Descendants of Richard Sears

Fifth Generation


614. Elizabeth Sears (Silas , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 1732 in . She died about 1803 and was buried in , 290.

Kingman - WWW

Elizabeth married Stephen Sears, son of Joseph Sears and Ruth Sears, on 12 Nov 1758. Stephen was born 5 Sep 1736 in Yarmouth, MA.

SPM p.184(No 320) Stephen lived in the ancient Judah Sears' house at "Punkhorn," W Brewster. On alarm Bedford and Falmouth, 7 Sep 1778, he turned out in Capt Samuel BErry's Co, doing 7 days' service, and marching 112 miles.

Stephen and Elizabeth had the following children:

  1933 F i Mary Sears was christened 19 Oct 1766 in Harwich. was buried in , 818.
+ 1934 F ii Ruth Sears
+ 1935 M iii Isaac Sears
  1936 M iv David Sears was christened 3 May 1767 in Harwich. was buried in , 821.

S.P. may p.183 Was David Sears of Br., who m. Esther ___, before 1828, his son?
+ 1937 M v Larned Sears
+ 1938 M vi Levi Sears
  1939 F vii Mary Sears was christened 17 May 1772 in Harwich. was buried in , 824.
+ 1940 M viii Stephen Sears
  1941 F ix Elizabeth Sears was christened 12 Jun 1774 in Harwich, MA.

DVR p 100 an Elizabeth Sears of Dennis intention of Marriage Enterd the 5th of Sept 1807 - could be this one or [36] or [8641]
SPM No 826
+ 1942 M x Joseph Sears Capt
  1943 F xi Lavinia Sears 1 was christened 23 May 1779 in Harwich.
+ 1944 M xii Washington Sears
  1945 M xiii Greene Sears was born 26 Oct 1781 in Harwich, "gemini" and was christened 25 Nov 1781. was buried in , 830.

617. Sarah Hamblin (Sarah Sears , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 16 Mar 1720/1721 in Barnstable, Barnstable, MA. She died 1814 and was buried in Old Gilead Cem, Carmel, NY.

CT001 The CT Nutmegger Dec 1992, p.366 Sarah Hamblin b Barnstable MA 1720/21,
who m Caleb Hazen (John(3), Thomas(2), Edward(1)) in 1740 while her father was
in NY scouting for land on which to settle, died in 1814 and was buried in the
Old Gilead Cemetery in Carmel; her husband died in 1777 and was also buried
there (Pelletreau, p.390). Their home was called "Hazen Hill" and they had
seven children (Pelletreau, p.390).

S.P. May, p65, b.

Sarah married Caleb Hazen, son of John Hazen, about 1739 in Norwich, CT. Caleb was born in Of Norwich, CT. He died 1777 in Prob Carmel, NY and was buried in Old Gilead Cem, Carmel, NY.

CT001-The CT Nutmegger Dec 92, p.363

Caleb and Sarah had the following children:

  1946 F i Living
        Living married Living

618. Eleazar Hamlin Dea (Sarah Sears , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 24 May 1723 in . He died after 1781.

S.P. May p.65 Probably ancestor of Vice Pres Hamlin

S.P. May HN shows wife Lydia and children Ariel, Africa, Europe, etc. None of
this is born out b the work of Esther A Savage in The CT Nutmegger.

The CT Nutmegger, Dec 1992, p.366 (from Nancy Otis)The son Eleazer Hamblin (b
1723) was widely known as "Dea Eleazer Hamblin," as was his father. This led
to some confusion, but we find him eventually in Sharon, CT, where he made out
his will in 1781. The will states that he was of "Fredericksburg Precinct,
Dutchess, co, NY" at the time, which identifies him as still having some
connections with the area around Carmel, perhaps as his father's successor on
the family land as well as in the Old Gilead Church. His wife Rachel and
children were named in his will.

Eleazar married (1) Lydia Bonney on 1752.

They had the following children:

  1947 i Aria Hamlin was born 1753.
  1948 F ii Betty Hamlin was born 1754.
  1949 iii Living
  1950 iv Living
  1951 v Living

Eleazar also married (2) Living

They had the following children:

  1952 M vi Benjamin Hamblin Dea died after 1793.

CT001 The CT Nutmegger p.366 He(Eleazer Hamblin) had a son, benjamin, who was
known in Sharon, CT as "Dea Benjamin Hamblin of Fredericksburg, now Carmel, in
Putnam co, NY." He had come to Sharon in 1780 and lived in the northwest part
of town. He was elected deacon of the Congregational Church in 1793 and held
the office until his death("History of Litchfield co, CT," Philadelphia, 1881,

620. David Hamblin (Sarah Sears , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 1727 in .

Hal Bern, ltr, 28 Apr 1997: I am descended from David and his wife Silence(?)
Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, lists Silence as David's wife

David married Silence.

They had the following children:

  1953 F i Huldah Hamlin was born 13 Apr 1768. She died in Roxbury, Delaware, NY.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b. Phillips Patten, d., spouse
  1954 M ii Reuben Hamlin was born 4 Jun 1770.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b.
  1955 M iii Elezer Hamlin was born 6 Jul 1772.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b.
  1956 M iv David Hamlin was born 7 Aug 1774 in Salisbury, Litchfield, CT.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b.
  1957 F v Eunice Hamlin was born 22 Aug 1778.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b.
  1958 M vi Bethuel Hamlin was born 14 May 1782.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b.
  1959 F vii Lovinia Hamlin was born 20 Jun 1789.

Harold Bern, Letter 17 Jun 97, b.

625. Rebecca Gray (Deborah Sears , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 1723.

S.P. may remd to Putnam co, NY Hand notes had 2 daus also

Rebecca married Jabez Berry on 1744.

They had the following children:

  1960 M i Living
  1961 M ii Living
  1962 M iii Living

634. Thomas Sears (Thomas , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 6 Nov 1733 in Yarmouth. He died 25 Sep 1761 and was buried in Yarmouth, gr-st, 292.

Thomas married Mercy Gray, daughter of Samuel Gray and Ruth Allen, on 28 Nov 1754. Mercy was born 1734 in Tisbury.

History of Martha's Vineyard, Banks Vol III, p.183

Thomas and Mercy had the following children:

  1963 M i Samuel Sears was born 5 Nov 1756 in . was buried in , 725.
+ 1964 F ii Sarah Sears
+ 1965 M iii Allen Sears

635. Eleazar Sears Capt (Thomas , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 9 May 1739 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 20 Jan 1824 and was buried in Yarmouth, MA.

SPM No 293, gr-st
LB It was during the Revolutionary War that he heard the dreaded cry, The
British are coming. His first thought was for the safety of his wife and
infant daughter, Sabra. Then he bethought of his potato hole, for it seems it was the custom to dig big holes in the ground where men put their potatoes and other vegetables to keep for the winter. So into this hole he lowered his wife and baby. Fortunately they did not have to stay very long for it was a false alarm.

MSM pedigree 2nd wife Thankful Nickerson, m. 5 Jan 1801 Dennis she d.6 Feb

DVR, p. 66, m. int 5 Dec 1800; p 85, m. 13 Jan 1801, Eleazer Sears of Yarmouth and Thankfull Nickerson of Dennis

Eleazar married (1) Bethia Godfrey,daughter of ?? Godfrey on 9 May 1761 in Yarmouth. Bethia was born 1743 in Chatham, MA. She died 7 Jun 1800.

SPM p.172 Bethia is called in records "wife of Eleazar, Jr.". Wedding is
published Chatham, 18 Nov 1761, as "Eleazar 3d.", gr-st

Eleazar and Bethia had the following children:

+ 1966 F i Patience Sears
+ 1967 F ii Bethia Sears
  1968 M iii Thomas Sears was born 16 Jan 1768 in Yarmouth. He died 15 Oct 1780 and was buried in gr-st, 730.
+ 1969 M iv Winthrop Sears
+ 1970 F v Sally Sears
+ 1971 F vi Sabra Sears
+ 1972 M vii Thomas Sears
+ 1973 M viii Richard Sears Capt

Eleazar also married (2) Thankful Nickerson on 13 Jan 1801 in Dennis, MA. Thankful was born in Dennis, MA. She died 6 Feb 1834 in Dennis, MA.

DVR p 66, m. int.; p 85, m.; p 116 d. Thankfull Sears wife Eleazer Sears

636. David Sears (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 25 Aug 1731 in Yarmouth, MA. He died 12 Jul 1827 in Lenox, MA and was buried in , 294.

S.P. May p.174 David Sears rem. to North East, south precinct, Dutchess co.,NY
(where "David Sears subscribed 10s. for Mr Kent's support," in 1754,) and thence
previous to the Revolution to north part of Lenox, MA
3 Dec 1777, at a meeting of the Com. of Safety, it was "Voted John WHitlock,
Ephraim Smith, David Sears, Philip Sears and Edward Martindale are dangerous to
the United States of America."
"Chose by ballot Major Caleb Hyde to procure evidence and support an action on
behalf of said town against John Whitlock, David Sears, Philip Sears, Ephraim
Smith and Edward Martindale, at a court of general sessions of the peace for the
county of Berkshire, to be held at Gt Barrington, on Tuesday, the 9th day of Dec
curent, for their being inimically disposed and dangerous to remain in the
States of America."
21 MAr 1774, David was appointed Com. to lay out school money. 12 Mar 1776,
David Sears on School Com.; 24 Mar 1788, chose David Sears, Tything-man. 2 Mar
1789, David Sears, Surveyor of Highways. 25 Apr 1794, he is returned as Baptist.
A hole in the mountain at Lenox was called "the tory-hole," and was occupied
by Gid. Smith of Stockbridge as a hiding-place, he being supplied with food by
David Sears. I think some of his daughters were born before Luther.

David married Mary Paddock, daughter of Zachariah Paddock and Elizabeth Howes. Mary was born about 1734 in . She died 19 Jul 1826 in Lenox, MA.

They had the following children:

+ 1974 M i Philip Sears Corp.
+ 1975 M ii David Sears
+ 1976 M iii Isaac Sears
+ 1977 M iv Luther Sears
+ 1978 M v James Sears
+ 1979 M vi Zachariah Sears
+ 1980 M vii Calvin Sears
  1981 M viii Elijah Sears was born 1771 in . was buried in , 743.
+ 1982 F ix Bethia Sears
  1983 F x Elizabeth Sears was born 1775 in . was buried in , 745.
        Elizabeth married Living
  1984 F xi Polly Sears was born 1777 in . was buried in , 746.
        Polly married Living

637. Sarah Sears (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 21 Nov 1732 in Yarmouth, MA. was buried in , 295.

VTL Lived in Patterson, NY

Sarah married Reuben Crosby. Reuben was born 1728 in .

They had the following children:

+ 1985 F i Abial Crosby
  1986 M ii James Crosby was born 1756 in .
  1987 M iii Tertullus Crosby was born 1758 in .

638. Thankful Sears (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 26 Nov 1734 in Yarmouth. She died 27 Jul 1772 and was buried in Milltown, gr-st, NY, 296.

VTL Lived at Southeast, NY

Thankful married James Foster. James was born 1738 in . He died 18 Aug 1819 and was buried in , gr-st.

PA001 - J Kelsey Jones

James and Thankful had the following children:

+ 1988 F i Mary Foster
  1989 M ii James Foster was born about 1771 in . He died 1855.

639. Seth Sears (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 31 Oct 1736 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. He died 2 Aug 1809 in Milltown, NY and was buried in , 297.

S.P. May p.174 buried beside his brother Knowles
!Ruth Gormley Pickard - Seth Sears is listed in Rolls of CT Men in the French
and Indian War, 1755-1762, on the muster Roll of the 1st Co, 4th Regt under Col
David Wooster, also Capt, 1st Co. He is listed as a privatre enlisting 4 Apr
1758. he was discharged 15 Nov 1758.
Seth Sears is also listed on the Muster Roll of the 9th Co [Capt Thaddeus
Mead (of Norwalk)] of the 3rd regt (Col David Wooster). He did not join for
the campaign of 1759.
He served as a private in Capt Azor Barnum's Co., Col John Field's Regt
(Third) of the Dutchess County Militia. NY in the Rev. p.40
On 4 Apr 1783, Seth Sears took advantage of the attinder of former Colonial
Governor Henry Clinton to purchase for the sum of 63 pounds a 105-acre tract of
land in the Oblong, which had been seized by the Committee to Detect

Seth married Sarah Sears, daughter of Stephen Sears and Abigail Burgess. Sarah was born 31 Mar 1734 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. She was buried in , 324.

They had the following children:

+ 1990 M i Enoch Hamlin Sears
+ 1991 F ii Naomi Sears
+ 1992 F iii Sarah Sears
+ 1993 M iv Seth Jr Sears
+ 1994 M v Eleazar H Sears
+ 1995 F vi Thankful Sears

640. Knowles Sears Capt (James , Silas , Silas , Richard ) was born 1738 in . He died 17 Jun 1817 in Ridgefield, CT and was buried in gr-st, 298.

S.P. May Capt Knowles Sears, as he is styled in the records, lived and died on
the farm adjoining his father's at Ridgefield, CT, and was buried with his
wives in Milltown Cemetery near Brewster, NY.
!VTL He enlisted in 1779 in the CT line. Saw service in Westchester co, NY, 7
Jun 1779. He was Capt of a militia company in Col Beardsley's Regt that turned
out to repel Tryon's invasion. Susannah did valuable service by carrying, on
horseback, messages across the lines. She died of smallpox.

Knowles married (1) Susanna Townsend. Susanna was born 1740 in . She died 24 Apr 1782 in "Smallpox".

They had the following children:

+ 1996 M i Daniel Sears
+ 1997 F ii Betty Sears
+ 1998 F iii Susanna Sears
  1999 M iv Knowles Sears was born 29 Jul 1768 in Ridgefield, CT. He died 24 Oct 1848 in Danbury, Died Unm., CT and was buried in gr-st, 755.
+ 2000 F v Mary Sears
+ 2001 M vi John Sears
+ 2002 M vii Abijah Sears
+ 2003 M viii Isaac Sears
+ 2004 F ix Desire Sears
+ 2005 M x Charles Sears

Knowles also married (2) Charity Haviland. Charity was born about 1750 in . She died 18 Sep 1836 in Danbury, CT.

They had the following children:

  2006 F xi Charity Sears was born 14 Aug 1789 in Ridgefield, CT.
        Charity married Stephen Crosby. Stephen was born 1785 in .
+ 2007 F xii Elizabeth Sears
  2008 M xiii David H Sears was born 1794 in Ridgefield, CT. He died 26 Sep 1830 in Danbury, CT and was buried in gr-st, 764.
        David married Sally Morris. Sally was born 1798 in .
  2009 F xiv Phebe Sears was born 1796 in Ridgefield, CT. She died in Died Unm. and was buried in , 765.

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