Descendants of Richard Sears

Seventh Generation


3224. Elijah Clark Sears (Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 23 Jun 1805 in Chatham, CT. was buried in , 1222.

S.P. may p. 363 Elijah Sears settled for a time in Orleans co., NY; removed
thence to Crystal Lake, McHenry co., IL; Post-office, Nunda; lived for time in
CLinton, IA, and later in Canton, Lincoln co., Dakota.

Elijah married Ann B Hills on 24 Dec 1826. Ann was born 1808 in <, CT>. She died before 1875 in Crystal Lake, IL.

They had the following children:

+ 5832 M i Francis J Sears
  5833 F ii Caroline Sears was born 24 Sep 1829 in <, CT>. was buried in , 2444.
        Caroline married William M Shields. William was born 1825 in <, 2444>.
+ 5834 M iii James Henry Sears
  5835 M iv John L Sears was born 24 Nov 1834 in . was buried in , 2446.
        John married Ellen D Goodrich. Ellen was born 1838 in <, 2446>.
+ 5836 F v Amanda J Sears
  5837 F vi Mary A Sears was born Jun 1843 in . was buried in , 2448.
        Mary married J Bannister. J Bannister was born 1839 in <, 2448>.

3225. Selden Philo Sears (Willard , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 21 Jul 1813 in Chatham, CT. He died 10 Jan 1900 and was buried in , 1223.

S.P. May p363 Selden Sears lives in Elmwood, West Hartford, CT. S.P. May hand-
notes died 10 Jan 1900

Selden married Eveline Dickinson on 29 Nov 1843. Eveline was born 6 May 1813 in Marlboro, CT.

They had the following children:

+ 5838 M i Prescott A Sears
  5839 M ii Newman E Sears was born 16 Sep 1848 in E Hampton, CT. was buried in , 2450.

S.P. May p.363 Lives in Elmwood, CT
        Newman married Florence A Smith, daughter of Henry Smith and Helen Niles, on 19 Oct 1884. Florence was born 1863 in .
  5840 F iii Alida A Sears was born 2 Jun 1852 in E Hampton, CT. She died 2 Feb 1877 and was buried in , 2451.

S.P. May p.363 Grad. Hartford H.S., 1872
  5841 M iv David Edward Sears was born 23 May 1854 in E Hampton, CT. He died 23 Feb 1879 and was buried in , 2452.

3226. Lucy Bailey (Ruth Sears , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born about 1785/1786 and was christened May 1794 in Chatham, CT. She died 1862 in , MI.

Christened the day the family joined the church

Lucy married Jonathan Brainard on 24 Dec 1806 in Prob Chatham, Middlesex co, CT. Jonathan was born 24 Nov 1784 in Middle Haddam, CT.

They had the following children:

  5842 F i Hope Smith Brainard was born 1807 in . She died 1877.

Lived at Millington, MI
  5843 M ii John Parsons Brainard was born 1808 in . He died in Niagra Falls, Unm., NY.
  5844 M iii Harley Osbond Brainard was born 1810 in . He died in Drowned, Lake Erie.
  5845 F iv Matilda Brainard was born 22 Jan 1812 in .
  5846 F v Olivia "Leva" Brainard was born 13 Sep 1813 in . She died 1894.
  5847 F vi Mary Melvina Brainard was born 13 May 1815 in .
  5848 F vii Clarissa Brainard was born 1817 in . She died after 1880.
  5849 F viii Esther Maria Brainard was born 1819 in .
  5850 M ix Amasa Fielding Brainard was born 1821 in . He died 31 Jul 1891.
  5851 M x Charles Brainard was born 1823 in .
  5852 F xi Sally Ann Brainard was born 1825 in .

3238. Clarissa Bailey (Rachel Sears , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 19 Apr 1800 in . She died 26 Oct 1834.

Clarissa married William Wadsworth Richmond, son of John Richmond Dr and Prudence Wadsworth. William was born 27 Oct 1797 in .

They had the following children:

+ 5853 M i William H Richmond
+ 5854 F ii Harriet K Richmond
  5855 F iii Emily F Richmond was born 17 Nov 1826 in . She died Jan 1858.
  5856 F iv Frances A Richmond was born 1 May 1828 in . She died 6 Jul 1857.
        Frances married Living
+ 5857 M v Albert Wadsworth Richmond

3240. Elkanah Sears (Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 22 Jun 1795 in New Durham, NY. He died 15 Nov 1886 in E Rockport, OH and was buried in Bucyrus, Crawford, OH.

S.P. May p.364 Elkanah Sears removed with his father in 1798 from New Durham, Greene co., to Meredith, Delaware co., NY, and was married at Franklin, in the same county, to Desiar Phelps, and settled on a hillfarm in Meredith, where all his children were born.
He was bred a farmer, and followed that vocationuntil prevented by failing
health, and the infirmities of old age.
In 1836 he removed with his family to Ohio, and settled on a farm near Bucyrus removing later to Bucyrus, where he lived many years.
After the death of his wife in 1872, he went to the home of his only daughter, Mrs Nicholson, with whom he has ever since lived, and under whose roof he died.
His life was quiet and uneventful; he tried to do his duty, and lived and died an honest man.
His death was caused by falling from a verandah to which he went every
pleasant day to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and the beautiful outlook over Lake Erie and the adjacent shore.
After dinner he was helped from his chair, and made his way to his favorite
resort. He had been out but a few minutes when it was noticed that he was not in his usual place.
Search was at once made, and he was found lying on the ground, to which he had fallen over the railing, a distance of about twelve feet. He never spoke and breathed only a few times before death came to his relief.
He was as well as usual, so far as known, and his vital organs were apparently almost unimpaired.
It is probable he slipped or stumbled while leaning over the railing, and was unable to save himself, owing to the crippled condition of his limbs.

BURIAL: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955; Letter dtd 25 Jan 1996; ;; ; BURIAL: Oakwood Cemetery Lot D2;

Mayflower Index: No. 29,939 Elkanah; spouse Desiar Phelps; father Benjamin

Elkanah married Desiar Phelps, daughter of Obadiah Phelps and Arminda Phelps, on 21 Mar 1820 in Franklin, NY. Desiar was born 12 Sep 1794 in Hebron, CT. She died 21 Sep 1872 and was buried in Bucyrus, Crawford, OH, 2337.

BURIAL: Email from Lynne Sears, Jeromesville, OH; 1851-1955; Letter dtd 25 jan
1996; ;; ; BURIAL: Oakwood Cemetery Lot D2;

Elkanah and Desiar had the following children:

+ 5858 M i John Dudley Sears
+ 5859 M ii Benjamin Sears
  5860 F iii Arminda Sears was born 29 Feb 1828 in Meredith, NY. was buried in , 2455.

S.P. May p.363 Original spelling showed Amanda but his hand notes corrected
the name to Arminda
        Arminda married Lewis Nicholson on 1 Sep 1872. Lewis was born 1824 in E Rockport, OH.
+ 5861 M iv Cyrus Sears Lt Col

3241. John Sears Rev. (Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 20 Apr 1797 in New Durham, NY. He died 14 Nov 1856 in Lake Zurich, IL.

SPM p.365(No 1225) John Sears was educated in NY city; ordained to the Baptist ministry in 1822, and appointed a missionary to the Indians by the Baptist B. of M.(Board of Missions), 17 Jan 1821, the appointment being confirmed by Gov. Lewis Cass of Michigan, under army regulations, 16 Jul 1822, and his salary fixed at $400.
He was appointed to teach the Ottawas, and with his wife arrived at Fort Wayne IN 1 Aug 1822, his father, Rev Benj. Sears, and his brother, Benj. Sears, Jr., a lay minister of the Baptist church, arriving the next day.
Articles of religion were at once f=drawn up, and on 3 Aug 1822, the first
Baptist Church at Fort Wayne was organiuzed.
The Rev Corbly Martin of Staunton, OH, preached on the occaison, and the Rev. Elder Benj. Sears gave the right hand of fellowship.
The members of the first Baptist Church at Fort Wayne, who signed the articles and thus became the founders of the church there, were, Isaac McCoy, Christiana McCoy, Giles Jackson, Mary Jackson, John Sears, Mary Sears, Johnston Lykins, Benjamin Sears, Jr., misionaries; and one woman of the Delaware tribe, one woman of the Miami tribe , and one black man.
Affliction, disappointment and bereavement soon followed Mr. Sears. His
father died at Delaware, OH, on returning home to New York. His wife was
attacked with sickness peculiar to the country and the season.
His brother Benjamin having labored in the mission but twenty-three days, was taken down, and after a protracted spell of typhus fever, died on the third day of November.
Rev John Sears and his wife left the mission soon afterward - 26 Nov 1822.
He was settled at Franklin, NY, from 1823 to 1827; at Ithaca, NY, from 1828 to 1830; Mecklenburg, NY, from 1832 to 1842; and at Newfield, NY, from 1843 to 1845 In 1846 he removed to Lake Zurich, IL, where he settled on a farm, which remained his home till his death in 1856.

John married Mary Ann Slater on May 1822. Mary was born about 1798 in Rhinebeck, NY. She died 2 Jul 1871 in Detroit, MI.

They had the following children:

+ 5862 F i Eliza Octavia Sears
+ 5863 F ii Mary Olivia Sears
+ 5864 F iii Ann Elizabeth Sears
+ 5865 M iv John James Sears Capt
+ 5866 F v Lucy Caroline Sears
+ 5867 F vi Sarah Louise Sears
+ 5868 F vii Harriet Slater Sears
+ 5869 M viii Asa Bigelow Sears

3243. David Sears (Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 17 Jul 1803 in Meredith, NY. He died 15 Apr 1870 in Maquoteka, IA and was buried in , 1227.

S.P. May p.366 David Sears removed to Franklin, NY, and thence to Warren, PA
and Covington, KY. For many years previous to his death, he lived at Maquoteka,
Jackson co, IA.
He was a farmer, merchant and mill-owner.

David married Marcia Wheal. Marcia was born 1808 in .

They had the following children:

  5870 F i Susan Sears was born 3 May 1830 in Unm.. was buried in , 2465.
  5871 M ii George Sears was born 7 Aug 1832 in Unm.. was buried in , 2466.
+ 5872 M iii William Sears
+ 5873 M iv Benjamin C Sears

3244. Orin Sears Dea. (Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 12 Dec 1805 in Meredith, NY. He died 14 Jan 1886 in Near Mecklenburg, NY and was buried in , 1228.

S.P. May p.367 Dea. Sears lived for a time in Franklin, and later in
Mecklenburg, NY, on his own farm, with his children settled near him.
He was converted in 1828, and baptized by Rev. Washingotn Kingsley.
In 1832, he removed to Mecklenburg, and united with the Baptist church in that
He was a faithful and efficient worker in the cause of the Master, though for
twenty-five years deafness deprived him of the blessing of the spoken word.
His end was peaceful.

Orin married Jennette Mitchell on 7 Feb 1828. Jennette was born 1807 in .

They had the following children:

  5874 F i Jane Sears was born 13 Jul 1829 in Unm.. was buried in , 2469.
+ 5875 M ii Isaac Bigelow Sears
+ 5876 M iii Preston Sears
  5877 F iv Eliza Sears was born 12 Aug 1837 in . She died 17 Jan 1839 and was buried in , 2472.
+ 5878 F v Anne Sears
+ 5879 F vi Sarah Sears
  5880 F vii Ruth M Sears was born 2 Mar 1849 in . was buried in , 2475.
        Ruth married Charles L Duryea on 1 Feb 1871. Charles was born 1845 in <, 2475>.

3246. Hiram Sears (Benjamin , Elkanah , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 25 May 1811 in Meredith, NY. He died 31 Jan 1864 in Meredith, NY and was buried in , 1230.

Hiram married (1) Phidelia Tuttle on 13 Nov 1834. Phidelia was born 1813 in . She died 12 Aug 1843.

They had the following children:

+ 5881 F i Angeline Sears
+ 5882 M ii Rufus A Sears

Hiram also married (2) Elizabeth Frisbie on 26 Apr 1844. Elizabeth was born 1823 in .

They had the following children:

  5883 M iii Hiram Sears was born 1845 in . He died in Ae 15 and was buried in , 2478.
+ 5884 F iv Sarah Elizabeth Sears
  5885 F v Phidelia Sears was born 1849 in Meredith, NY. was buried in , 2480.

S.P. may p.367 Lives in Jewett City, CT
        Phidelia married Living
+ 5886 M vi Millard Durham Sears

3249. Mary Sears (David , Joshua , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 1790 in Sandisfield, MA. was buried in , 1233.

Mary married (1) Living

They had the following children:

  5887 F i Living
  5888 F ii Living

Mary also married (2) Living

3253. Sarah Sears (Daniel , Joshua , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 12 Jan 1794 in Sandisfield, MA. was buried in , 1237.

S.P. May p.228 Mrs Baldwin lives in gates Mills, Cuyahoga co., OH, with her gr-
children; address, care Albert Shepard

Sarah married Baldwin. Baldwin was born 1790 in Goshen, CT.

They had the following children:

  5889 M i Baldwin was born 1816 in .

S.P. May p.227 Son, murdered by Indians in California

S.P. May p.227 Son, went South, and entered into partnership with Jason Sears;
was a soldier in the Confederate army, where he lost his health, and died of
  5890 F ii Laura Baldwin was born 1818 in .

S.P. May p.227 Rem. to OH, where both she and husband died; had five children,
one of whom is a practicing physician in Westfield, MA.
        Laura married Living

3255. Jason Sears (Daniel , Joshua , Joshua , Paul , Paul , Richard ) was born 29 Feb 1803 in Sandisfield, MA. was buried in , 1239.

S.P.May p.368 Jason Sears was a merchant in Alabama; married a southern lady,
by whom he became the owner of several slaves; accumulated considerable property
but lost largely by the Rebellion.

He had the following children:

  5891 M i Albert Sears was born 1829 in . was buried in , 2482.
  5892 M ii Timothy Sears was born 1831 in . was buried in , 2483.

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