Descendants of Richard Sears

Seventh Generation


4449. Alfred Francis Sears Maj (Zebina , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 10 Nov 1826 in Boston, MA. He died after 1910 and was buried in , 1780.

S.P. May p.442 Is a civil engineer, and connected with Metropolitan Railway
Co., Portland, OR.
The Peruvian government has decreed an immense concession to our fellow
citizen, Major Alfred F Sears, and it has been confirmed with great unanimity
by the Congress. This concession is to build an irrigation work in the
department of Piura, the most northern of that republic, and carries with it
the right to 750,000 acres of public lands. The water rents are made
obligatory on the people of the district, and are secured by their crops.
"The studies and location of this work were made by Major Sears in 1874 and
1875, and the grant is the result of a three year's struggle on his part and
that of his friends. Important American and English houses have already
offered to raise the capital. The English house is known in this country as
bankers and cotton brokers. The concern has a house in Piura, which is a
cotton producing district. The work embraces a dam eighty feet high and 4,000
feet long, by which is formed an artificial lake eighteen miles long and three
miles wide. This lake will be navigable and feed navigable canals to a point
near the coast. [Oregonian Nov, 1889.] "It is now an open secret that Maj
Sears is the author of 'The Lost Inca,' a dazzling tale of adventure in a
Peruvian wonderland, containing graphic and accurate descriptions of natural
scenery in Peru, fauna and flora, atmospheric phenomena and quiant folk
!Barbara Sears Mc Rae (gr-gr-grandaughter) Alfred wrote" I enlisted in the
First New York Engineers in June 1861 in Newark, NJ, where I raised a company
of which I was commissioned the Captain and in 186_, major, being at that time
Engineer incharge of the construction of Ft Clinch, FL."

Alfred married Augusta Bassett on 29 Jan 1850 in Bridgewater, MA. Augusta was born 17 May 1825 in Bridgewater, MA. She died after 1923.

S.P. May p. 442 Is a descendant from one of the original "Proprietors" of

Alfred and Augusta had the following children:

  7443 F i Augusta Francis Sears was born 18 Dec 1850 in . She died 4 Jan 1852 and was buried in , 3133.
+ 7444 M ii Alfred Francis Jr Sears
  7445 F iii Mary Lizzie Sears was born 22 Mar 1856 in . She died 16 Oct 1865 and was buried in , 3135.

4453. Clarissa Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 16 Oct 1819 in <, Howard co, MO>. was buried in , 1784.

Clarissa married Robert H Jordan on 31 May 1838. Robert was born 1815 in <, 1784>.

They had the following children:

  7446 M i William H Jordan was born 1839 in <, 1784>.

S.P. May p.293 A minister in Carrollton, TX

4454. Thankful A Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 17 Oct 1821 in , Howard co, MO. was buried in , 1785.

Thankful married (1) Edward Currell on 31 May 1838. Edward was born 27 Mar 1808 in , VA. He died 1 Dec 1863 and was buried in W Union Cem, MO.

Jim Taggart notes - 1850 Census of Cass co, MO (south of present day Kansas
City) lists Elizabeth A Currell, age 6, with Edward and Thankful Currell:
Edward Currell 42 M Farmer $500 VA
Thankful Currell 29 F MO
John C Currell 10 M MO
Charles J Currell 8 M Indian Territory
Elizabeth A Currell 6 F Indian Territory
Mary Sears 20 F $300 MO

(I believe Mary Sears was the sister of Thankful Sears Currell) (The MO census
has Currell spelled Correll)

The May 1844, birthdate does not correlate with the age of Elizabeth stated in
the 1850 census.

The above census would lead me to believe that Edward and his family left theShawnee Mission sometime after May 1844, when Elizabeth was born, and before
Jun 11850, which was the "effective date" of the 18 Oct 1850 census of Cass co.

Even if Elizabeth had been born an Indian, she was living with the Currell's in
Cass co in 1850, and probably that is where she met Franklin Trekell of Cass
co, whom she married in 1864.

On the idea that Elizabeth was the natural child of Edward Currell, I have
attempted to learn more about Edward but with limited success. I think he was
probably from one of the several Currell families of Lancaster co, VA. Since I
can calculate his birthdate as about 1807 or 1808, form the age 42 that he
stated in the 1850 Mo census, I can perhaps narrow down the list of possible
families by spending furhter time with the VA cnesus records.

In 1939, the Kansas State Historical Society published the "Annals of the
Shawnee Methodist Mission and Indian Manual labor School" to commemorate th
100-year anniversary ofhte erection of the first building on the site. This
small, 120 page, volume was a condensation of the 460 pages of manuscript
compiled by Miss Martha B Caldwell, a Staff Member of the society. In Sep
1990, after having re-read the Annals once again, I reviewed the final draft of
the original manuscript which is on file at the society building in Topeka.
While the Annals simply stated, "(1841) Spring - Edward Currell was employed by
the manual labor school to teach the shoemaking trade at a salary of $350 a
year", the manuscript had a bit more detail: pg 104 "The committee in the
Indian M.L. school has agreed to employ Mr Currell shoemaker at $350 per year
and bear his traveling expenses to the Institution; but if Mr Currell becomes
dissatisfied and should leave the institution before the end of two years he
must refund the money that he received for his expense. The committee will
take his tool, lasts, etc. at their valuation and will also take his stock of
leather that he may ahve on hand.

Mr Currell is requested to make his arrangements to reach the mission by the
last of May.

pg 105 "Mr Edward Currell will go to the mission for 350 dollars per year and
is to be htere by the last of May-- The amount of stock which he will have on
ahnd:-- 24 calf skins at $39 per dozen-which is what they cost; 9 sides of
horse leather at $32 per 1/2 dozen; 18 skin-linings $9.75 per dozen; 1/2 lb
bristles $2.60; thread, web, springs not known how much. There will be a
little sole and heavy leather, though but little.

Mr Currell thinks Baltimore is the best market for leather. He also thinks the
Institution ought to furnish him with vegetables for the first year as he will
not be on in time to make a garden. If he is not wanted by the last of May he
wiches to be informed by letter immediately. There will be as many benches for
shoe-making as there will be boys put to the trade and one for the boss.

A set of tools required for a shoemaker--A boot and shoe key; 2 gigs, a light
and a heavy one; 3 shoulder irons of different sizes; 1 rawbreaker; 1 pair
pincers, large size; 1 pair nippers; 12 awl handles; 12 pegging awls; 1 gross
Altitan's assorted blades; 1 corset set; 2 knives; 1 hammer; 1 key for lady's
shoes; 1 whet-stone; 1 gross steel tacks; 1 shoe rasp.

The manuscript also bears the following typewritten notes, presumably by Miss
Caldwell: [From the memoranda book of Rev Jesse Greene--it is undated. Mrs
Belle Greene who copied it states that it was written in blue ink, the exact
shade of two items in his expense account to the general conference at
baltimore which was held in 1840. these were the only two places in his record
where he used blue ink. She thinks it could safely be placed in 1840.

Also from the report of John Luce in 1840, the school had not yet begun its
manual labor program, but in 1841, thomas Johnson reports four pupils learning
the shoe-makers trade. So I think this pretty well establishes the year]

While I have found no Shawnee Mission record concerning the marital status of
Edward Currell, htere seems little doubt that he was the same Edward Currell
who was living in Howard co, MO, in 1838 and who married a Thankful Sears in
that county in May 1838. he is not listed on the 1840 census for MO. Possibly
Edward, his wife Thankful and infant son, John C Currell, were on their way to
the mission by the time of the census in 1840. One might even speculate that
by 1840, Edward was a shoemaker in the northeastern Kansas Territory, such as
Ft Leavenworth, where it would be possible he would be known to the Methodist
missionaries of the mission, was recruited by them and bargained for
reimbursement of his moving expenses because he had household furniture and a
family. Of course he might also have been living more distant from the
mission. The notes in Rev Greene's memorandum which I have quoted above, seem
to imply that there had been one or more contacts with Mr Currell, whether by
mail or in person, someplace away from the mission but learning more on this
may be impossible. At this point, all I can do is conjecture from the limited
information I have found.

Edward and Thankful had the following children:

  7447 M i John C Currell was born 1839/1840 in , MO.
+ 7448 M ii Charles J Currell
+ 7449 F iii Elizabeth Anne "Lizzie" Currell

Thankful also married (2) Living

4456. Henry Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 24 Nov 1825 in Fayette, MO. was buried in , 1787.

S.P. May p.443 Henry Sears lived with his uncle Peter in Kane co., IL, in
1858-59; is now a farmer near Kearney, Clay co., MO.

Henry married Tabitha Williams, daughter of Benaiah Williams and Nancy Holloway, on 29 Oct 1868 in Missouri City, MO. Tabitha was born 24 Nov 1845 in , Monroe co, TN.

They had the following children:

+ 7450 M i Augustus Sears
  7451 F ii Martha Emeline Sears was born 2 Dec 1870 in Excelsior Spring, MO. was buried in , 3137.
  7452 F iii Cora Belle Sears was born 28 Jul 1872 in Kearney, MO. was buried in , 3138.
  7453 iv Francis Marion Sears was born 22 Nov 1874 in Kearney, MO. was buried in , 3139.
  7454 F v Margaret Ann Sears was born 15 May 1876 in Kearney, MA. was buried in , 3140.
  7455 M vi James Henry Sears was born 24 Apr 1879 in Excelsior Spring, MO. was buried in , 3141.
  7456 F vii Mary Alice Sears was born 19 Mar 1881 in Excelsior Spring, MO. was buried in , 3142.

4463. Peter R Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 2 Jan 1841 in , Howard Co., MO. He died 3 Feb 1881 and was buried in , 1794.

S.P. may p.444 Is a jeweler in Glasgow, Howard co., MO

Peter married Mary Alice Rover on 12 Mar 1859. Mary was born 27 Jun 1847 in , Fayette co, MO. She died 3 Feb 1881.

They had the following children:

  7457 F i Benetta A Sears was born 16 Aug 1861 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3143.

S.P. May p.443 grad. Pritchett Inst., 1880, and is a teacher in High School in
  7458 M ii William J Sears was born 24 Mar 1863 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3144.

S.P. May p.443 Lives in Sedalia, MO
  7459 M iii John A Sears was born 7 Sep 1865 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3145.

S.P. May p.443 Lives in Moberly, MO
  7460 F iv Mary Alice Sears was born 20 Feb 1868 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3146.
  7461 F v Rebecca May Sears was born 4 Oct 1871 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3147.
  7462 M vi Squire A Sears was born 18 Jul 1873 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3148.
  7463 M vii Eugene Sears was born 22 Feb 1876 in Glasgow, MO. was buried in , 3149.

4464. John T Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 18 Sep 1843 in , Howard Co., MO. was buried in , 1795.

S.P. May p.444 Is of firm Fleming & Sears, bankers, Jefferson city, MO

John married Bettie Boone on 17 Nov 1869 in Jefferson City, MO. Bettie was born 17 Nov 1846 in , Howard Co., MO.

They had the following children:

  7464 F i Lucy Sears was born 8 May 1875 in Jefferson City, MO. was buried in , 3150.
  7465 M ii John T Sears was born 22 Aug 1877 in Jefferson City, MO. was buried in , 3151.

4467. Robert C Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 27 Apr 1849 in , MO. He died 18 Sep 1882 in , MO.

Robert married Sarah Smith. Sarah was born 1856 in <, Randolph Co, MO>.

S.P. May p.444 Lives in Rolling Home, Randolph co. MO

Robert and Sarah had the following children:

  7466 M i Squire Archibald Sears was born about 1878 in , Randolph Co, MO.

4471. Sarah Clark Howes (Thankful Sears , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 Feb 1823 in E Dennis, MA. She died 5 Nov 1883 in N Cambridge, MA.

Hist Barnst co p.575 d. date
DVR p 321 CONFLICT: d. Nov 4th 1883

Sarah married Nathan Sears, son of Edmund Jr Sears and Elizabeth "Betsy" Crowell, on 4 Jul 1844 in E Dennis, MA. Nathan was born 30 Aug 1821 in E Dennis, MA. He died 11 Jun 1904.

SPM p.391(No 1324) Nathan Sears is a prominent and wealthy citizen of E Dennis; a grocer and farmer.

DVR p 219 b., d.
!S.P. May handnotes Nathan Sears was born in the old family homestead, still
standing, which was built by his grandfather in the last century, and which is now the home of Henry H Sears, the great-grandson of the builder. The common school and the old Academy at East Dennis furnished the means for his education until he was fourteen years of age when he went to sea as cook. He served in various capacities in coasting and foreign voyages until 1852, when he retired.
The same year he went into the fishing and mercantile business as one of the
firm Kelly, Sears & Co., until 1875, when he assumed the care of his farm.
Mr Sears resides in his beautiful house, erected in 1848, in East Dennis,
within a stone's cast of the house in which he, as well as his father, was born.
He has found his time fully occupied with his varied business interests and
has therefore avoided the busy arena of politics. A republican in his
convictions, he has filled no other offices than such comparitively
unimportant ones as pertain to his immediate locality.
He renders material aid to the Wesleyan Methodist Church, and is open-handed in all public enterprises. In the evening of an industrious and varied life, he enjoys a competency amid the scenes of his childhood, and the confidence of all who know him.

HBarnst Co. p.575

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 478, Nathan Sears (1821-1904) became his (Stillman Kelley) partner in 1852, when they owned and operated a large fleet of fishing vessels operating from the dock which stretched out into the bay from the east side of Sesuet Harbor. In 1875 their business was purchased by Nathan's son, Henry Howes Sears(1845-1930) and his partner Paul F Sears who was the son of Capt Dean Sears.

Nathan and Sarah had the following children:

+ 7467 M i Henry Howes Sears is printed as #6240.
  7468 F ii Mary Sears is printed as #6241.
  7469 F iii Myra Howes Sears is printed as #6242.
+ 7470 F iv Chloe Crowell Sears is printed as #6243.
+ 7471 M v Nathan Crowell Sears is printed as #6244.
  7472 M vi Seth Sears is printed as #6245.
  7473 M vii Seth Sears is printed as #6246.
  7474 F viii Sadie Maud Sears is printed as #6247.

4472. Roland Howes (Thankful Sears , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 27 Oct 1827 in .

Roland married Harriet Newell Chapman.

They had the following children:

  7475 M i Isaiah Howes was born 5 Dec 1854.

S.P. may hand note
  7476 M ii Henry Roland Howes was born 6 Sep 1863. He died 22 Sep 1863.
  7477 M iii Charles Frederick Howes was born 13 Aug 1856. He died 3 Mar 1891.
  7478 F iv Henrietta May Howes was born 6 Sep 1863.

4474. Sarah Francis "Fannie" Sears (Roland , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 2 Apr 1839 in Dennis, Barnstable, MA. She died 10 May 1904 and was buried in Jamaica Plain, MA.

1793-1900; Plymouth, General Society of mayflower Descendants, 1993; pp 301;
Cape Cod Genealogical Society-ISBN 0-930270-26-6;Births and Deaths Early 1700s to date [page 337]

SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH-BURIAL: Letter from Richard Dennis Souther; 1839-1956; Letter dtd 27 Feb 1996; ;Buried: Mt Hope
Cemetery; Nickname "Fannie"

SPM No 1801

Sarah married William Henry Souther on 8 May 1861. William was born 24 Aug 1836 in Quincy, Norfolk co, MA. He died 15 Dec 1925 in Clifton, NJ and was buried in Jamaica Plain, MA.

S.P. May p.294 Is in gas-fixture business, Brooklyn, NY.
!SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH-BURIAL: Letter from Richard Dennis Souther; 1839-1956; Letter dtd 27 Feb 1996; ;Buried: Mt Hope

William and Sarah had the following children:

  7479 M i Henry Souther was born Jan 1863 in .
  7480 M ii George Hawley Souther was born 2 Jan 1864 in Boston, Suffolk co, MA. He died 9 Nov 1949 in Columbiaville, Columbia co, NY.

BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Richard Dennis Souther;
1839-1956; Letter dtd 27 Feb 1996; ;Richard did not list Henry as one of their
children. Maybe this is the same person as Henry?
  7481 M iii Maria Louisa Souther was born 2 Jan 1868 in .

BIRTH: Letter from Richard Dennis Souther; 1839-1956;
Letter dtd 27 Feb 1996; ;CONFLICT: shows b. 7 Jan 1869
  7482 F iv Harriet Fullerton Souther was born 4 Feb 1887 in . She died 16 Apr 1910 and was buried in Jamaica Plain, MA.

BIRTH-DEATH: Letter from Richard Dennis Souther;
1839-1956; Letter dtd 27 Feb 1996; ;buried: Mt Hope Cem

4476. Joseph Bainbridge Sears Capt (Roland , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 18 Apr 1842 in E Dennis, Barnstable, MA. He died in NY.

DVR p.337!S.P. May p.444 Capt Sears commands a stemaer in Line from NY to Para, South America, and resides in Brooklyn, NY

SPM No 1803

Joseph married Martha A Byam Mrs on 14 Jun 1873. Martha was born 1852 in , NY.

They had the following children:

  7483 M i Frederic Everett Sears was born 12 Jun 1881 in <, NY>. was buried in , 3153.

4478. George Fulton Sears (Roland , Joseph , Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 Feb 1847 in E Dennis, Barnstable, MA. He died in NY.

S.P. May p.444(No 1805) Is with Ellis Bros., wholesale dry-goods dealers, Boston.
!DVR p. 301, 337

George married Clara Whiton on 2 May 1872. Clara was born 13 Aug 1854 in Boston, MA.

They had the following children:

  7484 M i Louis Clifton Sears was born 26 Jan 1873 in Boston, MA.

SPM No 3154

See letter under Isaac B.[23]. Louis lived at 912 Fifth Ave, Ft Worth, TX in 1912. He mentions his two Mary's so he probably had a daughter named Mary?
        Louis married Mary. Mary was born 1877 in .

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