Descendants of Richard Sears

Eighth Generation


5829. Clark Osprey Sears (Stephen Griffith , Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 24 Jul 1836 in Chatham, CT. He died 31 Jan 1891 and was buried in , 2440.

S.P. May p.498 Mr Sears lives in E Hampton, CT; was Rep. to Leg. 1875-76, and appointed Postmaster, 1885. Hand notes show death date

Mayflower Index: 29,910 Clark O; spouse Charlotte J Fielding; father Stephen G

Clark married Charlotte Josephine Fielding, daughter of Frederic Fielding and Mary Buell Overton, on 8 Jun 1857. Charlotte was born 1836 in .

They had the following children:

  8837 F i Rosa Florilla Sears was born 4 Nov 1858 in . She died 10 Jan 1875 and was buried in , 3651.
+ 8838 F ii Mary Emily Sears
  8839 F iii Ida Josephine Sears was born 10 Dec 1861 in . was buried in , 3653.
  8840 F iv Lizzie Adelaide Sears was born 26 Jun 1863 in . was buried in , 3654.
  8841 F v Carrie Veazie Sears was born 8 Aug 1865 in . was buried in , 3655.

Mayflower Index: No. 29,905 Carrie V; spouse William B Hills; father Clark O
        Carrie married Living

5830. Cushman A Sears Dr (Stephen Griffith , Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 26 Sep 1838 in Chatham, CT. was buried in , 2441.

Mayflower Index: No 29,913 shows middle initial A.; father Stephen G; spouse Evelyn Lay

S.P. May p.499 Is a physician in Portland, CT

Cushman married Evelyn Lay on 11 Nov 1862 in Lyme, CT. Evelyn was born 1841 in .

They had the following children:

  8842 F i Annie Belle Sears was born 25 Nov 1864 in Glastenbury, CT. was buried in , 3656.

Mayflower Index: No 29,892; Anna B.; spouse William H Selden; father Cushman A
        Annie married William H Selden, son of William H Selden and Sarah Loper, on 9 Dec 1884. William was born 1860 in .

S.P. may p.499 a nephew of Chief Justice Waite. He is largely interested with
his father in mines at Stambaugh, MI, where he resides
  8843 M ii Walter C Sears was born 10 Jun 1868 in Portland, CT. was buried in , 3657.
  8844 F iii Bertha E Sears was born 22 Feb 1875 in Portland, CT. was buried in , 3658.

5832. Francis J Sears (Elijah Clark , Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 Sep 1827 in , CT. was buried in , 2443.

S.P. May p.499 Mr Sears was reared and educated in Orleans co., NY IN May
1846, the family removed to McHenry co., IL, and in 1850, he went to IN, and
taught school there several terms; in 1855, he opened a small grocery store iun
Rainsville, IN, removed in 1859, to Milford, IL, and in 1860, started a branch
store in Watseka, IL, doing a good business for 8 years, during which he was
Township Trustee, Supervisor and verseer of the county poor farm.
In 1860, he remnoved to Chicago, opened a wholesale drygoods and notions
store on Lake street, was burnt out in October 1871, and lost all the hard
earnings of 20 years.
He removed in 1872, to CLinton, IA, opened a retail drygoods store, and in
1874, to Rensselaer, IN, where he engaged in mercantile business; sold out and
took an interest in Commercial Bank of Oxford, IN, and is now Vice-President,
in full charge of the Citizen's Bank of Rensselaer, his present residence.

Francis married (1) Mary I Dewey on 1 Jan 1848 in Algonquin, IL. Mary was born 1827 in . She died 29 Jul 1850.

They had the following children:

  8845 F i Mary F Sears was born 1849 in Algonquin. was buried in , 3659.
        Mary married J S Arnold. J S Arnold was born 1845 in Watseka, IL.
  8846 ii Aukah A Sears was born Jun 1850 in . was buried in , 3660.

Francis also married (2) Martha Freeman on 3 Jul 1855. Martha was born 1834 in . She died 3 Dec 1870.

They had the following children:

  8847 M iii W E Sears was born Jul 1855 in Rainsville, IN. was buried in , 3661.

S.P. May p.499 lives Animas City, CO
        W E Sears married Lou. Wakefield in Animas City, CO. Lou. was born 1859 in .
  8848 M iv Charles G Sears was born Apr 1856 in Rainsville, IN. was buried in , 3662.

S.P. May p.499 lives Rensselaer, IN
        Charles married F G Thompson. F G Thompson was born 1860 in .
  8849 F v Hattie E Sears was born Jan 1868 in Milford, IL. was buried in , 3663.
  8850 F vi Sallie B Sears was born Feb 1870 in Watseka, IL. was buried in , 3664.

Francis also married (3) Arabella (Porcupile) Coats Mrs on 12 Aug 1872. Arabella was born 10 May 1853 in Rensselaer, IN.

S.P. May p.499 widow of John W Coats

Francis and Arabella had the following children:

  8851 F vii Annie E Sears was born 2 Feb 1879 in Rensselaer, IN. She died 21 Aug 1882 and was buried in , 3665.

5834. James Henry Sears (Elijah Clark , Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 23 Jul 1831 in Shelby, Orleans, NY. was buried in , 2445.

S.P. May p.500 Mr Sears was reared in Orleans county, NY, removed with his
parents to McHenry county, IL, lived for a time at Crystal Lake, P.O. Nunda,
and now lives in Jamestown, ND

James married Mary E Freeman, daughter of Benjamin Freeman and Cynthia A. Mary was born 11 Mar 1836 in Richmond, OH.

They had the following children:

  8852 F i Hattie A Sears was born 3 Dec 1860 in Crystal Lake, IL. was buried in , 3665ai.
  8853 M ii Frank Grant Sears was born 25 Jul 1864 in Crystal Lake, IL. was buried in , 3665aii.

S.P. May p.500 Is with Northrup, Braslan & Goodwin Co, Minneapolis, MN

5836. Amanda J Sears (Elijah Clark , Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 1 Jan 1837 in . was buried in , 2447.

Amanda married John Bayless Eaker. John was born 1833 in <, 2447>.

SPOUSE: Letter from Betty Lou Kennedy, Portland, OR, to Ray Sears; 1639-1994;
Letter dtd 19 Feb 1993; copy in poss of Ray Sears

John and Amanda had the following children:

+ 8854 F i Ida J Eaker

5838. Prescott A Sears (Selden Philo , Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 16 Oct 1846 in E Hampton, CT. was buried in , 2449.

S.P. May p.500 Lives in Elmwood, CT

Prescott married Julia Roberts on 12 Mar 1878. Julia was born 1857 in S Hadley, MA.

They had the following children:

  8855 M i Charles E Sears was born 16 Jul 1879 in . He died 8 Jan 1882 and was buried in , 3666.

5853. William H Richmond (Clarissa Bailey , Rachel Sears , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 23 Oct 1821 in Marlboro, CT.

S.P. May p.136 They also had 2 daus. d. inf. He resides at Scranton, PA, and
is Prest Elk Hill Coal and Iron Co., and Treas. Richmond Hill Farm, etc.

William married Lois R Morss on 1849. Lois was born 1828 in Windham, NY.

They had the following children:

  8856 F i Mary R Richmond was born 30 Jan 1855 in .
        Mary married Fred K Tracy on 6 Oct 1881. Fred was born 1851 in Mansfield, OH.
  8857 F ii Emeline K Richmond was born 7 Nov 1858 in .
  8858 F iii Clara Morss Richmond was born 16 Sep 1860 in .

5854. Harriet K Richmond (Clarissa Bailey , Rachel Sears , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 31 Dec 1823 in .

Harriet married George W Cheney.

S.P. May p.136 Lives S. Manchester, CT

George and Harriet had the following children:

  8859 M i Wells W Cheney was born 1862 in .
        Wells married Lucy Compton Street on 19 Apr 1887 in St Augustine, FL. Lucy was born 1866 in .
  8860 M ii Louis R Cheney was born 1865 in .
        Louis married Mary Alice Robinson on 16 Apr 1890. Mary was born 1869 in Hartford.
  8861 M iii Living

5857. Albert Wadsworth Richmond (Clarissa Bailey , Rachel Sears , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 30 Jun 1831 in . He died 25 Nov 1868.

Albert married Living

They had the following children:

  8862 F i Living

5858. John Dudley Sears (Elkanah , Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 2 Feb 1821 in Meredith, NY. was buried in , 2453.

S.P. May p.501 John Sears removed to OH in 1836; was admitted to the bar in
1844, and is an attorney at law, in Upper Sandusky, OH

John married Frances Eveline Manley on 5 Aug 1847. Frances was born 1826 in .

They had the following children:

+ 8863 F i Clara Sears

5859. Benjamin Sears (Elkanah , Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 11 Oct 1824 in Meredith, NY. He died 20 May 1917 in Bucyrus, Crawford, OH and was buried 22 May 1917 in Bucyrus, OH, 2454.

S.P. May p.501 Is a farmer in Bucyrus, OH

SPOUSE-CHILDREN-DEATH-BURIAL: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH;
1851-1955; Letter dtd 25 jan 1996; ;; Lynne shows m. 14 May
1851; BURIAL: Oakwood Cemetery #4174 Lot D2; died of heart attack ae 92;
Benjamin was a farmer, fruit grower, nurseryman and was a director of 1st
National Bank of Bucyrus. His hobby was horticulture.

John W Sears Archive: wrote for a Sears Medal

Mayflower Index: No. 29,900 Benjamin; spouse Melissa Merrick; father Elkanah

Benjamin married Melissa Mindea Minick, daughter of Thomas J Minick and Anna Smith, on 15 May 1851. Melissa was born 14 Feb 1830 in Gettysburg, PA. She died 20 Jan 1915.

S.P. May p.501 original surname spelling was Merrick
!BIRTH-MIDDLE NAME-FATHER: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955;
Letter dtd 25 jan 1996; ;; CONFLICT: Lynne shows spelling

BURIAL: Oakwood Cemetery Lot D2;

Benjamin and Melissa had the following children:

  8864 F i Anna Bigelow Sears was born 3 Apr 1852 in . She died 4 Dec 1895 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH and was buried in , 3668.

S.P. May p.501 a missionary to China
!DEATH: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955; Letter dtd 25
Jan 1996; ;; died of shock after an operation to remove a tumor

She was a missionary to Peking, China for 14 years. Before that she was a
teacher. She graduated Bucyrus HS in 1870 (Valedictorian) and Mt Union
College. BURIAL: Oakwood Cemetery #2257 Lot D2;
  8865 F ii Alice Melissa Sears was born 28 Dec 1853 in . She died 8 Apr 1948 and was buried in , 3669.

BIRTH-DEATH: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955; Letter dtd 25 Jan 1996; ;; Never married, graduated Bucyrus HS 1872. BURIED: Oakwood Cemetery #8399 Lot R4

Mayflower Index: No 29,885
  8866 F iii Minda Phelps Sears was born 6 Jun 1857 in . She died 31 Dec 1941 and was buried in , 3670.

S.P. May p.501 a stenographer in Cleveland, OH

RESIDENCES: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955; Letter
dtd 25 jan 1996; ;; lived in Santa Barbara, CA. Maybe Minda is her mother's middle name?

BURIED: #7426 Oakwood Cemetery Lot D2

Mayflower Index: No. 29,990 Mindia; father Benjamin
+ 8867 M iv Rufus Victor Sears
+ 8868 M v Francis Oscar "Frank" Sears
+ 8869 M vi Hiram Benjamin Sears
  8870 F vii Bertha Elmyra Sears was born 13 Sep 1869 in . She died 1953 and was buried in Bucyrus, Crawford, OH, 3674.

S.P. May originally spelled Almira

SPOUSE-RESIDENCE: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955;
Letter dtd 25 jan 1996; ;; lived Santa Clara, UT
Lived in Santa Clara, UT. Graduated Bucyrus HS 1887 (Valedictorian). Was a
teacher. BURIED: Oakwood Cemetery Lot R

Mayflower Index: No. 29,901 Bertha; spouse John W Dorrance; father Benjamin
        Bertha married Living
+ 8871 F viii Ruby Desire Sears
  8872 F ix Sears was born 1876 in .

No info, assume she died at birth

5861. Cyrus Sears Lt Col (Elkanah , Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 10 Mar 1832 in Meredith, NY. was buried in , 2456.

S.P. May p.501 Mr Sears studied law, but abandoned the profession for trade;
enlisted in 11th OH Battery in 1861; was commissioned 1st Lt, and later Lt Col 11th LA Vols (colored), and served until mustered out at the end of the war.
Is now in mercantile business at Fowler, Wyandotte co., OH

Deeds of Valor Vol 1, Ed:WF Beyer p.92: At Iuka (19 Sep 1862, Union forces
entrenched at Corinth on the Tennessee River)the Eleventh Ohio Battery
under my command made a most desperate fight, which was not only 'full measure, pressed down and overflowing,' but in which it lost, in kiled and wounded, over 52 percent of its entire force and over 88 percent of its combatants or cannoneers-or forty eight out of fifty-four men.
"The part taken by this battery in the field was in violation of orders.
When we reached a point just south of its battle ground-which was done under
pretty heavy fire from the enemy's artillery and infantry- I was ordered to
'form in battery' at a point designated, and await further orders. These
orders never came, but the enemy did, in force, sneaking up with their pieces
at 'cahrge bayonets,' in plain view and at easy canister range. Though just
then there was a comparitive lull in the enemy's firing, their bullets were
s-s-z-z-z-ipping among the battery with very uncomfortable freuency, and
occaisonally winging a two or four-footed victim. On the cahrging masses came, 150 or 200 yards. Still the battery was waiting for 'further orders,' every man at his post, toeing the mark, with everything 'ready' under fire.
"Of course, this wait was not actually long, though it seemed longer than the whole fight. Naturally, the boys grew uneasy, and chafed from seeing such splendid chances for the most beautiful pot-shot going to waste, and gave expression to views on the conduct of the war accordingly. For example, one sergeant said "By God, I guess we're going to let them gobble the whole damned shooting match before we strike a lick, if we don't mind and quickly too. A corporal replied, I guess we are obeying orders. I gave the order: "With canister, load, aim low, and give them hell as fast as you can!' And so the fight was on. Before the end it became evident that the position of the guns of this battery had become so much the bone of contention in that fight, that everything else, both flags, the Union and Confederacy, and even the 'damned nigger' were forgotten in that all-absorbing, handspike and ramrod, rough and tumble, devil-take-the-hindmost fight for those six guns. I was wounded, and after the battle was ordered home to Ohio for repairs. In recalling the fight, Lt Cyrus Sears quotes the following from the report of General Rosecrans: "The enemy's line of infantry now moved forward on the battery, coming up from the woods on our right on the Fifth Iowa, while a brigade showed itself on our left and attempted to cross the road toward Colonel Puiczel. The battle became furious. Our battery poured a deadly fire upon the enemy's column advancing up the road, while musketry concentrated upon it soon killed or wounded most of the horses. When within one hundred yards they received a volley from our entire line. The enemy penetrated the battery, were repulsed; again returned, were agan repulsed, and finally bore down upon it with a column of three regiments, this time carrying the battery. Many of the cannoneers were knocked out with ramrods and handspikes in the hands of the batterymen. Sands' Eleventh Ohio Battery, under Lt Sears, was served with unequaled bravery under circumstances of danger and exposure such as rarely, perhaps never, have fallen to the lot of a single battery during the war.

Medal of Honor Recipients 1863-1978, 14 Feb 1979; BNS News Service from CT
State Library; p 213 Date of Issue: 31 Dec 1892. Citation: Although severly
wounded, fought his battery until the cnanoneers and horses were nearly all
killed or wounded.

John W Sears Archive: he wrote for a Sears medal in 1902

Mayflower Index: No. 29,914 Cyrus; spouse Sarah A Harpster; father Elkanah

Cyrus married Sarah A Harpster on 27 May 1865. Sarah was born 1844 in .

They had the following children:

+ 8873 M i Horace Harpster Sears
  8874 F ii Eva Rachel Sears was born 25 Jul 1869 in . was buried in , 3677.

Mayflower Index: No. 29,960 Iva R; spouse Stephen D Fowler; father Cyrus
        Eva married Living
  8875 F iii Fany Eveline Sears was born 16 Feb 1872 in . was buried in , 3678.

Mayflower Index: No. 29,946 Frances E; spouse Charles H Lewis; father Cyrus- Fany Eveline must be Frances E
        Fany married Living
  8876 F iv Laura Jane Sears was born 3 Dec 1882 in . was buried in , 3679.

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