martha Harding, David, Samuel; and Josiah, not of age. Gideon Freeman was Exr., and proved will Feb. 11, 1772.

MD 28, p.179 Eastham and Orleans VR p.223 June 12: 1736 then entred the
Intentions of Josiah Seers of Chatham & Zuba Knowls of Eastham to proseed in

Josiah married Azubah Knowles, daughter of Samuel Knowles, on 30 Sep 1736 in Eastham. Azubah died Mar 1762.

They had the following children:

+ 714 F i Mercy Sears
  715 F ii Martha Sears was born 23 Aug 1737 in Eastham, Barnstable co, MA. She died 1823/1824 in Barrington, Nova Scotia, Canada and was buried in , 350.

MD 28 Eastham and Orleans VR p.186 febuary 7 :1756 then Entred the intentions
of thehoder harding and martha sears Boath of Eastham to prosead in marriage
Recorded pr Thomas Knowles Town Clar
!BIOGRAPHY: Courtesy of the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, T B Smith
Collection of Queens County Families, Sears Family (MG 1, Vol 853), #S7, dtd 8
Jun 1989; 1767-1789; ; ; Public Archives of Nova Scotia;
Martha Sears
of Eastham, Mass, mar 1756, died 1823.
F. Sears, Josiah
M. Knowles, Azubah, a descendant of Rev John Knowles of the Old Colony
H. 4561 Harding, Theodore Seth. Was the first proprietor's Clerk at
Barrington after the grant in 1767 and
remained in office for one year.
!BIRTH-SPOUSE_DEATH: Letter from Donna Snow, Mason, OH, to Ray Sears;
1756-1824; Letter dtd 6 Apr 1995; ; copy in poss of Ray Sears; The patrilineal
descent of my great-grandmother, Agnes Diane (Smith) Snow Currier is the line
which includes: Martha Sears born 23 Aug 1737 Eastham MA d. 1823/4 Barrington,
N.S. daughter of Josiah Sears and first wife Azubah Knowles. Martha Sears
married 1756 Eastham to Theodore Harding (brother of Joshua harding) who was a
Barrington, NS grantee in 1762 with his brother. (His parents were Theodore
harding and Sarah Hamilton).
        Martha married Theodore Harding, son of Theodore Harding and Sarah Hamilton, on 1756 in Eastham, Barnstable co, MA. Theodore was born 1733 in .
  716 F iii Jerusha Sears was born 25 Feb 1742 in Eastham. She died before 1772.
  717 M iv Josiah Sears was born 1 Feb 1744 in Eastham, MA. was buried in , 352.

died young
+ 718 F v Azubah Sears
+ 719 F vi Bethia Sears
+ 720 M vii David Sears
  721 M viii Samuel Sears was born 18 Apr 1755 in Eastham, MA. He died 1778 in Southeast, NY and was buried in , 356.

S.P. May p.108 Samuel was in Capt Solo. Higgins' Co., 13 Jul to 31 Dec 1775
+ 722 M ix Josiah Sears

131. David Sears Lt (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 2 Oct 1710 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. He died 20 Aug 1788 in Middleboro, MA and was buried in , 95.

S.P. May p.108 Second Lt. David Sears was at Oneida Station, NY, Sep. 23, 1758
;and his son Zebedee a private.
!JAM They settled in Middleborough where he was a millwright.

David married (1) Phebe Bryant, daughter of Benjamin Bryant and Hannah Eaton, on 29 Nov 1733 in Plympton. Phebe was born 18 Sep 1713 in . She died 9 Oct 1779 in Middleboro, MA and was buried in gr-st.

MD 14, p.131 Old Cem., Middleboro

David and Phebe had the following children:

+ 723 M i Zebedee Sears
+ 724 F ii Huldah Sears
+ 725 M iii Abner Sears
  726 M iv David Sears was born 25 Jun 1741 in Middleboro, MA. was buried in , 361.
        David married Elizabeth Snow on 30 Jul 1765 in Pub Bridgewater. Elizabeth was born 1744 in Bridgewater.

David also married (2) Hannah Tinkham on 20 Dec 1781 in Middleborough.

JAM Widow of John Werton and Joseph Vaughn

132. Jonathan Sears (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 1714 in Bridgewater, MA. He died 19 Jan 1777 and was buried in , 96.

S.P. May p.108 Jona. Sawyer, Sayer or Sears served as 2d Lt. in Whitcomb's
Mass. Rgt. May-Dec. 1775, 1st Lt. 18th Cont. Inf. 1 Jan. - 31 Dec. 1776; 1st Lt.
14th Mass. 1 Jan 1777 and died 19 Jan 1777.
Jonathan Sears removed to Halifax, Mass., and was in full communion with the
church ther in 1737, and his wife in 1741.
I find nothing further of the family in town or church records, and they may
have removed.
!MD 27, p.31 Halifax Church Records p.36 "28th The Children of Jonathan Sears &
Hannah - Deborah p.19. Joanthan p.25 . Dorothy. p33. Hannah baptiz'd Feby 2.
1745/6. Dorothy Jun.12.1748. Isaac July.29.1750. Hannah Jun.7.1752. Ptere
Dec.2.1753. NS. John 1756 by Mr Porter. Sarah June 19 1757

Jonathan married Hannah Briggs on 18 Apr 1738 in Halifax, MA. Hannah was born 1717 in Halifax, MA.

MD 27, p.30 Halifax Church Records p.27 August . 30 . 1741. Received Hannah
Sears the wife of Jonathan Sears to full Comunion

Jonathan and Hannah had the following children:

  727 F i Deborah Sears was born 16 May 1739 in Halifax, MA and was christened 27 May 1739 in Church of Halifa. She died 14 Jul 1739.

MD 27, p.24 Halifax Church Records p.19 May.27.1739.Baptized Deborah the
Daughter of Jonathan Sears
SPM No 362
  728 M ii Jonathan Sears was born 25 Dec 1740 in Halifax, MA and was christened 5 Apr 1741.

S.P. May p.108 hand note Jona Sawyer, Sayer or Sears served as 2d Lt in
Whitcomb's Mass Regt, May - Dec 1775, 1st Lt in 18th Cont Inf, 1 Jan - 31 Dec
1776 and 1st Lt 14 Mass 1 Jan 1777 and died 19 Jan 1777.
!MD 27, p.28 Halifax Church Records p.25 Baptized Jonathan the Son of JOnathan
  729 F iii Doratha Sears was born 2 Oct 1743 in Halifax, MA. She died 8 Sep 1747 and was buried in , 364.
  730 F iv Hannah Sears was born 29 Jan 1745/1746 in Halifax, MA and was christened 2 Feb 1745/1746. She died 7 Sep 1747 and was buried in , 365.
  731 M v Dorathy Sears was born 8 Jun 1748 in Halifax, MA and was christened 12 Jun 1748. was buried in , 366.
  732 M vi Isaac Sears was born 15 Jul 1750 in Halifax, MA and was christened 29 Jul 1750. was buried in , 367.

S.P. May p.109 Isaac was in Capt Fred. Pope's Co., Col. Paul D Sergent's Regt
  733 F vii Hannah Sears was born 6 Jun 1752 in Halifax, MA and was christened 7 Jun 1752.
+ 734 M viii Peter Sears Capt
  735 M ix John Sears was born 22 Mar 1756 in Halifax, MA. was buried in , 370.

S.P. May p.109 John was in Capt John Bradford's Co., Col Theoph Cotton's Regt.
  736 F x Sarah Sears was born 16 Jun 1757 in Halifax, MA. was buried in , 371.

133. Mercy Sears (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 17 Aug 1717 in Bridgewater, MA.

S P May, p 68, No 97, b., m.

Mercy married Josiah Paddock Dr, son of John Paddock Capt and Priscilla Hall, on 17 Feb 1736/1737 in Yarmouth, MA. Josiah was born 9 Apr 1712 in .

DLS Physician, Yarmouth. Inventory 15 May 1737, brother

Josiah and Mercy had the following children:

  737 M i Samuel Paddock was born 1737 in .
  738 F ii Mercy Paddock was born 1739 in .
  739 F iii Hannah Paddock was born 1741 in .

134. Hannah Sears (Josiah , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 May 1720 in Bridgewater, MA.

S.P. May p.68, No 98, b., m., adm 2d Ch, Yar, 16 Oct 1744

Hannah married John Vincent, son of John Vincent and Hannah Sears, on 19 Nov 1741 in Yarmouth, MA. John was born 17 Nov 1713 in Yarmouth.

They had the following children:

  740 F i Mary Vincent was christened 18 Jul 1756 in .

137. Silas Cooke (Elizabeth Sears , Silas , Richard ) was born 1708 in Plymouth.

Silas married Elizabeth. Elizabeth was born 1709 in .

They had the following children:

  741 F i Sarah Cooke was born 15 Nov 1731 in .
  742 F ii Elizabeth Cooke was born 16 Jul 1735 in .
  743 F iii Deborah Cooke was born 12 Nov 1737 in .
  744 F iv Rubee Cooke was born 25 May 1740 in .

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