Descendants of Richard Sears

Sixth Generation


1031. Desire Homer (Thomas Homer , Elizabeth Crowell , Bethia Sears , Paul , Richard ) was born 8 Sep 1770 in . She died 11 Sep 1849.

Desire married Aaron Jr Haynes Sgt on 6 Feb 1812. Aaron was born 19 Apr 1759 in Princeton, MA.

Thomas A Benson Desire is 2nd wife

Aaron and Desire had the following children:

+ 2571 M i Joshua Albert Haynes

1032. Mercy Bray (William Bray , Mercy(Mary) Crowell , Bethia Sears , Paul , Richard ) was born 7 Apr 1763 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA, [5]. She died 9 Jul 1846 in Dennis, Barnstable, MA, [352] and was buried in W Brewster, Barnstable, MA, #116.

BURIED: Ancient Sears Cemetery

Mercy married Elkanah Sears, son of Edmund Sears Capt and Hannah Crowell, on 10 Jan 1788 in Yarmouth, MA. Elkanah was born 21 Oct 1758 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, MA. He died 1 Jun 1836 in Dennis, Barnstable, MA and was buried in W Brewster, Barnstable, MA.

SPM p.151(No 222) Elkanah Sears lived in the east precinct of Yarmouth, now East Dennis.
Was a soldier in Lt Micajah Sears' Co., and marched on alarm at Dartmouth and Falmouth, 6 Sep 1778; was on duty 3 days.
In the fall of 1819, Elkanah Sears with his son William, set out some
cranberry vines at Flax pond (now called Scargo lake), in Dennis, and was the
pioneer in the large and profitable business of cranberry raising.
Some years later Henry Hall of Dennis, having a marshy lot which produced
some very fine berries, was led to follow the experiment of transplanting some of the vines to another portion of the same swamp, and the experiment proving a success, he and others continued their efforts in the same direction. But it took years of careful study, and laborious and costly experiment to ascertain the processes, soil and conditions necessary to success.
In 1888, the shipments of cranberries from Cape Cod were 80,128 barrels and
13,463 boxes.
In 1677, to appease the wrath of Charles II, who was angry with Massachusetts Colony for coining "pine-tree shillings," the General Court ordered a present to be sent him of "ten barrels of cranberries, two hogsheads of samp, and three thousand codfish," luxuries which it was thought would soften the ire of an angry monarch.

BURIED: Ancient Sears Cemetery - No 117
to the memory of
who died
Jun 1 1836 AEt 78
Farewell my wife & children dear
I leave you all below
O may you serve the Lord while here
That home to glory you may go.

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 298, Over the next few years the family of Elkanah Sears on Quivet Neck experimented in {cranberry} cultivation.

DVR, p 35-6 a record of the births and names of their children; p.123, b., d.; p 152 [another] record of their children

Elkanah and Mercy had the following children:

+ 2572 F i Sarah Sears is printed as #1569.
  2573 F ii Temperance Sears is printed as #1570.
  2574 F iii Susan Sears is printed as #1571.
  2575 F iv Lucy Sears is printed as #1572.
+ 2576 M v Elkanah Jr Sears is printed as #1573.
+ 2577 M vi Thomas Sears is printed as #1574.
+ 2578 M vii William Sears Capt is printed as #1575.

1047. Ruth Howes (Mercy Sears , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 15 Apr 1744 in . She died 29 Aug 1830.

Howes Genealogy

Ruth married Edward Jr Howes, son of Samuel Howes, on 2 Feb 1769. Edward was born 21 Mar 1739 in Dennis, MA. He died 1 Jun 1816.

Howes Genealogy, Bob Howes, Las Cruces, NM

Edward and Ruth had the following children:

  2579 F i Mercy Howes was born 1 Aug 1770 in . She died 21 Aug 1830 in Unmarried.

Robert A Howes
  2580 M ii Gamaliel Howes was born 6 Mar 1774 in .
  2581 F iii Molly Howes was born 9 Feb 1776 in . She died 8 Jun 1851 in Unmarried.
  2582 F iv Ruth Howes was born 25 Jul 1779 in . She died 8 Mar 1851 in Unmarried.

1054. Desire Freeman (Desire Sears , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 3 Oct 1736 in .

Desire married Benjamin Jr Thacher on 13 Jan 1757. Benjamin was born 1737.

They had the following children:

  2583 M i Living
        Living married Living
  2584 F ii Desire Thacher was born about Oct 1768. She died 15 Sep 1769.

1057. Grace Freeman (Desire Sears , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 22 Jan 1743 in . She died 24 Aug 1810.

Grace married Judah Berry, son of Lemuel Berry and Lydia, on 6 Dec 1770. Judah was born 24 Dec 1743. He died 12 Mar 1818.

They had the following children:

  2585 M i Living
  2586 F ii Living
  2587 F iii Living
  2588 M iv Living
  2589 M v Judah Berry was born about 1781. He died 2 Oct 1805.

1058. Lemuel Freeman (Desire Sears , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 22 Sep 1746 in . He died 7 Jan 1825.

Lemuel married Polly Doane, daughter of Joshua Doane and Mary Freeman, on 24 Sep 1773. Polly was born 1752 in Harwich. She died 10 Apr 1821.

They had the following children:

  2590 F i Desire Freeman was born 11 Apr 1775 in .
  2591 F ii Tamzin Freeman was born 9 Mar 1777 in . She died 28 Dec 1791.
  2592 F iii Polly Freeman was born 11 Feb 1779 in .
        Polly married Joseph Smith on Mar 1801.
  2593 F iv Olive Freeman was born 9 Apr 1781 in . She died 1 Feb 1853 in Died Unm..
  2594 F v Nancy Freeman was born 28 Feb 1783 in . She died in Died Unm..
  2595 M vi Lemuel Freeman was born 6 Sep 1785 in . He died 27 Feb 1837.
  2596 M vii Francis Freeman was born 10 Dec 1787 in . He died in Abroad Unm..
  2597 F viii Eunice Freeman was born 31 Dec 1790 in . She died 25 Feb 1829 in Burnt To Death.
        Eunice married David Nickerson on 1815. David was born 1786 in .
  2598 M ix Joshua Freeman was born 6 Jun 1793 in . He died 15 Sep 1800.

1059. Seth Freeman (Desire Sears , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born about 1750 in . He died 12 Jun 1825.

S.P. May hand note p.70 he joined Har Ch 2 Apr 1767 & his wife in 1781

Seth married Temperance Bangs, daughter of Solomon Bangs and Experience Barry, on 14 Oct 1773. Temperance was born about 1752 in . She died 16 Sep 1822.

They had the following children:

  2599 F i Temperance Freeman was born 8 Nov 1775 in .
        Temperance married (1) Reuben Clark on Mar 1797.
        Temperance also married (2) Henry Hall before 1819.
  2600 F ii Pede Freeman was born 5 Mar 1777 in . She died 9 Dec 1812.
        Pede married William Fessendeu Dr. on 1797. William died 17 Jun 1815.
  2601 F iii Jerusha Freeman was born 20 Jan 1779 in .
        Jerusha married (1) Solomon Davis on 29 Jul 1804. Solomon was born 1775 in Barnstable.
        Jerusha also married (2) John Baker. John was born 1775 in S Dennis.
  2602 M iv Seth Freeman was born 24 Mar 1781 in . He died 15 Nov 1861 in Mattapoisett, MA.
        Seth married (1) Thankful Foster on 6 May 1804. Thankful was born 13 Nov 1779 in Brewster. She died 20 Dec 1816.

S.P. May hand note p.70 admd. Ch Brewster 1807
        Seth also married (2) Sophia Wing on 1 Oct 1818. Sophia was born 1797 in Rochester. She died 26 May 1842.
        Seth also married (3) Dolly P Handy. Dolly was born 1785 in Rochester.
  2603 M v Solomon Freeman was born 22 Feb 1782 in . He died in at sea.
  2604 M vi Benjamin Freeman was born 14 Feb 1787 in . He died 4 Apr 1813 in Died Unm..
  2605 M vii Barnard Freeman was born 2 Jan 1795 in .
        Barnard married Melinda Doane on 10 Apr 1823.

1063. Joseph Snow (Mary Sears , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 27 Sep 1740 in . He died 19 Apr 1793.


Joseph married Priscilla Berry on 1762. Priscilla died 31 Dec 1808.


Joseph and Priscilla had the following children:

  2606 M i Mark Snow was born 29 Oct 1763. He died 17 Mar 1788.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
        Mark married Jane Gray, daughter of Lot Gray and Miriam Smith, on 12 Nov 1787. Jane was born 4 Apr 1766.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
  2607 M ii Zoeth Snow was born 1765. He died 2 Dec 1831.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
        Zoeth married Hannah Foster, daughter of Isaac Foster and Hannah Sears. Hannah was born 4 Mar 1749 in .

Show another Hannah Foster b. 3 Aug 1767 by his second wife.

  2608 M iii Joseph Snow was born 1771. He died 14 Sep 1816.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
        Joseph married Living
  2609 M iv Sylvanus Snow was born 1774. He died 30 Aug 1804.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
        Sylvanus married Living
  2610 F v Marcy Snow was born 1779 in . She died 17 Sep 1814.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
        Marcy married Kimbal Clark Capt, son of Kimbal Clark and Mary Paddock. Kimbal was born 1773 in . He died Aug 1817.

MA011, p.98
  2611 M vi Living
        Living married (1) Living
        Living also married (2) Living
  2612 M vii Jonathan Snow was born 1782. He died 18 Jul 1804 in Havana.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
  2613 F viii Priscilla Snow was born 1778. She died 5 Jan 1815.

BIRTH: Abstracts of Harwich, MA Vital Records, Vol 1, by Vernon Nickerson;
        Priscilla married Living

1084. Abigail Sears (Samuel , Samuel , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 2 May 1757 in Harwich, Barnstable, MA and was christened 5 Jun 1757. She died 13 Dec 1828 and was buried in Ancient Cemetery, W Brewster.

Abigail married Freeman Remick on 15 May 1777 in Harwich, MA. Freeman was born 1753 in . He died 30 Nov 1826.

They had the following children:

+ 2614 F i Sally Remick
  2615 M ii Freeman Remick was born about 1786 in . He died 10 Mar 1804 in Guadaloupe.
  2616 M iii Thomas Remick was born 1788 in . He died 1810 in lost at sea.
  2617 M iv Abraham Remick was born 1790 in . He died 1810 in lost at sea.

1101. Polly Doane (Mary Freeman , Tamsen Sears , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 1752 in Harwich. She died 10 Apr 1821.

Polly married Lemuel Freeman, son of Lemuel Freeman and Desire Sears, on 24 Sep 1773. Lemuel was born 22 Sep 1746 in . He died 7 Jan 1825.

They had the following children:

  2618 F i Desire Freeman is printed as #2590.
  2619 F ii Tamzin Freeman is printed as #2591.
  2620 F iii Polly Freeman is printed as #2592.
  2621 F iv Olive Freeman is printed as #2593.
  2622 F v Nancy Freeman is printed as #2594.
  2623 M vi Lemuel Freeman is printed as #2595.
  2624 M vii Francis Freeman is printed as #2596.
  2625 F viii Eunice Freeman is printed as #2597.
  2626 M ix Joshua Freeman is printed as #2598.

1131. Jonathan Sears Sergt. (Jonathan , Jonathan , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 7 May 1750 in Harwich, MA. He died 18 Feb 1808 in Ashfield, MA and was buried in , 383.

S.P. May p.194 Jonathan Sears removed to Ashfield, MA, and lived on Cape St;
was dism. from Ch., Harwich, Nov 4, 1800, his wife having been dism. from Ch.,
Dennis, Nov 10, 1799.
He served in Capt. Thos. hamilton's Co., stationed in Barnstable county, from
Jul 10, 1775, 6 mos.7 days; was Sergt. in Capt. Abijah Bang's Co., Col. Dike's
Regt., 3 mos. to Dec 1, 1776; marched on alarm at Falmouth, 174 miles travel;
and on alarm at Falmouth and Bedford, in Capt. Benj. Berry's Co., Sep. 7, 1778,
marching 112 miles, and doing 7 days' duty. His widow drew a pension in 1840,
then aged 85, and living with her son Azarelah.
" In early life he went on whaling voyages, and incidents of hair-breadth
escapes are related among his descendants, e.g., that once his boat was thrown
so high by a whale that the men in another boat, a mile distant, could see the
horizon under it."
In 1785 he was wrecked off Harwich, and barley escaped with his life. From
an old and dilapidated paper preserved in the family I copy:
"The particulars of the Harwich Tragedy"
"Harwich, County of Barnstable, Apr 8, 1785.
" On the morning of the Lord's Day last, a most melancholy ... and Provincetown
The particulars of this unhappy and sorrowful incident are as follows, viz:
" A schooner partly owned and commanded by Mr Nathan Atwood, sailed from this
harbour about six o'clock in the morning, bound to the above place; but as they
had not been on their passage long before a plank started, as is imagined, and
she gained water so fast, that before ten o'clock the ill fated vessel, and
unfortunate Schooner sunk down to the bottom headforemost, not leaving the least
discovery of even the top of the masts, having on board Mr Nathan Atwood, and
Mrs Mary Atwood, his wife, and Mr Heman Finney, her brother. A little time
before she foundered, Mr Jonathan Sears, and Mr Cyrenius Freeman, got a raft,
which they made of some boards, and started for shore which was at the distance
of some three miles, but Mr Freeman being very bruised and chilled, (as these
unhappy Persons were on the raft almost nine hours), expired just before he
reached the shore, and Mr Sears was almost expired when he arrived, being scarce
able to extricate himselfd from the surf, which he happily effected by crawling,
(though already much bruised and exhausted with the cold), on his hands and
knees several rods, the surf breaking over his head several timnes, before he
could get clear of it, after which he was obliged to travel in that retched
manner near amile before he could discover any building. The first he met was a
barn, that fortunately for him, belonged to a good Samaritan, Mr Samuel Hopkins
of Truro, the owner of which found him in that deplorable state, bruised and
exhausted, almost to death, and had he not received immediate relief, which was
afforded to him with the utmost humanity, tenderness, and compassion, he must
have unavoidably perished in a few hours. Mr John Clark, got on another raft
but it being very windy, they parted from each other, in a short time after
they set out, and Mr Sears saw no more of him, but supposed he perished soon
after. The wreck was not seen from the shore, as it was very foggy, at the time
this sorrowful affair happened, or perhaps some assistance mght have been given
to the people. One thing we think worthy of remark, and which seems to make this
truly Tragical Scene most affecting, is, the almost unparalled conjugal
affection showed by Mr Atwood, one of the unhappy sufferers, to his equally
distressed mate, which being so rare an instance of magnanimity, fortitude and
a cheerful resignation to the divine will of the Almighty, that we cannot omit
to record it on this Sheet, as we think his conduct an honour to human nature,
and ought to be handed down to posterity, as it will seve to show that there is
remaining in this Western Hemisphere, some private virtue, founded in a regard
to the Fair Sex; as we find many instances transmitted to us in the History o
the Oriental World.
"Mr Atwood on perceiving the vessel sinking, jumped on to one of the rafts
that was prepared alongside of her, but on hearing the bitter shrieks and
piercing cries of his dear Comfort, the Friend of his bosom, and the other poor
drowning souls, which seemed to reach to heaven, and who weere on the verge of
eternity, and begging for mercy from God, he, like some of the ancient Bramist
women, when showing their affection for their departing husbands, heroickly
jumped back again into the sinking vessel, chusing rather to perish with her
who had been the Partner of his joy, and affliction, than to have the anxiety
and horror of mind in behilding so shiocking and afflicting a scene, and not
having it in his power to alleviate her distress."
A doleful poem follows, which is not remarkable except for its antiquity, and
is addressed especially to the Atwood family. "Sold at the office in Essex St,
near the Liberty Ple, 1785; where may be foundNos. I. II. III. of the 'Bloody
Register;' Cash paid for linen rags."

Jonathan married Abigail Hall on 23 Sep 1773 in Yarmouth, MA. Abigail was born 2 Nov 1754 in . She died 18 Nov 1842.

S.P. May p.193 She was admitted to 2d Ch., Yar., 12 Jun 1774

Jonathan and Abigail had the following children:

  2627 M i Barnabas Clark Sears was born 3 Aug 1774 in Harwich, MA and was christened 25 Sep 1774 in E Yarmouth. He died 18 Apr 1799 and was buried in , 905.
+ 2628 M ii Jonathan Sears
+ 2629 M iii Freeman Sears Rev.
  2630 F iv Hepsibah Swan Sears was born 16 Oct 1783 in Harwich and was christened 23 Nov 1783 in E Yarmouth. She died 13 Feb 1814 and was buried in , 908.

SB#3 Yar Notes of Cape Cod Fam by Lydia Bronson
        Hepsibah married Samuel Parker Rev on 4 Feb 1813.
+ 2631 M v Azarelah Sears
  2632 F vi Nabby Sears was born 1 Jan 1793 in Harwich and was christened 21 Apr 1793. She died 24 Feb 1881 and was buried in , 910.
        Nabby married Joseph Warren Dr. Joseph was born 1789 in .
+ 2633 F vii Clarinda Sears
  2634 F viii Priscilla Sears was born 16 May 1798 in . She died 7 Sep 1798 and was buried in , 912.

1132. Elizabeth Sears (Jonathan , Jonathan , Samuel , Paul , Richard ) was born 4 Jan 1752 in Harwich, MA and was christened 5 Apr 1752 in E Yarmouth, MA.

S P May p.111 Removed to Ashfield; she dism. to Ash., Oct 25,1795; is mentioned in mother's will, Jan 7, 1815

Mayflower Index: No. 29,936 Elizabeth; spouse Samuel Hall; father Jonathan

Elizabeth married Samuel Hall, son of Daniel Hall, on 13 Apr 1773 in Yarmouth. Samuel was born 7 Mar 1752 in .

They had the following children:

+ 2635 M i Jonathan Hall
  2636 M ii Lot Hall was christened 10 Nov 1776 in .
  2637 F iii Elizabeth Hall was born 1778 in .
  2638 M iv Samuel Hall was christened 6 Sep 1778 in .
  2639 M v Atherton Hall was born 1780 in .
  2640 F vi Mehitable Hall was born 1782 in .

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