Descendants of Richard Sears

Seventh Generation


4415. George Sears (Peter , Rowland , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 13 Mar 1824 in Charlemont, MA and was christened Jun 1824. was buried in , 1747.

John W Sears Archive: bap. Ashfield VR

S.P. May p.438 George Sears lives in Leadville, CO

He had the following children:

  7395 M i George Sears was born 1850 in . was buried in , 3096.
  7396 F ii Grace Sears was born 1852 in . was buried in , 3097.

4419. Silas C Sears (Roland Jr , Rowland , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 Dec 1815 in . He died 1 Mar 1859 in Hannibal, NY and was buried in , 1751.

S.P. may p.438 Was a farmer

Silas married (1) Phebe Clark on 31 Jan 1842. Phebe was born 1821 in . She died 11 Oct 1845.

They had the following children:

+ 7397 F i Ellen Sears
  7398 F ii Orrie Ann Sears was born 6 May 1845 in . She died 13 May 1875 and was buried in , 3099.

Silas also married (2) Elenor E Keeney on 28 Oct 1848. Elenor was born 1 Apr 1826 in .

S.P. May p.438 m 2d ___ Lawrence

Silas and Elenor had the following children:

+ 7399 F iii Alice Sears
  7400 M iv Frank Silas Sears was born 7 Sep 1854 in . was buried in , 3101.

S.P. May p.438 Is a wagon builder in Fulton, NY
        Frank married Nellie Harris on 17 Oct 1879. Nellie was born 1858 in <, 3101>.
  7401 M v Silas C Sears was born 26 Jul 1859 in . He died 8 Feb 1860 and was buried in , 3102.

4423. Warren J Sears (Roland Jr , Rowland , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 14 Jan 1836 in Clay, NY. was buried in , 1755.

S.P. may p.438 Lives in Liverpool, Onondaga co., NY, address Clay P.O.

Warren married Eunice Caykendall on 17 Feb 1858 in Geddes, NY. Eunice was born 22 Mar 1834 in Geddes, NY.

They had the following children:

  7402 F i Ella R Sears was born 17 Mar 1859 in . was buried in , 3103.

S.P. May p.438 Lives in Euclid, NY
        Ella married Grove Hamlin on 2 Feb 1882. Grove was born 1855 in <, 3103>.
  7403 F ii Clara A Sears was born 16 Apr 1867 in . was buried in , 3104.

S.P. May p.438 Lives in Liverpool, NY
  7404 F iii Gertie M Sears was born 16 Nov 1870 in . was buried in , 3105.

4425. Claudius Wistar Sears Gen 1 (Thomas , Rowland , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 8 Nov 1817 in Peru, MA. He died 2 15 Feb 1891 and was buried in , 1757.

S.P. May p.439 Mr Sears graduated West Point Military Academy, in a class of
1841; 2d Lt, 8th Regt, US Inf.; was in Florida war till October, 1842;
resigned; Prof University Louisiana, at New Orleans till 1860; in Confederate
Army as Colonel and Brigadier General from 1861 to 1865; lost a leg at battle
of Nashville, 15 Dec 1864; Prof Mathematics in University of Mississippi, at
Oxford, MI, since 1865. Address P.O. University, Mississippi.
!Who was Who in the Civil War by Stewart Sifakis, Facts on File Pubs, NY 1988
Marriage into a Texas family overrode the northern birth and military academy
appt of CW Sears and led him to a Confederate Brigadier Generalship. The Mass born West pointer (1841) had received his appointment from NY. He served only a year before resigning as a 2LT in the 8th Inf. A college professor before the war, he was a school president in 1861 when he offered his military services to the Confederacy. His assignments included Capt, Co G, 17 Miss (spring 1861); Col, 46th Miss (Dec 4 1862); BG, CSA (1 Mar 1864); and commanded brigade, French's Division, Polks (Army of Miss)-Stewart's Corps, Army of Tenn (May - 15 Dec 1964). Named to command the Magnolia Guards early in the war, he became part of the 17th Miss before his promotion to Colonel of a new regt; this unit fought at 1st Bull Run (21 Jul 1861), Ball's Bluff, VA (21 Oct 1861), Yorktown (5 Apr 1862); Seven Pines, VA (31 May 1862);in the Seven Days, VA(25 Jun 1862) and at Antietam (17 Sep 1862). His new regt fought at Chickasaw bayou (29 Dec 1862) against Sherman in the defense of Vicksburg and Sears was captured while commanding at Vicksburg. Paroled on the day of surrender, he was eventually exchanged. Despite illness, he served through most of the Atlanta (22 Jul 1864) Campaign. Heading north, he fought at Allatoona (5 Oct 1864), Franklin (30 Nov 1864) and Nashville (15 Dec 1864). In the latter he was wounded and a few days later was taken captive. Having lost a leg, he was paroled until 23 Jun 1865. He served as a college professor until 2 years before his death.

Dictionary of the US Army- resd 10 Oct 1842; (brig gen CSA war 1861 to 1865; died 15 Feb 1891)

Received: from
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:16:22 EDT
Subject: [SEARS-L] Brigadier General Claudius Wistar SEARS, C.S.A.

Hey Searses!

I have always been fascinated by this guy: Claudius Wistar
SEARS. Here is what was written about him in "Generals In Gray - Lives of
the Confederate Commanders" by Ezra J. Warner.

Claudius Wistar SEARS, a native of Massachusetts, was born in
Peru, November 8, 1817, and was graduated from West Point in 1841. He
resigned the year following to become a teacher. After a short period as
instructor at St. Thomas's Hall, Holly Springs, Mississippi, he served as professor of mathematics at the University of Louisiana (now Tulane) from
1845 to 1859.
Meantime, he married into a southern family from Houston, Texas. Returning to St. Thomas's as president, he presided until 1861, when he enlisted in the
17th Mississippi Infantry and was elected captain of Company G. Later
commissioned colonel of the 46th Mississippi, he served at Chickasaw Bayou
against Sherman an at Port Gibson in May 1863. Captured and paroled at
Vicksburg, he was not exchanged for several months. He returned to his
command early in 1864 and was appointed brigadier general to rank from March
1. Joining the Army of Tennessee at Resaca, Georgia, in May, Sears
participated in the Atlanta campaign until disabled by illness. He was
subsequently with General S. G. French in the desperate fight at Allatoona and accompanied Hood into Tennessee. During the battle of Nashville, while
observing the enemy through his glass, a shell killed his horse and carried
away one of his legs. Taken to the rear, he was captured near Pulaski a few
days later and was not paroled until June 23, 1865. The same year General
Sears was elected to the chair of mathematics at the University of
Mississippi, a post he continued to occupy until 1889. He died at Oxford,
Mississippi, February 15, 1891, and is buried there.

Claudius married Susan Alice Gray on 6 Aug 1853 in Houston, TX. Susan was born 12 Jun 1835 in Fredericksburg, VA.

They had the following children:

  7405 M i Claude Gray Sears was born 16 Jul 1855 in Chelsea, MI. He died 16 Apr 1861 in Holly Springs, MI and was buried in , 3106.
  7406 F ii Alice Gray Sears was born 2 May 1857 in New Orleans, LA. was buried in , 3107.
  7407 F iii Kate Sampson Sears was born 24 Aug 1858 in New Orleans, LA. She died 30 Mar 1861 in Holly Springs, MI and was buried in , 3108.
  7408 M iv Franklin Sears was born 3 Nov 1859 in New Orleans, LA. He died 29 Mar 1861 in Holly Springs, MI and was buried in , 3109.
  7409 M v William Gray Sears was born 9 Jun 1861 in Holly Springs, MI. was buried in , 3110.

S.P. May p.439 Is a lawyer in Houston, TX
  7410 M vi George Fairfax Sears was born 30 Apr 1863 in Shocco Springs, NC. was buried in , 3111.

S.P. May p.439 Is in City Bank, Houston, TX
  7411 M vii Peter Gray Sears was born 11 Oct 1866 in Oxford, MI. was buried in , 3112.

S.P. May p.439 Was in Senior Class, Univ. Miss, 1884
  7412 M viii Thomas Courtney Sears was born 14 Dec 1867 in Oxford, MI. was buried in , 3113.

S.P. May p.439 In Freshamn class, Univ Miss, 1884
  7413 M ix Edward Abernathy Sears was born 26 Jun 1870 in Oxford, MI. was buried in , 3114.

4426. Francis Maria Sears (Thomas , Rowland , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 1 Jun 1819 in . was buried in , 1758.

S.P. May p.290 She lives in Reading, MI

Francis married William S Martin. William was born 1815 in <, 1758>.

They had the following children:

  7414 F i Martin was born 1841 in <, 1758>.

S.P. May p. 290 Lives Jefferson, TX
        Martin married Living

4434. Catherine Mariah Sears (Abner , Rowland , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 28 Mar 1828 in Richmond, Berkshire, MA. She died 7 Jul 1895 in Escondito, San Diego, CA and was buried in Escondito, CA.

BIRTH-PARENTS-SPOUSE-CHILDREN: Letter from Joyce Mavar, Harbor City, CA;
1814-1895; Letter dtd 25 Apr 1995; ; copy in poss of Ray Sears; BUR: Oakhill


Also spelled middle name Maria

Catherine married John Henry Werden, son of Elias Trish Werden and Sarah Lewis, about 1845 in Richmond, Berkshire, MA. John was born 22 Feb 1814 in New Marlborough, Berkshire co, MA. He died 16 Sep 1901 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles co, CA and was buried in Escondito, San Diego co, CA.

BIRTH-SPOUSE-PARENTS-CHILDREN: Letter from Joyce Mavar, harbor City, CA;
1814-1895; Letter dtd 25 apr 1995; ; copy in poss of Ray Sears

Werden GEDCOM from Pam Cooper

John and Catherine had the following children:

+ 7415 M i Francis Henry "Frank" Werden
+ 7416 M ii William Edward Werden Dr
+ 7417 M iii Albert John Werden

4437. Barzillai Sears (Zachariah , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 22 Nov 1822 in Dennis, MA.

DVR p 857, carpenter; p 684 m. int. 16 Oct 1845
SPM No 1768

Barzillai married Elisabeth J Bangs, daughter of Elkanah Bangs and Sally, on 6 Nov 1845 in Brewster, By Rev Stone, MA. Elisabeth was born 1826 in .

They had the following children:

+ 7418 F i Betsy Olivia Sears
  7419 F ii Isadore M Sears was born 11 Dec 1849 in E Dennis, MA. She died 17 Apr 1851 and was buried in , 3116.
  7420 F iii Isadore M Sears was born 4 Oct 1851 in E Dennis, MA.

SPM No 3117

Yarmouth Register - 9 Mar 1901, East Dennis - Quivet Neck - Mrs Paul F Sears recently made a short visit with her sister, Mrs A C Snow, at Harwichport.
        Isadore married Augustus C Snow on 12 Nov 1872. Augustus was born 1847 in Harwich, MA.
  7421 M iv Henry Bangs Sears was born 17 Apr 1855 in E Dennis, MA. He died 27 Jul 1856 and was buried in E Dennis, MA.

SPM No 3118
DVR p 857, b.; p 939 d. 1 yr 3 mos 10 ds, dysentary
+ 7422 F v Sarah Elisabeth Sears

4438. Benjamin Sears (Zachariah , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 27 Oct 1826 in Dennis, MA.

SPM No 1769
DVR p 619 m. by Rev W R Tisdale; p 697 m. int. 9 Dec 1850

Benjamin married Mehitable Hedge, daughter of John Hedge and Abigail "Nabby" Sears, on 12 Dec 1850. Mehitable was born 22 Aug 1830 in Dennis, Barnstable, MA. She died 30 Nov 1869 in Worcester, MA.

DVR p 228, b.

Benjamin and Mehitable had the following children:

  7423 M i Isaac H Sears is printed as #6294.
+ 7424 F ii Susan H Sears is printed as #6295.
  7425 M iii Benjamin Lee Sears is printed as #6296.
  7426 M iv Carlton Parke Sears is printed as #6297.

4439. Elizabeth Lowe Sears (Zachariah , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 9 Nov 1828 in Dennis, MA. She died 1894.

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 386, In 1859, having been assured by his previous journeys of the safety and comfort of his ship, Capt Milton P Hedge decided to take his wife and son along on his next trip aboard the ship Webfoot. Young master John Milton Hedge (1857-1915) was barely two years old when the voyage began. Can you imagine the preparations a mother would have to make in order to be ready for a trip of at least three and maybe as many as five months at sea, with a child of but two years?...But Mrs Hedge had lost the first baby and perhaps the joy of sharing her husband's company outweighed the difficulties the voyage presented. The Webfoot was to leave from New York in the spring of 1859 with needed supplies for the prospectors in the gold fields of California-wheelbarrows, picks, shovels and oter hardware. (voyage details follow)

Elizabeth married Milton Pierce Hedge, son of John Hedge and Abigail "Nabby" Sears, on 14 Aug 1848. Milton was born 15 Aug 1825 in Dennis, Barnstable, MA. He died 5 Oct 1897.

SPM p.148 Lives in E Dennis
DVR p 228 ilton Pierce b., d.

Milton and Elizabeth had the following children:

  7427 M i Milton Lee Hedge is printed as #6287.
  7428 M ii John Milton Hedge is printed as #6288.
+ 7429 M iii Joseph Hedge is printed as #6289.
  7430 M iv George Sears Hedge is printed as #6290.

4445. Rebecca Sears (Henry , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 11 Apr 1822 in Dennis, Barnstable co, MA.

DVR, p. 187, Rebekah, b.
SPM, No 1776

Rebecca married Charles Hammond Rev. on 1 Dec 1846. Charles was born 26 Feb 1819 in Petersham, MA.

S.P. May p.291 Is of Conf. M.E.Ch., and lives W Thompson, CT

Charles and Rebecca had the following children:

  7431 F i Sabrina D Hammond was born 15 Oct 1847 in .
  7432 M ii Charles Henry Hammond was born 11 Jan 1851 in .

S.P. May p.292 Is a bookkeeper for Washburn & Moen, Worcester, MA
        Charles married Cynthia B Smalley. Cynthia was born 1855 in S Harwich, MA.
+ 7433 F iii Lizzie J Hammond

4446. Charles Zebina Harris Sears Capt (Zebina , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 11 May 1813 in Boston, MA. He died 3 Nov 1883 and was buried in , 1777.

S.P. May p.441 Charles Sears was a Boston pilot, served in US Navy for 2 years
during the Rebellion, and received injuries by the recoil of a gun from which
he suffered much in late years, and for which he drew a pension. Was a member
G.A.R. Post 56.
He was Foreman of Torrent No. 16, located in Purchase st., and afterward of
Hook and ladder No. 2, located in High st., and was a great favorite of Chief
Engineers Amory and Barnicaot; was a daring fireman, and when Hollis Street
Church steeple was set on fire by lightning, distinguished himself and risked
his life in extiguishing the fire.
He was drowned by falling from a yacht in Boston harbor, 3 Nov 1883, being
unable, owing to his crippled condition, to save himself.

Charles married Mary Ann Williams on 20 Jul 1843 in S Edgecomb, ME. Mary was born 16 Sep 1821 in S Edgecomb, ME. She died 20 May 1882.

They had the following children:

  7434 M i Charles Arnold Sears was born 1844 in Boston, MA. was buried in , 3124.

S.P. May p.440 Served during the rebellion for 3 years, and was at the capture
of New Orleans; died
  7435 M ii Alfred Francis Sears was born 2 Aug 1846 in Charlestown, MA. was buried in , 3125.
        Alfred married Sarah Ellen Chittick on 5 Dec 1883 in Cambridge, MA. Sarah was born 16 Sep 1860 in Cambridge, MA.

S.P. May p.440 Lives Cambridge, MA
  7436 F iii Ellen Augusta Sears was born 1848 in Newcastle, ME. was buried in , 3126.

S.P. May p.441 Lives in Cambridge

4448. Joseph Henry Sears (Zebina , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 13 Mar 1881 in Boston, MA. He died 25 Feb 1902 in Boston, MA and was buried in , 1779.

S.P. may p.441 Joseph Sears was born in Washington place, Fort Hill, Boston,
and was formerly of firm Sears, Johnson & Putnam, wholesale clothiers, Boston.
In the fall of 1862, he went as government agent in charge of the stores in
S.S. Vanderbilt, and was at the taking of Port Royal, SC, 7 Nov 1862. Was
shortly after appointed Postmaster for the Army of the South, and South
Atlantic squadron.
In March, 1863, and until 1866, he published and edited the "New South,"
paper, files of which are preserved in the library of Har. College.
He is now a commercial traveler for Coburn & Whitman, 73 Summer street,
Family tradition says he derives from "King" Isaac Sears, in which case it is
probably through his mother.
Col Sears had a dau., Hester, who m. a Smith, connected with the LLoyd family
of Boston, and Mr Sears' mother, Eliz'h Lloyd Dexter, perhaps derived through
that line.
!Barbara Sears McRae - Alfred writes about his mother "That is not true.
Elizabeth Lloyd Dexter, my mother, was daughter of the 3d husband of her mother
and was named in memory of the first husband, a Mr Lloyd, by whom htere was no
issue." He gave no other info about his mother.

Joseph married (1) Eliza Taylor Hook on 27 Jul 1848 in Boston, MA. Eliza was born 20 Jul 1822 in Boston, MA. She died 13 Aug 1855 in Boston, MA.

They had the following children:

  7437 M i William Henry Sears was born 5 Nov 1850 in Boston, MA. He died 27 Mar 1907 in Boston, MA and was buried in , 3127.

S.P. may p.441 Lives in Amesbury, MA ; hand-notes d. date
  7438 M ii Joseph Ware Sears was born 14 Jul 1855 in Boston, MA. He died 17 Nov 1873 and was buried in , 3128.

Joseph also married (2) Rosa Fanny Carney on 13 Mar 1856. Rosa was born 1835 in Chapel Hill, Lowell, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 7439 M iii George Washington Warren Sears
  7440 F iv Mary Elizabeth Sears was born 7 Apr 1862 in Beaufort, SC. was buried in , 3130.

S.P. May p.441 Is a member of Boston Museum stock company
  7441 M v Henry Carney Sears was born 17 Jul 1864 in Roxbury, MA. He died 5 Aug 1864 and was buried in , 3131.
+ 7442 M vi Harold Carney Sears

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