Descendants of Richard Sears

Fifth Generation


265. Mary Freeman (Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 27 Mar 1721 in <"gemini">.

Mary married Joshua Doane, son of Joseph Doane and Mary Godfrey. Joshua was born 4 Dec 1709 in Eastham.

They had the following children:

  1092 F i Tamzin Doane was born 16 Sep 1738 in .
  1093 M ii Joshua Doane was born 3 Jan 1739/1740 in .
  1094 F iii Kezia Doane was born 11 Apr 1742 in .
  1095 M iv Heman Doane was born 11 Jan 1743/1744 in .
  1096 F v Eunice Doane was born 12 Apr 1746 in .
  1097 M vi Seth Doane was born 12 Apr 1748 in .
  1098 M vii Joseph Doane was born 27 Jun 1750 in .
  1099 F viii Mary Doane was born 25 Jan 1752 in .
  1100 ix Azariah Doane was born 16 Jun 1754 in .
+ 1101 F x Polly Doane

266. Mercy Freeman (Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 8 May 1722 in <"gemini">. She died 14 Aug 1753/1754.

Mercy married Daniel Freeman on 9 Jan 1739/1740. Daniel was born 30 Dec 1717 in . He died 1 Oct 1748.

They had the following children:

  1102 F i Sarah Freeman was born 14 Nov 1740 in .

Sarah Freeman, Jr (was mother also Sarah??)
        Sarah married Chillingsworth Jr Foster, son of Chillingsworth Foster and Mercy Winslow, on 15 Nov 1759. Chillingsworth was born 17 Jul 1737.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
  1103 M ii Daniel Freeman was born 5 May 1743. He died in Prob Died Young.
  1104 F iii Hannah Freeman was born 23 Feb 1744 in .
        Hannah married Benjamin Pepper on 28 Oct 1765.

267. Abigail Freeman (Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 6 Jun 1723 in <"gemini">.

Abigail married Elisha Atwood, son of Joseph Atwood and Bethia Crowell, on 1751. Elisha was born 1719.

They had the following children:

  1105 M i David Atwood is printed as #930.
  1106 M ii Elisha Atwood is printed as #931.
  1107 iii Bangs Atwood is printed as #932.
  1108 M iv Freeman Atwood is printed as #933.
  1109 M v Gideon Atwood is printed as #934.
  1110 F vi Abigail Atwood is printed as #935.

268. Joseph Freeman (Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 26 Jan 1724/1725 in <"gemini">. He died 1778.

Joseph married Phebe Paine, daughter of Richard Paine, on 16 Feb 1748. Phebe died 1812.

They had the following children:

  1111 M i Nathaniel Freeman was born 18 Nov 1749 in . He died in Prob Died Young.
  1112 M ii Joseph Freeman was born 16 May 1751 in .
        Joseph married Susannah Lombard on 7 Apr 1774. Susannah was born 1753 in Truro.
  1113 M iii John Freeman was born 3 Mar 1758 in .
  1114 M iv Josiah Freeman was born 24 Jul 1761 in .
        Josiah married Phebe Higgins on 1786.
  1115 M v Nathaniel Freeman was born 7 Apr 1764 in .
  1116 M vi Thomas Freeman was born 7 Dec 1767 in .
        Thomas married Phebe Hopkins on Mar 1798.
  1117 F vii Mary Freeman was born 7 Mar 1770 in . She died in Unmarried, Aged.

269. Gideon Freeman (Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 3 May 1726 in <"gemini">. He died 4 Nov 1807.

Gideon married Hannah Freeman, daughter of Samuel Freeman Capt and Elizabeth Sparrow, on 25 Feb 1747/1748. Hannah was born 1688 in . She died 15 Aug 1795.

They had the following children:

  1118 F i Mercy Freeman was born 22 Jan 1748/1749 in . She died in Hyannis, Unmarried, Aged.
  1119 F ii Rebecca Freeman was born 8 Nov 1750 in .
        Rebecca married Simeon Esq Kingman on 15 Oct 1778.
  1120 F iii Betty Freeman was born 24 Sep 1753 in .

S.P. May hand note dau of Gideon & Hannah Freeman
        Betty married Jonathan Bascom Rev. on 10 Feb 1785.

S.P. May same Rev Bascom who married David and Phebe
  1121 F iv Mary Freeman was born 28 Mar 1757 in .
        Mary married Stephen Hall on 19 Mar 1776. Stephen was born 1753 in Sandwich.
  1122 F v Sarah Freeman was born 31 May 1760 in . She died 25 Dec 1760.
  1123 F vi Sarah Freeman was born 30 Nov 1761 in . She died 18 Jul 1795 in Unmarried.
  1124 F vii Hannah Freeman was born 9 Jun 1765 in .
        Hannah married Allen Bourne on 13 Nov 1788. Allen was born 1761 in Sandwich.

272. Eunice Freeman (Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1 May 1730 in "gemini".

Eunice married Isaac Jr Foster on 10 Jun 1762. Isaac was born 1726 in <"gemini">.

They had the following children:

  1125 M i Samuel Foster was born 15 Aug 1765 in <"gemini">.
  1126 F ii Eunice Foster was born Aug 1769 in <"gemini">.
  1127 M iii Isaac Foster was born 23 Oct 1770 in <"gemini">. He died 4 Jan 1855.
        Isaac married Living
  1128 M iv Benjamin Foster was born 27 Sep 1772 in <"gemini">.
  1129 M v Samuel Foster was born 26 Feb 1775 in <"gemini">.
        Samuel married Living
  1130 F vi Sarah Foster was born 26 May 1777 in <"gemini">.
        Sarah married Living

277. Jonathan Sears (Jonathan , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 9 Sep 1725 in Harwich, MA. He died 16 Dec 1752 and was buried in Ancient Cemetery, W Brewster.

S.P. May p. 111 Joanthan Sears of Harwich, mariner, made his will Mar 28, 1752, "Being then very sick;" wife Priscilla and bro. Joseph, Exrs; mentions children but not by name.
The inventory was filed Feb 6, 1753, and amounts to L 128 123 0.
Nov 23, 1757, John Sears was appointed guardian of Jona. and Elizh. For
mention of his wife's will, see no. 47.

Mayflower Index: No 29,964 Jonathan; spouse Priscilla Sears; parent No. 17,119

Jonathan married Priscilla Sears, daughter of Seth Sears and Priscilla Ryder, on 29 Jun 1749 in Harwich, MA. Priscilla was born 31 Dec 1730 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA and was christened 3 Jan 1730/1731 in E Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. She died 12 Apr 1819 and was buried in Ancient Sears Cemetery, W Brewster, MA.

S P May, p 78, No 153, b., bap., m., d.

Gravestone - No 22
In Memory of
Wife of
who died April 12th 1819
AEt 89.

DVR p 7 Priscillah his wife

Jonathan and Priscilla had the following children:

+ 1131 M i Jonathan Sears Sergt.
+ 1132 F ii Elizabeth Sears

283. Prince Sears (Jonathan , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1735 in Harwich. He died 25 Feb 1829 and was buried in Ancient Cemetery, W Brewster, MA, 119.

S.P. May p.111 Elizh., wife of Prince Sears, was admitted to full communion
in Ch., Har., July 12, 1760. Mar. 21, 1786, Prince Sears, Pound-keeper.
His will, dated Brewster, 1829, names wife Betsy, son Joseph, and grand-
children, Ezra Sears and Rebecca Gray.
Joseph was appointed Execr.

Prince married Betsy Hall, daughter of Joseph Jr Hall Dea and Rebecca Sears, on 17 Jun 1758. Betsy was born 16 May 1738 in . She died 1 Jul 1818 and was buried in Ancient Cemetery, W Brewster, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 1133 F i Sarah Sears
+ 1134 M ii Joseph Sears

287. Joshua Sears (Joshua , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 May 1724 in Harwich and was christened 24 May 1724. was buried in , 122.

S.P. May p.112 The names of the first three children are given upon the auth-
ority of H.G. Somersby's manuscript collections, re. Sears. The fourth is
ascribed by family tradition to a bro. of Col. Isaac Sears, and was probably
a son of Joshua, and I have so placed him subject to correction.
Joshua Sears is said to have removed to North Salem, Westchester Co, NY and
some data of his family may be found in the records or churchyards of that
place. I find nothing in the County Surrogate's office relative to his estate.

Joshua married Rachel Marvin, daughter of John Marvin and Rachel St John. Rachel was born 27 Mar 1728/1729 in Norwalk, CT.

They had the following children:

  1135 M i Enoch Sears was born 1751 in <, CT>. was buried in , 387.

S.P. May p.112 Sergeant, NY Mil.
  1136 M ii Isaac M Sears was born 1753 in <, CT>. was buried in , 388.
  1137 F iii Hannah Sears was born 1755 in <, CT>. was buried in , 389.
+ 1138 M iv Joshua Sears

288. Nathaniel Sears (Joshua , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was christened 20 Mar 1726 in Harwich. He died 19 Dec 1752 in Norwalk, CT and was buried in gr-st, 123.

S.P. May p.113 Nathaniel Sears removed to Norwalk, CT with his parents;
married and died there.
He was buried in Pine Island Cemetery, near his father's grave, a nameless
mound between them, being probably that of his mother.
23 Jan 1753, Ruth Sears and Josiah Sears were appointed admrs; and Ruth
Sears, guardian to Nathaniel and Thatcher Sears, minors.
The inventory, dated 8 Jan 1753, was approved 3 Apr 1753, above L2000. 1 Apr
1765, Nathaniel Sears made choice of Ebenezer Church as guardian.
The estate of Thatcher Sears, confiscated during the Revn, passed into the
Church family.
(Ebenezer Church's first wife was Susannah Fitch, to whom he m. Jan 1746;
she d. 7 Oct 1747, leaving 2 chil., etc.)

Nathaniel married Ruth Raymond, daughter of Samuel Raymond, Jr and Mary Kitts, on 1751 in Norwalk, CT. Ruth was born 1730 in .

They had the following children:

  1139 M i Nathaniel Sears was born before 1753 in . He died about 1785 in West Indies and was buried in , 391.

S.P. May p.112 Nathaniel, a minor in 1765. His estate was adm. upon 20 Dec
Ruth Church, Ebenr Church, Sarah Perry, Thatcher Sears, Josiah Church, John
Church, Isaac Church, Esther Church, Betsy Church and Ruth Betts were interested
therein. It appears by a deed that he was living in the W.I. in 1774.
+ 1140 M ii Thatcher Sears

290. Isaac Sears Col (Joshua , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born about 1 Jul 1730 in W Brewster, MA and was christened 12 Jul 1730 in Harwich, MA. He died 28 Oct 1786 in Canton, China and was buried in , 125.

S.P. May p115 It is singular that so little is known of the family of a man
so prominent during a long period as was Col Isaac Sears.
He had eleven children; his son-in-law, Paschal N. Smith, was also one of a
family of eleven; and Hester Sears Smith, his wife, it is said was the last
survivor of twenty-two.
The first eight children are, I think, correctly given, though the order,
perhaps should be changed.
Many of the records of New York and Trinity Church were destroyed by fire,
and I find no will or administration recorded in the Surrogate's office.
Papers of the day speak of the daughters of "King Sears" as "beautiful and
accomplished, and dispensing the hospitalities of their father's house like
John Q Adams writes to his sister, Mrs. Wm. S. Smith, in 1785, giving an
account of a dinner with Gen. Knox, Sec. of War, and mentions as among the
guests, "Miss Sears," and says: "Miss Sears has been ill, and looks pale; but
she is very pretty, and has the reputation of being witty and sharp. I am sure
she does not look mechante."
Among the distinguished names in Mrs. John Jay's invitation lists, we find
"Mr. Sears and family."
In reply to an inquiry of mine, Mr. Stevens, then editor of the "Magazine of
American History," printed the following account, derived from papers in the
archives of the Chamber of Commerce, NY:
" Isaac Sears was on eof the most prominent figures in the stirring scenes
enacted in America during the latter half of the last century.
His profession as Captain of a peaceful trader being broken up by the French
war, he entered at once into privateering.
In 1757, he took out the dogger 'Decoy,' of 6 guns, and later the sloop of
war 'Catherine;' but but most of his daring exploits were while in charge of the
sloop 'Belle Isle,' of 14 guns, owned by John Schermerhorn & Co., New York
merchants, which put to sea in 1759.
In September he fell in with a large French sloop of 24 guns and 80 men, and
attacked her without hesitation.
He was twice disabled, and forced to withdraw to refit, the third time he
grappled the Frenchman, and a long contest took place, but the grapplings
giving way, the Frenchman sheered off, with 9 men killed and 20 wounded. A gale
springing up, separated the vessels.
In 1761, he was shipwrecked on Sable Island, and with difficulty saved the
lives of himself and crew.
The prestige of these exploits gave him a great moral ascendancy over his
fellow-citizens, and he seems to have fairly won over the title of 'King', which
was given to him.
In the resistance to the Stamp Act, and the daily struggles which took place
about the Liberty Pole, Sears was always in the front ranks, and exposed himself
without hesitation.
A complete sketch of his life would make a history of this stormy period, for
there is hardly an event connected with it, in which he does not appear.
Fresneau, in his political squib against Gaines, the trimming editor of the
'New York Mercury,' gives an amusing account of him:
' At this time there arose, a certain 'King Sears,'
Who made it his duty, to banish our fears,
He was, without doubt, a person of merit,
Great knowledge, some wit, and abundance of spirit,
Could talk like a lawyer, and that without fee,
And threaten'd perdition, to all that drank Tea.'
He was one of the Com. of Correspondence of Fifty-one in 1774, and clung
steadfastly to his old friend McDougal, in the division of that body. He was
also one of the Com. of One Hundred, chosen by the citizens in 1775, and with
four others, was appointed to superintend the fortifying of West Point.
Was a memebr of the New York Provincial Congress, and of the Assembly in 1783,
and in 1776, was appointed by Gen Charles Lee, Dep. Adj-Gen., with rank of Lieut
He was known from one end of America to the other as a daring 'Son of Liberty'
When John Hancock passed through New York in May, 1775, he lodged with Mr.
Sears at his residence, No. 1 Broadway, afterward Sir Henry Clinton's
In a letter to Dorothy Quincy, dated New York, 17 May 1775, he writes 'sat
down to supper of fried oysters, and at 11 o'clock went to Capt. Sears (the
King here), and lodged.'
In the autumn of that year, Sears entered the city at noonday, with a company
of CT Light Horse, and destroyed the Tory press of Rivington, which had made
itself obnoxious to the Whigs.
Before the war he was engaged in a small European and West India importing
business, which does not appear to have been very successful, as he accepted the
office of INspector of Pot and Pearl Ashes, which he held until 1772, when he
was removed upon the false charge of neglecting duty, which made to punish him
for his prominence in the public censure of the Assembly, although warmly
espoused by George Clinton, Philip Schuyler and Nath. Woodhull.
During the war he was engaged in some business in Boston, and made a partner-
ship with his son-in-law, Paschal N Smith, who appears at an earlier time as
captain of an eastern trader. (In New York Directory for 1786, we find Sears &
Smith, Merchants, 62 Water street.')
This business was not successful, the firm failing in 1784-5, and Mr. Sears
resumed his voyages. 4 Feb 1786, he sailed with one of his sons for Batavia and
Canton, in ship 'Hope,' Capt James Magee (who had commanded the privateer 'Gen
Arnold,' belonging to Col Isaac Sears and others, which was wrecked in Plymouth
bay, Christmas, 1778, when most of the crew were frozen to death), in company
with Mr Samuel Shaw, First American Consul at Canton, and Capt Thomas Randall,
Vice-Consul, Canton, was taken with a fever at Batavia, from which he was re-
covering, when a flux set in, from which he died 28 Oct 1786, and was buried on
French Island, Canton harbor; a monument with a suitable inscription was erected
over his grave. His son returned to the United States, and was at St Eustatius,
W.I. in 1792 and connected in business with his bro-in-law Peregrine Bourdieu of
Dominica, W.I.
His son Isaac died at Washington, D.C. Feb 1795.
Capt Sears was a member of the Corporation of Trinity Church, NY, and was
chosen vestryman, 17 Apr 1784, serving until 6 Apr 1786, when he resigned and
sailed for China.
Isaac Sears was at Cambridge with Washington, and at the evacuation of Boston
took up his residence on Tremont street, opposite the north end of the chapel
burying-ground, in the mansion of Gov Phillips.
He purchased the Com. Loring house, now known as the "Greenough Place," at
Jamaica Plain, near Boston, upon its confiscation by the State, and Drake says
lived there for a time.
During his residence in Boston he engaged in fitting out privateers. He was
frequently apptd on committees from 1777 to 1782.
Isaac Sears was "a thorn in the flesh" of the Tories of New York and their
sympathizers, and no man of the period was more vilified.
Various historians of New York have followed the example, and no epithet was
too strong to apply to him by some of them.
He was no doubt a rough and uncultured seaman by education, but of sterling
character and honesty.
His manners acquired on the quarter-deck, and prompt methods of action, did
not at all suit the timid and wavering, any more than they did the pronounced
Tories or Loyalists.
Maj Samuel Shaw, our first American Consul to China, in his diary, which has
been published, speaks in terms of praise of Col Sears, his fellow passenger
on the outward voyage. "To give his character in few words, he was an honest
man, an agreeable aquaintance and a warm friend," and there is nothing like a
long sea-voyage to bring out the idiosyncrasies of a man.
Many of his letters are preserved in the archives of New York and Conneticutt,
and give a very fair insight into his character and principles.


NEWSPAPERS-The New York Mercury;1763-74;Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc, 1982;
pp 116, 135; Southeast NY Public Library; On p 116 referred to as Capt Isaac
Sears. On page 135 -Noke, Negro slave, age c. 16 - runaway from the estate of
John Schermerhorne, dec'd reward for his capture offered by execs., Luke Van
Ranst, Isaac Sears, Jeremiah Brower and Lawrence Kortright (11/21) 1768.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index, 2d ed, Gale Research, ISBN 0-8103-1094-5,
p140; 1729-1786: ApCAB, Drake, NatCAB 1, TwCBDA
1730-1786: DcAmB, WebAB, WhAm HS

History of Cape Cod, Kittredge, p 407, footnote 3, Capt Isaac Sears, who had commanded a privateer, put himself at the head of the disaffected, with "Hurrah! my boys, we will have the stamps!" and he was as good as his word -- they were seized and committed to the flames. The governor dared not resist. Sears was then placed by the people at the head of the committee for general safety.
p. 419 Capt Isaac Sears, afterwards known as "Col. Sears", descended from the Yarmouth family, again stood forth in New York as the champion for liberty, now in support of Boston.

Isaac married Sarah Drake, daughter of Jasper Drake and Esther, on 22 Jan 1752 in Trinity Church, New York. Sarah died 23 Oct 1806 in Jamaica, Long Island, NY.

DEATH: Index of marriages and deaths in NY Weekly, 1788-1817
Sears, Mrs Sarah, wife of Isaac died on Thurs last at Jamaica, LI (25 Oct
1806); NYPL Genealogy Section

Isaac and Sarah had the following children:

+ 1141 F i Hester Sears
  1142 M ii Sears was born 1759 in . He died 20 Jul 1766 in Beekman Slip, NY.

S.P. May p.113 Death due to drowning
YORK NEWSPAPERS-The New York Mercury;1763-74;Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc,
1982;p 116; Southeast NY Public Library; Sears, capt Isaac, of NYC, 7 year old
son of - drowned "Sunday week last" near Beekman's Slip (6/30)1766. CONFLICT-
May's death date must be wrong as the newspaper article was dated June.
  1143 F iii Mary Sears was born 1761 in . was buried in , 397.

MARRIAGE: NEW YORK MARRIAGES; 1666-1784; GPC, Inc, 1984; p 345; Brewster, NY
Public Library; 1778. June 15. Sears, Mary, and Thomas Hamilton, Record
M.B., Vol XXV, p 102.

MARRIAGE: Records of Trinity Church (NYC) which was chartered 6 May 1697. p 68,
Mary Sears & Thomas Hamilton m. by Rev B Moore; NYPL
        Mary married Thomas Hamilton on 15 Jun 1778 in Trinity Church, Lic. Ny. Thomas was born 1753 in .

Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the
Province of NY previous to 1784, Weed, Parsons and Co, 1860, Albany; BNS News
Service in CT State Library, p.44; 15 Jun 1778; Record M.B.; Vol XXV, p 102
  1144 M iv John Sears was born 1763 in . was buried in , 398.

MARRIAGE: NEW YORK MARRIAGES; 1666-1784; GPC, Inc, 1984; p 345; Brewster, NY
Public Library; 1780. Oct. 21. Sears, John, and Sarah Halstead, Record
M.B., Vol XXX, p 76.

Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses were issued by the Secretary of the
Province of NY previous to 1784, Weed, Parsons and Co, 1860, Albany; BNS News
Service in CT State Library, p.44; 21 Oct 1780

MARRIAGE: Records of Trinity Church (NYC) which was chartered 6 May 1697. p 68,
Mary Sears & Thomas Hamilton m. by Rev B Moore; NYPL
        John married Sarah Halstead on 24 Oct 1780 in Trinity Church, Lic. Ny. Sarah was born 1759 in .
  1145 F v Maria Sears was born 1765 in . was buried in , 399.
        Maria married Peregrine Bourdieu, son of James B Bourdieu, on 21 Jun 1785 in Trinity Church, Lic. Ny. Peregrine was born 1760 in .

S.P. May p.115 Peregrine came to this country with intention of establishing
a mercantile house here, bringing letters of introductions from Henry Laurens,
London, to James Lovell, Boston. In 1792, he was in business at Dominica, W.I.
(One Bourdieu was bearer of dispatches from Silas Deane, Paris, to Benjamin
Franklin, London)
  1146 M vi Isaac Sears was born 1770 in . He died Feb 1795 in Washington, Dc and was buried in , 394.

S.P. May p.113 was at Phillips Academy,Andover, MA, "from Boston in 1779, ae 9"
+ 1147 F vii Rebecca Sears

291. Phebe Sears (Joshua , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was christened 8 Apr 1733 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA. She died 8 Dec 1807 in Norwalk, CT and was buried in St Pauls Church.

S.P. May, p 73-4, No 126, b., m. children, Her home with each husband was in Wilton, CT. Left again a widow, she returned to Norwalk, and lived with her son Selah Squires until her death.
She was buried in St Paul's church-yard, in the rear of the church, a white
stone marking her grave. Family tradition tells of her strong character, her
ability and kindness, her tact in managing three sets of children, and every
trait that endeared her as a wife, mother and friend.

Phebe married (1) Antony Squire. Antony was born 1729 in Weston, CT. He died before Nov 1774.

They had the following children:

+ 1148 F i Anne Squire
+ 1149 F ii Elizabeth S Squire
  1150 F iii Phebe Squire was born 1761 in .
        Phebe married Living
  1151 M iv Isaac Squire was born 1763 in .
  1152 M v Anthony Squire was born 1765 in .
  1153 M vi Selah Squire was born 1767 in .
        Selah married Living

Phebe also married (2) Thaddeus Hubbell on 24 Nov 1774. Thaddeus was born 1729 in Wilton, CT.

S.P. May p.73 a widower with a large family of children.

Thaddeus and Phebe had the following children:

  1154 F vii Polly Hubbell was born 1775 in .
        Polly married Living
  1155 M viii Sears Hubbell was born 1777 in .

S.P. May p.75 married a southern lady, and settled in Charleston, SC

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