Descendants of Richard Sears

Fifth Generation


666. Peter Blacknur (Hannah Sears , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 1728 in Greenwich, MA.

He had the following children:

  2073 M i Roland Blacknur was born 1754 in .
  2074 M ii David Blacknur was born 1756 in .
  2075 M iii Peter Blacknur was born 1758 in .
  2076 M iv Asa Blacknur was born 1760 in Brandon, VT.
  2077 M v Amos Blacknur was born 1762 in Prescott, MA.
  2078 M vi Moses Blacknur was born 1764 in Holden, MA.
  2079 F vii Susan Blacknur was born 1766 in Talum, MA.
  2080 F viii Esther Blacknur was born 1768 in .
  2081 F ix Thankful Blacknur was born 1770 in Prescott, MA.

667. Solomon Blacknur (Hannah Sears , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 1730 in Warren, MA.

He had the following children:

  2082 M i Solomon Blacknur was born 1756 in .

A revolutionary soldier of Daun, Mass.
  2083 M ii John Blacknur was born 1758 in .

668. Simeon Blacknur (Hannah Sears , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 1732 in .

He had the following children:

  2084 M i Living
  2085 M ii Living
  2086 M iii Living
  2087 M iv Simeon Blacknur was born 1762.
  2088 M v Living
  2089 M vi Living

670. Barnabas Blacknur (Hannah Sears , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 1737 in Belchertown, MA.

He had the following children:

  2090 M i Living

672. Rowland Sears (Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 3 Feb 1744/1745 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. He died 5 Jul 1819 in Ashfield, Franklin co, MA and was buried in Ashfield, MA.

Munsell's Sons, 1890; p 182; No 312, NEHGS Library, Boston, MA; Roland Sears removed to Ashfield, MA, and bought a farm, May 1773; was in Lt Bartlett's Co., which marched on Lexington Alarm, 22 Apr 1775; and was credited with 5 days' service and mileage, L7.1.2; he subsequently enlisted in Capt Eben Webber's Co., Col John Fellows' Regt. A dau. m. ___Fuller of Ann Arbnor, MI,and another m. ____Thayer of Williamsburg, MA.

ROBERT McEWEN Scottish Exile to America 1685 AND HIS DESCENDANTS; 1685-1991;
Palo Alto, CA, McEWEN, 1991; pp 51,52-53; Copy in poss of Ray Sears, Duncan,
OK; Ashfield was a town of only six hundred inhabitants during the conflict
[Rev War] but had responded strongly in the cause of liberty, sending one
hundred of its men to fight, voting to support the men of the town who were
suffering at Valley Forge, organizing a Committee of Safety, and caring for the soldeirs' families during their absence in the field[38-Howes, pp 227-35]. He married at Bridgewater, MA, on 9 Apr 1777 Jedidah Conant[49-Bri dgewater VR, vol i:p 77; Conant, passim.] Rowland and Jedidah lived out their lives together in Ashfield, where their ten children were born, and they were buried side by side in the Hill Cemetery[50-Ashfield VR, pp 96-99, 261-62.] Rowland was a Selectman of the Town in 1780, 1788-92, and in 1794 and 1795. In 1812 he served on a committee to plan for a new meetinghouse and to appraise its pews.
He collected a wolf bounty of four dollars in 1787, and we may mention here
another natural history note: the year 1831 saw the last bear killed within
the township boundaries.
Today a visitor to Ashfield finds a small town of quiet but friendly air, set in a valley with rolling hills rising on either hand. Its aspect is similar to that of Deerfield, not far away. The main street is dominated by the steepled town hall, formerly the very church approved in 1812 by Rowland Sears and his fellow Town Selectmen. The framed building is adorned with a square belfry, which we found dismantled for renovation in 1985. The reconstruction was being carried forward with great care, duplicating the original configuration of timbers and the original materials, including different sorts of wood.
Scuffing through birch leaves in the old Hill Cemetery in the thin sunlight of April, my husband and I found the upright black headstone of Rowland Sears, with its veteran's marker and flag. Beside it was the white marker of his wife.
In memory of In
Rowland Sears memory of
who died July 5 Mrs. Jedidah
1819 wife of Mr.
AE 74 years Rowland Sears
Who Died Jan. 11
Aged 75 years

In the early nineteenth century Ashfield had a solid economic base, in
addition to more common farming, in the growing of herbs, especially
peppermint[53-Howes, pp 104-5]. At one time there were several distilleries
for processing peppermint oil in the township and many of the young men made a living as peddlers of this and other flavorings and herbs. When hard times
overtook the area in the decades between 1830 and 1850 many families left, and those who settled in Michigan established anew the peppermint oil extraction industry.

DVR p. 123, Roland b.Feb 3 1744.5

Rowland married Jedidah Conant, daughter of Thomas Conant, on 9 Apr 1777 in Bridgewater, Mass., MA. Jedidah was born 1752 in Bridgewater, Plymouth, Mass.. She died 11 Jan 1828 in Ashfield, Franklin Co., MA and was buried in Ashfield, MA.

ROBERT McEWEN Scottish Exile to America 1685 AND HIS DESCENDANTS; 1685-1991;
Palo Alto, CA, McEWEN, 1991; p 52; Copy in poss of Ray Sears, Duncan, OK; Also
spelled Jedidiah, a descendant of Roger Conant, the founder of Salem, MA. She
is buried in Hill Cemetery.

Rowland and Jedidah had the following children:

+ 2091 F i Lois Sears
  2092 F ii Mehitable Sears was born 21 Dec 1778 in Ashfield, Franklin Co., MA. was buried in , 801.
  2093 F iii Mary Sears was born 26 Jul 1780 in Ashfield, Franklin Co., MA. was buried in , 802.
+ 2094 M iv Zachariah Sears
+ 2095 M v Ahira Sears
+ 2096 M vi Peter Sears Lt
+ 2097 M vii Roland Jr Sears
+ 2098 M viii Thomas Sears Dr
  2099 F ix Roxanna Sears was born 14 Oct 1792 in Ashfield, Franklin Co., Mass.. was buried in , 808.
+ 2100 M x Abner Sears Dr

674. Bethia Sears (Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 28 Aug 1748 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, Massachusetts.

LHH- Lived Goshen, MA

DVR, p.123 b.

Submitter: James J. Kaufman, 349 W. Main Street, P.O. Box 254, Fairchild, WI 54741-0254, (715) 334-5202,, 07 AUG 1996

Bethia married Reuben Howes, son of Thomas A Howes Capt and Deborah Sears, on 8 Jul 1773 in Yarmouth. Reuben was born 29 Aug 1745 in Yarmouth, Barnstable, Massachusetts. He died 1806.

S.P. May p.102 dism. to Ch., Williamsburg, 29 Jun 1777

Howes Gen

Submitter: James J. Kaufman
Submitter: 349 W. Main Street
Submitter: P.O. Box 254
Submitter: Fairchild, WI 54741-0254
Submitter: (715) 334-5202
Submitter: 07 AUG 1996

Reuben and Bethia had the following children:

  2101 F i Mehitable Howes is printed as #1432.
  2102 F ii Mary Howes is printed as #1433.
  2103 M iii Reuben Howes is printed as #1434.
  2104 M iv Benjamin Howes is printed as #1435.
  2105 F v Mehitabel Howes is printed as #1436.
  2106 F vi Mary Howes is printed as #1437.

677. Hannah Sears (Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 25 Jun 1754 in Yarmouth, barnstable co, MA and was christened 28 Jul 1754. She died 28 Jul 1818.

SP May No 317

DVR, p.123, CONFLICT: b. 25 Jul 1754, d.

Hannah married Josiah Crowell, son of Aaron Crowell and Priscilla Smith, on 16 Nov 1780 in Yarmouth. Josiah was born 25 Oct 1753 in .

They had the following children:

  2107 M i Zachariah Crowell was born 28 Mar 1782 in .
  2108 M ii Oliver Crowell was born 28 Apr 1785 in .
  2109 F iii Hittie Crowell was born 25 Jun 1787 in .
  2110 F iv Priscilla Crowell was born 3 Jan 1791 in .
  2111 F v Bethia Crowell was born 14 Mar 1774 in .

678. Joseph Sears Lieut (Zachariah Lt. , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 20 Jul 1756 in Yarmouth, MA and was christened 29 Aug 1756. He died 30 May 1836 and was buried in W Brewster, Barnstable co, MA.

SPM p.183, No 318, Joseph Sears had the old homestead in East Yarmouth, now Dennis at his father's decease in 1796.
He took a prominent part in town affairs, was selectman for 11 years from 1794 and was Rep. in 1800.
He was in Capt Elisha Hedge's Co., in Col Nat Freeman's Regt, and served in
RI, 1 mo. 4 days; and in Lt Micajah Sears' Co., at alarm Dartmouth and Falmouth, 6 Sep 1778, serving 3 days.

General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 1993; pp 32,149; Cape Cod Genealogical Society-ISBN 0-930270-26-6; Joseph Sears and Thankfull his wife a Record of the births and names of their children: Zachariah, Henry, Hitty, Zebina, Joseph, Thankfull, Peter, Rowland

Dennis, Cape Cod, p 252, Lt Howes, Lt Joseph Sears and Jonathan Bangs were our first three Selectmen.

DVR, p. 123 b., CONFLICT: d. 22 May 1836

Joseph married Thankful Clark, daughter of Scotto Clark and Thankful Crosby, on 7 Dec 1782 in , Pub. Thankful was born 22 Oct 1759 in . She died 22 Apr 1842 in Dennis and was buried in gr-st.

They had the following children:

+ 2112 M i Zachariah Sears
+ 2113 M ii Henry Sears Dea.
  2114 F iii Hitty Sears was born 21 Oct 1788 in E Yarmouth, MA and was christened 16 Jun 1793. She died 4 Aug 1806 and was buried in N Dennis, MA.

SPM No 812, gr-st
DVR, p 32, b.; p 149 b., d.
+ 2115 M iv Zebina Sears Capt
+ 2116 M v Joseph Sears
+ 2117 F vi Thankful Sears
+ 2118 M vii Peter Sears
+ 2119 M viii Roland Sears

680. Stephen Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 5 Sep 1736 in Yarmouth, MA.

SPM p.184(No 320) Stephen lived in the ancient Judah Sears' house at "Punkhorn," W Brewster. On alarm Bedford and Falmouth, 7 Sep 1778, he turned out in Capt Samuel BErry's Co, doing 7 days' service, and marching 112 miles.

Stephen married Elizabeth Sears, daughter of Silas Sears and Elizabeth Nickerson, on 12 Nov 1758. Elizabeth was born 1732 in . She died about 1803 and was buried in , 290.

Kingman - WWW

Stephen and Elizabeth had the following children:

  2120 F i Mary Sears is printed as #1933.
+ 2121 F ii Ruth Sears is printed as #1934.
+ 2122 M iii Isaac Sears is printed as #1935.
  2123 M iv David Sears is printed as #1936.
+ 2124 M v Larned Sears is printed as #1937.
+ 2125 M vi Levi Sears is printed as #1938.
  2126 F vii Mary Sears is printed as #1939.
+ 2127 M viii Stephen Sears is printed as #1940.
  2128 F ix Elizabeth Sears is printed as #1941.
+ 2129 M x Joseph Sears Capt is printed as #1942.
  2130 F xi Lavinia Sears is printed as #1943.
+ 2131 M xii Washington Sears is printed as #1944.
  2132 M xiii Greene Sears is printed as #1945.

682. Ruth Sears (Joseph , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 10 Dec 1740 in Yarmouth. She died 1771 and was buried in , 322.

H Lewis Lyke d. date

Ruth married James Wing, son of John Wing and Mary Knowles, on 17 Jul 1760. James was born 11 Aug 1733 in Harwich, MA. He died 1 Aug 1791 in Hardwick, MA.

H Lewis Lyke

James and Ruth had the following children:

  2133 F i Sarah Wing is printed as #1619.
  2134 F ii Lucy Wing is printed as #1620.
  2135 F iii Keziah Wing is printed as #1621.
  2136 M iv Nathaniel Wing is printed as #1622.
  2137 M v Isaac Wing is printed as #1623.

684. Sarah Sears (Stephen , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 31 Mar 1734 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. was buried in , 324.

Sarah married Seth Sears, son of James Sears and Desire Tobey. Seth was born 31 Oct 1736 in Yarmouth, Barnstable co, MA. He died 2 Aug 1809 in Milltown, NY and was buried in , 297.

S.P. May p.174 buried beside his brother Knowles
!Ruth Gormley Pickard - Seth Sears is listed in Rolls of CT Men in the French
and Indian War, 1755-1762, on the muster Roll of the 1st Co, 4th Regt under Col
David Wooster, also Capt, 1st Co. He is listed as a privatre enlisting 4 Apr
1758. he was discharged 15 Nov 1758.
Seth Sears is also listed on the Muster Roll of the 9th Co [Capt Thaddeus
Mead (of Norwalk)] of the 3rd regt (Col David Wooster). He did not join for
the campaign of 1759.
He served as a private in Capt Azor Barnum's Co., Col John Field's Regt
(Third) of the Dutchess County Militia. NY in the Rev. p.40
On 4 Apr 1783, Seth Sears took advantage of the attinder of former Colonial
Governor Henry Clinton to purchase for the sum of 63 pounds a 105-acre tract of
land in the Oblong, which had been seized by the Committee to Detect

Seth and Sarah had the following children:

+ 2138 M i Enoch Hamlin Sears is printed as #1990.
+ 2139 F ii Naomi Sears is printed as #1991.
+ 2140 F iii Sarah Sears is printed as #1992.
+ 2141 M iv Seth Jr Sears is printed as #1993.
+ 2142 M v Eleazar H Sears is printed as #1994.
+ 2143 F vi Thankful Sears is printed as #1995.

685. Freeman Sears (Roland , Joseph , Silas , Richard ) was born 29 Jul 1740 in Hardwick, MA. He died 30 Jun 1807 and was buried in , 325.

S.P. May p.184 Freeman Sears was in Capt. Timo. Paige's Co., and marched to
Bennington, VT, on alarm - 90 miles' travel, and served 21-31 Aug 1777.
He had probably removed to Greenwich previous to 2 Feb 1779, when his wife
was dismissed from Ch., Hard., to Ch., Green.

Freeman married Mehitable Haskell, daughter of Andrew Haskell and Jane Clark, on 22 Oct 1761. Mehitable was born 9 Jul 1744 in . She died 6 Apr 1845.

S.P. May p.184 She died at the great old age of 100 yrs, 8 mos, 29 days. She
was the mother of 9 children, 60 grand-children, 138 great-grand-children, and
14 great-great-grand-children, making a posterity of 223.

Freeman and Mehitable had the following children:

+ 2144 M i Roland Sears Dea.
+ 2145 M ii Andrew Haskell Sears Dea.
  2146 F iii Millicent Sears was born 20 Sep 1767 in Hardwick. She died 6 Mar 1853 in Erving, MA and was buried in , 833.
        Millicent married Field. Field was born 1763 in .
  2147 F iv Mary Sears was born 17 Mar 1771 in Hardwick. was buried in , 834.
  2148 F v Mercy Sears was born 23 Jan 1773 in Hardwick. was buried in , 835.
  2149 M vi Charles Doolittle Sears was born 7 Oct 1775 in Hardwick and was christened 8 Aug. was buried in , 836.
  2150 F vii Susanna Sears was born 23 Aug 1780 in Greenwich, MA. was buried in , 837.
  2151 M viii John Sears Dea. was born 13 Oct 1781 in Greenwich. was buried in , 838.

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